Friday, September 28, 2007

Update (especially for TIs)

Well, it’s been too long since I’ve last written. Everything has been crazy—which is the normal state of things. The abuse is never-ending. The night before last they attacked me quite viciously, all night long. I was already sick, and the attacks just made everything much worse. One thing that TIs have to put up with is that the perpetrators' attacks us at all times, whether we are sick or not. It’s worse than that—when I have injuries, they often purposely attack the injury. Seriously—they will start shooting an area that is injured that normally they would not bother to shoot.

They had been a little “easier” on me for a couple days at home, so I was sleeping at home. This was a big mistake. The night before last they just, all of a sudden, out of the blue, attacked viciously. They do this—they take it easy on you for a day to give you a false sense of security and without warning attack like maniacs. I have finally given up any hopes of sleeping in my apartment (that I pay rent for every month) and have resigned myself to tenting outside. It’s just safer. I relate this story to all TIs out there: really the only safe place for us is outside. It’s really a shame. The criminals have a whole assortment of very powerful, through-the-wall weapons with various capabilities. They have increased the level, types and capabilities of these weapons to the point where I cannot protect against their effects sufficiently to be able to get even a passable’s night sleep.

One more important point for TIs, and something that I may have neglected to mention before, is that we need to also guard our throats (as well as our noses) while sleeping. If you consider the respiratory system of human beings, air travels in and out the nose and up and down the throat. The nose and throat are the two points we must guard to be able to breathe. The good part is, though, that it’s not too hard to guard the throat. You can lean your chin on your chest so that your chin blocks the way, and also, one hand well placed over the middle of your throat will defend against any interference with your breathing, and you will have one hand left to protect your nose. You just have to remember to defend your throat and you’ll find it’s not too hard to do. The downside, as there always is, is that we have only two hands and other areas will be open for attacks. This is what we TIs must always endure. One other thing: it’s the front, center of the throat that leads to your windpipe and it’s front and center that you need to block. They can cause other troubles by attacking the sides of your neck, but if you block the front and center of your throat, just under your chin, they at least will not be able to suffocate your windpipe.

What did they do the night before last? Well, they started by attacking my brain again—yes, heating the side of my head (the right side). I went back to putting my head in the freezer and I am happy to report that that did cool things down and in fact, they were unable to effectively heat the side of my head. But the rotten neighbors below have some kind of “droning” weapon that gave me a headache and made me dizzy and actually “shook” and “vibrated” the refrigerator/freezer to the point where sleep was impossible. So that’s what happened. They also continued to shoot me in the nose and throat, and at one point I fell asleep (after exhaustion and moving from place to place in my apartment) and didn’t guard my throat well. That, combined with the fact that I was already sick and had a throat cold, and the fact that I had to wake up early and talk, talk, talk all day (I’m an English teacher), has caused me to basically have no voice right now. I had to miss a whole day of work today. And I can barely talk. At my class last night, everyone was amazed at my voice and said it sounded very “cool” and that I sounded like “Sean Connery.” Of course, as distinguished and awesome-sounding as Sean Connery is, I do not normally sound like him and so this is a bit alarming.

My intuition is that the perpetrators listen to all my “self-talk”—everything I say in my apartment--and of course they are not particularly rational or intelligent human beings, so their interpretation of this self-talk may, in their minds, “justify” their sickening, animal behavior, and may encourage further immoral, despicable violence directed at me. Plus there is the possibility that they record this and play this self-talk to others to convince others that I am a bad person; but of course self-talk after someone has been tortured and is not thinking clearly, is not proof of anything, and I have the right to say anything in the world to myself. But I bring this up because you, other TIs, might want to consider a policy of silence when you are alone. It is what I have decided to do now. It’s good for the abovementioned reason, and also it helps us conserve energy, which is also important. You may feel that you really need the self-talk to give yourself “therapy,” so to speak, and I understand that, but anyway I just thought I’d throw this idea out there. For me, I will try for therapy just by way of my own internal thoughts. Also, I have realized that when I start talking to myself, it's a sign that they have really made me very, very tired and exhausted.

In the preceding paragraph, I wanted to say “their illegal behavior”, but in fact I don’t know if what they do is legal or not because I do not know the laws of China. America has secret laws that are classified and not open to the public. No laws should ever be secret. It is too great a loss of liberty to the citizens of a country. In the name of national security, America creates secret laws that I, a private citizen, am not even allowed to know about. Well this is unacceptable and too great a price to pay. If our security and defense tactics are not sound enough that they have to be made secret, then we are just not coming up with enough good ideas. We need better military and defense strategies and planning, then, and not secret laws. Where is freedom and liberty in a country with secret laws? In fact, my own government could be sanctioning the violence it does to me with a law that I am not even allowed to know about. This is corruption and abuse of power at its worst.

Unprovoked acts of hatred

The other thing that, as a TI, you need to learn to put up with is unprovoked and unpredictable random acts of hatred. My guess is that the criminals' leaders have issued some kind of order to all members (including bus drivers, cab drivers, etc.) that they do should do everything in their power to hurt me so long as it’s not obviously illegal. So, for instance, I took a taxicab yesterday where the driver, for no reason, started contacting his friends over the CB and they proceeded to humiliate me, to make fun of me, imitate my speech, etc.; he also screamed for 10 minutes, stopping the car, and so on, because I accidentally put my shoes on the seat. (Actually, I don’t think my shoes even touched the seat, and at any rate, it was a cheap cotton seat cover and could easily be removed and washed.) What other people don’t realize is that we TIs have to put with abuses like these from random strangers every day. How do they know who I am? I guess the perpetrators circulate my photograph among their members. Who knows--they might even present movie footage of me.

More about torture

In my last entry I talked about an important article about the use of a torture technique called waterboarding. After the article appear comments posted by readers, many of them Americans. I was both heartened and saddened by the comments by my fellow Americans. Many Americans are against the use of torture, as I am, and spoke eloquently and intelligently about the matter; but there were also many postings that seemed to be based on ignorance more than anything else. Below are one reader’s comments (within quote marks), and my response to those comments:

This is in response to Dennis's comment:

"…Before you start whining about torture show me someone with their ears cut off, their eyes put out, their fingernails ripped out. Show me someone who has had the skin slowly peeled off of their limbs. Show me someone who has had their joints crushed. Their fingers burned off with a blowtorch. Show me someone who has had the flesh boiled off of their feet. Someone who has been scourged. Someone who has been coated with honey and left for the bugs to eat. Show me anything that involves destuction of the body and results in agonizing pain.

Do NOT show me some terrorist who was made to think he was drowning for a minute and a half and who broke down and spilled his pathetic little guts and attempt to tell me that he was tortured...."

Torture is all about giving a person more pain than *that person* can take. Pain is in our heads. It is in the way our central nervous systems (CNS) respond to stimuli; and everyone is different. It matters not whether I rip a subject's foot off or simply touch him with a feather if both give him, the individual I'm trying to torture, unbearable pain. There are people who can stick knives in their arms without flinching; for these people, a knife in the arm is *not* torture, though it may permanently damage the nerves in their arm. But for others this is torture. Likewise, the mind is very powerful, and can torture a person even when the body is not in risk of any permanent damage. Some people are deathly afraid of high places (acrophobia); simply making them ride in an airplane is torture to them. Do not think their pain is any less real than someone who gets stabbed in the arm; it is absolutely as real and often greater in intensity and duration.

And who said anything about a minute and a half of water-boarding? Did the government say at some point that they were only using water-boarding for 1'30" periods or less? I don't believe it. That wouldn't be very "effective" now, would it? To be effective they must torture until the person "confesses" or is on the verge of death or permanent body damage. The idea behind torture is to give someone more pain than they can handle, and not a drop less. Torture has nothing to do with permanent body damage; torture may be inflicted via the body but its goal is pain, and pain is in the mind. And the trouble with using a torture technique that inflicts permanent body damage is that you can only do it *once*; once used, you can't permanently damage the same part of the body in the same way again, can you? An arm once cut off is cut off; you cannot cut it off again--at least, not with the same level of resultant pain. (You could reattach it and then cut if off, but it's going to come off rather quickly, and the nerves won’t be as well attached or numerous so there won’t be as much pain, and so on...) In fact, it is the torture techniques that do *not* seriously damage the body that are the most effective at delivering pain because the body remains healthy enough to supply the brain and CNS with enough oxygen, blood and nutrients it needs to go right on torturing the mind of the individual. Once these resources drop to low-enough levels (as they can for serious, permanent injuries) the subject begins to lose consciousness. Ask yourself a question: Can you torture an *unconscious* person? The answer is No.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Attacks by aircraft

Things are not the same in the United States and China. It is true that there are gangsters in both countries, and in both countries I am attacked; but the level of attacks has been heretofore (and still is) much worse in America than in China. I attribute this to the distinct possibility that the American government is run by the mafia (as has been mentioned before in this blog). While in America, I had experienced some attacks by aircraft. I actually saw a helicopter follow me and circle above me; and also I can tell from the nature of the attacks. The weapon they use is a line-of-sight weapon, and some attacks are only possible from directly or nearly directly above me. I now believe that this is what happened on the “night of 180 shots” (see a previous blog entry). They tried it again on September 14 (I think—could be a day or two before or after; I’ve been so busy!) from approximately 9:35pm to 10:15pm. The aircraft (don’t know if it’s a plane, helicopter, or other) followed above the bus I was in as it traveled from Guomao (Bus 938, Dabeiyao stop) across the Jing Tong Expressway to Tong Zhou (Yang Zhuang stop). Such an aircraft and its flight path should be recorded in some government records somewhere, I think. At any rate, this time I was prepared for such an attack and they were not successful.

The thought of somehow being attacked by satellite has occurred to me, but I think it is most probably not feasible for a variety of reasons. I believe I was attacked by a plane or other aircraft within our atmosphere.

Attacker motivation

Some people wonder why some gang would do this to me and others. The truth is, it’s always hard to understand the motivations of people who do violence and terrible things. Why do they do what they do? Genetics? I think maybe genetics is involved. Who can really say; the bottom line is, there are many people in this world who do shocking, horrible things and all the rest of us can do is sit back and say, “Why? Why did they do this?” Sadly, there are just too many examples of this for me to give them all. The truth is, I don’t need to prove to you that my attackers have a rational motive, because many people are just not rational. It is a tragic world we live in, and every day brings more unbelievable, irrational, unprovoked, hateful, violent and vile behavior. The following recent news items are so deplorable that I hate to even to mention them, and it makes me depressed every time I read a new one like these (which is just about every day), but I think it’s important to include them.

Woman raped, tortured in West Virginia
Six year old girl raped and hanged

I will let these articles speak for themselves; I am too depressed and my faith in human nature too shaken for me to add anything of value right now.

If you think it’s only individuals and small groups, then consider the American government, which rounds up people it suspects of being terrorists and funnels them off to secret prisons in Europe or sends them to Guantanamo where they are deprived of basic rights such as the right to have a lawyer or to see family members or simply the right not to be tortured. The American government tortures people. And no government is perfect—every government makes mistakes; so it is certainly possible that some of the prisoners in Guantanamo are, in fact, not terrorists. Yet they will be deprived of basic legal rights and submitted to daily torture which includes sleep deprivation and which, until recently, apparently used to include simulated drowning:

CIA Bans Water-Boarding in Terror Investigations

Please make sure to read the comments at the end of the abovementioned article. It is amazing how many people—many of them American citizens, no doubt—support the use of torture as a means to an end. Many Americans still believe that “the ends justify the means.” America was supposed to be about freedom, about democracy; what happened, America? Torture is the very worst thing--the very worst thing--that you can do to a human being. Unlike anything else in this world, it is designed expressly to give a human being pain. Murder has the express intent of killing someone, with pain as a side-effect; but with torture pain is the goal, and all the technology and knowledge gained by mankind over the years of its existence is put towards attaining this hideous goal. The stated goal by the government may be to “break a terrorist” and make him confess; but the weapons of torture know nothing about confessions, truth or lies. They are designed with one and only one specification: that of inflicting the maximal amount of pain and suffering on an individual. Compared to torture, death is a “stubbed toe,” a triviality.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Physical update: more of the “plasma” stuff. It seems to just be a very powerful beam that heats the air to such a point that it turns into plasma, making it difficult to breathe. The interesting thing is that at about the same time I noticed they were doing this again, I hear this “droning” noise in my bathroom that is coming from the bathroom in the apartment either directly below mine or next to mine. This droning, or humming, noise is quite loud and seems to set up some vibrations in the air: I notice that when I stand in certain places in my bathroom, I can’t hear it, and in other places I can hear it quite well. So a possibility here is that this device, whatever it is, is setting up some standing waves, with antinodes where the sound is loud and nodes where the waves cancel and the noise cannot be heard. It’s very strange.

TI tips

I am very short of cash right now. But one thing I want to purchase is a video camera; and I feel now that this is a necessity for all TIs. If you are a TI, here’s something that you could do: film yourself while you are sleeping, while you are at home, and while you are out and about. Bring a video camera everywhere and just tape your body’s reaction to the weapon attacks so that others’ could at least see the reaction our bodies have. Post the video on the Internet on your website.

You see, one problem for TI is proving anything; the nature of these weapons in some way makes the use of them the perfect crime. How can I prove that “beams” or “waves” are coming through my walls? It sounds futuristic and crazy, and most of all, indeed how do I prove it? With my beam detector? I wish there was such a thing. If such a device does exist, and it’s affordable, and we could take the results to the police, that would indeed be wonderful. But at present I know of no such detection device.

Monday, September 10, 2007

These criminals are a threat to everyone

Recently someone asked me a question regarding whether the perpetrators of these crimes were Chinese or American. In America, they were American; here in Beijing, for the most part they are Chinese. At least, it is Chinese men who are making threatening gestures at me such as mafia hit signs and the like. But I have no doubt that any animosity toward me is at the urging of American criminals. After all, I lived in America for almost 40 years and was tortured for 20; it is just recently that I have come to China. The problem started in America and continues because gangsters in America deem it fit to have their associates in Beijing continue the madness.

And madness it is. I want to stress that the perpetrators are not simply hurting me. I wrote last time about their attacking me on the bus ride home from Guomao to Tong Zhou. In order to “see” my nose and face well on a bus full of people, they need some kind of heat-sensing camera. I have read about active, microwave-based systems used for this purpose, and my best guess is that it is this (or some similar technology) that they are using at full power. The result is that when I get on a bus, within a few minutes many people around me (on the bus) start sneezing and coughing, and this persists for as long as I am on the bus. The criminals are hurting innocent people just so they can attack me; and of course I consider myself an innocent person as well.

Moreover, there is the directed-energy weapon itself, a weapon that fires a shot that can be concentrated and powerful and feel sharp, like a needle. The aiming and shooting is done by people, not by machines; and people make mistakes, and a machine for this purpose would make even more mistakes. If I turn my head suddenly, or the bus hits a bump, the perpetrators can miss with the weapon; and when they miss, others end up being shot, especially in a crowded situation like a bus full of passengers or a sidewalk full of people. I have no idea if others are actually shot because I cannot “feel” a shot that misses; but how could it be otherwise? This is a linear, line-of-sight weapon; and when they miss, this powerful energy shot will keep going until it hits a living thing, a large block of metal, or the earth.

The bottom line is this: These criminals are willing to risk the health of innocent bystanders to get what they want. Are you, the reader, willing to put up with this?

I applaud the Chinese government’s continued crackdown on triads and other gangsters (see this recent article). A key quote from this article is this: "Many young people have become members of local secret societies and this is a concern for the whole of society." I agree completely, and I hope that with efforts like these, one day the electronic torture of innocent citizens will be stopped.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Watch out for bus attacks

I live in Tong Zhou, a suburb of Beijing. It’s a 40-minute drive to central Beijing, which is where I work. It’s too expensive to go by cab everyday, so I must take a bus. (The subway is also a possibility, but has several drawbacks: the subway is very crowded and hot, and I must often walk a long distance or through mud to get home after I get off the subway.) Lately, the attackers have really stepped up attacks on me while I am on the bus. They follow the bus in their cars (virtually surrounding it), each car carrying a DEW weapon with a heavy payload. Now, the buses are not too wide, so I am always near a window in some fashion. On the bus there are so many people, that I often have to stand, and so I am “trapped” on the bus. The fact that the bus is a level-height, mostly evenly moving vehicle, and that the attackers are so close, makes it relatively easy for them to target a TI with accuracy. They can get very close with their cars and fire again and again at my nose. This is what they did; and of course, it doesn’t help that I am taller than most Chinese and so my nose stands above the crowd.

But standing or sitting, on a bus they can conveniently follow you in cars and attack you viciously. The key is this: protect yourself. I made the mistake of just doing nothing when they first started, and this was a big error. The problem is, I care about my reputation; in fact we TIs all need to care about our reputations. We need to try to be as normal as possible, but alas it is not possible to be completely normal at all times or perhaps even most of the time. People judge you by your clothing and by your behavior; I always dress in the nicest possible fashion (and you should too). But when it comes to behavior, often the best we can do is to just be nice people while at the same time “looking weird” because we must protect ourselves from the attacks by the attackers. Because if we do nothing, our bodies will surely suffer the consequences.

The nose attacks are the worst because they impede your oxygen intake while at the same time damaging your body. In Beijing, the buses are also very crowded and hot, making the available oxygen even less; and on a hot day (or night) it is worse still. Once the attackers successfully impede your breathing enough, your good judgment is gone, and this is the biggest problem of all. If you can’t breathe well, you can’t think well, and if you can’t think well, you can’t make good decisions. When you’re not thinking clearly, the attackers can do all kinds of bad things to you, and you cannot react in the proper way. The bottom line is this: on buses (and in in other vehicles travelling long distances) TIs are particularly vulnerable, especially to nose attacks. The best way I have found is to simply grab your nose. Grasp your hand over your nose and put your hand and fingers in the way of the attacks. Always make sure to have at least one hand free. Two hands can be even better at protecting your nose while at the same time allowing breathing. I know I have talked previously about breath control (useful when you are walking) and breathing over a bottle, you won’t always have a bottle with you, and breath control is difficult (especially when you are tired), and you need to stop the nose attacks right away.

Moreover, these “bus attacks” have been particularly "effective" on the ride home, when I am tired. In fact, one day they did not attack me at all during the day, but saved their energies (and weapons) for a vicious attack at night on the ride home when I was very tired and just wanted to go home. Be ready for this, and save some energy for the ride home, and make sure to protect your nose right away.

What happened in my case is this: I wasn’t expecting the attack, I was very tired, and for the first ten shots (all powerful), I did nothing. By the time the thought would have occurred to do something, it was too late; my body and brain were struggling for oxygen and my mind was not thinking clearly. I instead just counted the shots, one after the other: 11, 12, …, 50, 51, 52, … and so on. From Dabeiyao station to Yang Zhuang and then in the little store I went into, they shot me a total of about 180 times, all in the nose. Finally, I protected my nose (walking from the bus to the store and inside the store had let my brain get a little more oxygen so I could think straight). But the damage was done. That was two days ago, and I have been having breathing problems since. It feels like the attacks have scarred the inside mucus layers of my nose, making it difficult to take in air—making it difficult to breathe. We will see if my situation improves, but take my advice and (1) be ready for bus attacks, and (2) when they attack your nose on the bus, protect it right away. In other situations (e.g., walking, in an office, etc.), you may or may not need to grab your nose; but on a bus or other evenly moving vehicle, you are a sitting duck. Watch out.

By the way, I don’t recommend that TIs drive a car. They will be attacking you and that makes you a danger on the road; and there is also the temptation that you will drive erratically to avoid being attacked. Just don’t drive. It’s a shame, I know, but it’s for the best. You don’t want to get into an accident or hurt an innocent person.

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