Friday, September 11, 2009, 7:58pm

Well, it's September 11, eight years after the tragedy, and I guess I just feel like I should blog something on this occasion. September 11, 2001 was a day of great tragedy and mindless violence, and it still resonates something deep within our consciousness, as it should.

To me, September 11 is a day on which "absolutists"--those who must further their cause at any price--went forth and shed innocent blood as way to advance their agendas. It is yet another sad example of those who believe "the ends justify the means" doing some very despicable ends. This affects me deeply, as I believe there are still others out there who torture myself and other innocent people as a violent means to an end. The day of peace and civility for all people has not yet come.

September 11 resonates personally for me as a time of both personal courage and cowardice. Courageous, when, on a night/early morning in 1998, I called the FBI to report to them a very suspicious man from Saudia Arabia whom I met at a terminal in JFK airport in New York. (I believe to this day it was Mohammed Atta; and the G-Man who answered the phone told me that basically all the Saudis hate us and so perhaps did not take my report as seriously as he should have.) And cowardice, too, on my part, when September 11 happened, and I did not step forth and (again) report what had happened at JFK (as I should have), for fear that the public, eager for vengeance, would think I had anything at all to do with the tragedy, which of course I absolutely did not. In fact, I did what I could to stop it, if I am correct in my assertion that the man I met at the airport was indeed Mohammed Atta. (The man indicated hate for the U.S. and acted strangely; he did not mention anything about flying planes into buildings (or committing any act of violence) or 9-11 would never have happened, I assure you. For full details of the encounter, please see previous blog entries.)

We are here eight years later and it is well that we should remember those who gave their lives and those who sacrified to save others on that fateful day; and we should keep in our hearts our servicemen and women who today and everyday also put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. We are certainly a nation that is more vigilant. I question only, and with trepidation, whether we are a nation that is always fair and devoted to the human rights upon which our nation was founded. I will tell you with some sadness--but not a lot of surprise--that I am slowly but quite surely losing my vision because of what is being done to me by some Americans, some people in my own country, who, like the terrorists of 9-11, believe in violence as a means to an end. The constant bombardment of directed energy to my eyes takes its toll. They most definitely do not want me to write this blog. But I very much believe in free speech and in peace and the right to live peacefully.

Maybe someday the world will be a peaceful place. Until then, I don't want to live in fear and cowardice. I will continue to tell the truth, even if it does cost me my vision, or worse. It is better to do the right thing.

Why they do what they do

I've conjectured about this a lot before, so I won't spend too much time on this, but here are some new ideas I may not have blogged before. The details are insanely difficult to believe if you have not experienced what I have and seen what I have seen, but here it is in a nutshell, with no mincing of words: (1) It appears the perpetrators are government involved; (2) They appear to be, by various means, knocking many people "unconscious" and planting some kind of "mind reading chip" in people's heads (see previous blogs; I know this sounds preposterous--I know, I know); (3) Using directed energy to torture those who get in their way or don't do what they want them to; (4) and scars are left on the foreheads of those who they knock unconscious, lobotomize and implant.

What may be going on here is that this may all be CIA sponsored, and that this is sort of the new way of intelligence gathering; that by reading everyone's mind (presumably with computers monitoring output) you can tell who is friend, who is foe, who is a spy, who is up to no good, and so on. Now, I don't doubt that having the ability to read everyone's mind would indeed add a new level to intelligence gathering; but of course the problem is that this is more or less exactly what is feared and railed against in George Orwell's famous novel 1984. Perhaps the perpetrators think they are securing democracy around the world by doing this; but I think the result is just the opposite, for democracy has always been held as a form of government kindest to human rights, and if you don't even have the right to privacy of your own thoughts, what rights do you have?

I'm fairly certain our founding fathers would have put an amendment in the Constitution for "right to privacy of thoughts" if they had ever even considered that such privacy might ever be at risk. When they lived, this was a non-issue; but in the scary time of our present existence, technology has made grave human rights abuses possible. Consider: Putting a CIA agent or policeman in every home would also help to prevent crime and terrorism, but I think all citizens would find this, too, repugnant; and the point is, just because you can do a thing doesn't mean that you should. One must also consider that, if someone in the government has the right to read our thoughts, than who polices that person? The potential for corruption is tremendous, and government corruption is something our founding fathers also sought to prevent, as is evidenced, for example, by the checks and balances system.

Perhaps I am wrong that it is well-intentioned absolutists who are behind it all, and maybe it is just mafia criminal types; but at any rate, this is a thought that occurred to me that, perhaps, is worth sharing. I will say in closing that all violence, gang or individual, government-based or random, is perplexing, and makes me wonder where is our world headed. It is just sad, that is all. I'm not here to play my violin for sympathy, but wish perhaps to offer a few ideas and perspectives that you may not have considered before. I think there are always going to be people who cling to violence as a means to an end, and that there will always be people who just don't understand the way I think; but then there are still others who "get" what I believe in, which is that fairness and human rights are not merely desirable but essential on the pathway to peace.

Well, OK, enough blathering for one night. I am not a religous man, but I will say God bless those who gave their lives eight years ago trying to stop madmen. And God bless our soldiers and military for keeping us safe. And God bless those who every day fight madmen who believe in grave violence and deprivations of human rights, and who do so with the courage to not resort to violence themselves.


Monday, September 1, 2009, 9:15pm

Same old song and dance

I'm sitting here in Kinko's and my head is throbbing. Same old story, only it's super hot right now in Southern California (as it is in many parts this time of year), and add to that the constant directed-energy attacks and suffocation while I'm in my van, and I end up being overheated and oxygen deprivated and--long story short--was trying to move my laptop bag over and across my lap and ended slamming--I mean slamming--the left side of my head into a very rigid piece of pointy plastic. I heard a CRACK! and thought I cracked my skull. I don't feel so good right now, but I'm not so sure that I actually cracked anything. No blood at least. The suffocation and facial spams due to the perpetrators did not stop and they are still attacking me even now as I type. Like I said, same old song and dance. For some of us, this is everyday. This is our life.

A taste of the song and dance

I want to try to give people a flavor for what the perpetrators do, to really understand the deep level of hatred, provocation and violence that people like me (i.e., those with a conscience) must endure at the hands of these perpetrators (more thoughts about who these perpetrators are later in this blog).

Yesterday, as I was stopped at a light, another car pulled beside me and the driver started screaming at me almost immediately: "Excuse me. EXCUSE ME!!!! EXCUSE-E-E-E MEE-EE-EE-EE-EE-EE!!!!!!!!" As he was shouting at me from almost the onset, I did not answer him. He wanted to know about my sign on the van that said "MikeMatloff.com" (my name) but I don't like to talk to strangers who scream at me. He concluded by saying that he "hated this Mike Matloff guy" and that he hopes "my finger falls off" (referring to the bandages he could see on the fingers of my left hand). Mind you, I never said one word to this "gentleman."

I've already related the account about the other "gentleman" who saw fit to tear up my back sign and stuff it under my windshield. Here's another thing the perpetrators do: They purposely drive their cars/trucks/vehicles right at me as if they're going to hit my van, and then swerve away just before they do. I have video--unfortunately grainy because it was taken on my $30 video camera (yes, $30) and at night to boot--but that shows this if you look closely. In the video, I am parked in a huge parking lot and a truck is coming toward my van. This is a huge, vacant parking lot, mind you; the driver could drive anywhere. Instead, he chooses to come quite close to my van before finally turning to make the curve. Here is the (unfortunately grainy) video.

Let me also share with you, briefly, some of the hate e-mail I get on a regular basis. Mind you, this e-mail is unsolicited; I do not know these people and have never written to them directly. They write to me in response to what they've seen on my website or on YouTube.com. Here are actual e-mails:

Sender 1:

- Your mother was so disappointed by you leaving, Mathew. She thought you a coward for it, and rightly so. Abandoning her like that when she needed you most WAS an act of a coward. These are all things that she told me. Maybe you could have even saved her, but I guess hindsight is 20/20, huh?

(Note: This would be more intimidating if the writer had gotten my name right.)

Sender 2:

- Aw, look at the poor baby wallowing on the floor.

- You're going to try and report me?! You can't even prevent us from entering your home- How do you think you can keep us off of youtube, you little queer?

(Written in response to my requesting that Google discontinue this person's account because of the first dispicable e-mail this user wrote (given next). Google said No.)

- You're such a pathetic little pussy man. A coward. A freak. No one would ever want to get close to someone like you. Damaged goods. Homo. Enjoy being alone until the end.

(the first e-mail from this "gentleman")

Apparently, you can say anything at all you want to on YouTube/Google and Google is ok with this. I disagree with this gentleman's assessment of me but don't have a problem with words such as "pathetic" or "coward." However, I draw the line at "pussy" and "Homo" as being disrespectful to women (in the first case) and disrespectful to gays (in the latter case). To me that puts this in the category of ad-hominem-laden "hate speech," which although protected by the First Amendment should not be encouraged or protected by Google, in my opinion. It used to be that people were responsible for what they said and did, but apparently not in Google's world.

I understand more than most the vital importance of protecting free speech, but I also believe in such things as Robert's Rules of Order and simply civility and decency. No matter how strong your opinion there is no need for ad hominem attacks and vicious name calling. In a court of law, your lawyer cannot call the other party a "homo" or "pussy"; they are held to certain standards of decorum. Likewise, there is no reason why bloggers or emailers cannot likewise be held to certain minimums of decency, unless Google wishes to encourage an atmosphere of intimidation and hatred rather than one of mutual respect.

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