Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 5:15pm

A Little Lead'll Do Ya

When I first discovered the lead protection stuff, I was astounded at what it could to. Here's the big kicker: For those of you suffering from the "constant spams attacks" (see my YouTube videos, for instance, where it makes the nose/face twitch/contort and so forth), you can stop these attacks by wearing a small piece of lead-protective clothing on top of your head! Basically, it covers the lobotomized hole they made in your head for the very purpose of shooting you from above. Once you cover this with lead, they can't see the heat from your eyes/nose from above and so cannot target you. What a relief this has been.

When I first discovered this fact, they went nuts! I am not lying: A helicopter (yes, I think a black one, but I'm not sure of the color) kept circling and circling around my van while I was parked in a local shopping mall's parking lot. It circled in the sky above me at least eight times! They were basically doing "donuts in the sky" and appeared to me at least to be having a tizzy over the fact that they could no longer make me spasm from above.

Where I'm sleeping these days

Well, I'm back in the same place again these nights, sleeping in the parking lot at Alicia and I-5 here in Mission Viejo. You can't miss my big yellow van. Come out and spy on the van some night. You'll see other cars pulling up near mine and then leaving. They might also be approaching on foot at times. What they are doing now is shooting me from below, from underneath the van, through my floor and into me. Moral of the story: If you are going to sleep in your car/van, make sure to put a lot of lead or at least cold-roll steel on the floor of it. I think they are pulling up very close and then extending some sort of pipe/appendage from their vehicle and below mine, because I hear and feel it rubbing against the bottom of my vehicle when I start to take up, and then it's like they "shake it loose" (it may attach with some sort of magnet) and pull away quickly in their vehicle before I fully wake up, get up and investigate. It's all very cowardly but it's what they're doing, so beware.

God help you

The latest intimidation tactic, apparently, is to have strangers or mere acquaintances say to me at the end of a conversation, "God help you." A tow truck driver who came to jump start my car said that to me as his parting words (we had talked only about my car's battery, not about life, not about the people attacking me, not about anything else at all) so it was completely inappropriate. Then the greeter guy at the local health club scanned my ID card as I walked in and then said "God help you." I thought of a good comeback, and as I was walking out of the club I said to him, "About what you said before--'God help you'--I appreciate your good wishes, but there's no need to wish for something I already have." That about sums it up.

Monday, October 12, 2009, 8:08pm

Lead/Radiation Protection Gear is the Way to Go

I must confess I feel very foolish these days, because for so long I have tried with mixed success to defend myself against my attackers by using steel. Now that I have used radiation-protection gear and other lead-based sources, steel looks like something out of the stone age.

It makes sense. Believe it or not, what the perpetrators are actually doing to innocent targets like me is radiating us. Call it directed energy, call it what you will, but it is actually a form of radiation. The best protection against radiation is radiation-protection gear (or lead, which is used in much radiation protection gear). Anything less dense than lead will not do the job or will do it very ineffeciently and ineffectively.

I have found it possible, more or less, to at times defend myself with steel, but now compared to lead/radiation protection gear (RPG), the drawbacks are so great that I have already begun fazing out my use of it, and am happy to have done so. Lead is made out in the media to be a great danger, but in fact I have experienced no ill symptoms. I try to avoid touching any lead directly, and if I do so, I always wash my hands. After having used lead and lead-based RPG for some weeks now I feel confident that if there are any negative symptoms or illnesses in me, it will be as a result of the high-intensity radiation being shot at me rather than anything caused by the lead itself.

In fact, after having used both steel and lead, I can tell you that steel is the more dangerous of the two:

  1. Steel is heavy and can crush you, any part of you.
  2. Steel is sharp, has sharp corners, and can cut you.
  3. Steel is bulky and much more steel is required for protection than lead, with the result that it is not easy to "reconfigure" the steel or to set it up in different positions to suit the needs at hand. The required amount of lead/RPG is much lighter and more flexible in this regard.

So I feel really silly having wasted a fair number of years now trying to defend myself with steel. That said, my mistakes are your gain; if you are also being targeted, now you know the better way to go.

Another mistake: I have been recommending the use of duct tape for binding purposes. You should rather use foil tape, and preferably lead foil tape. While duct tape may be strong and hold together what you need it to hold, it creates crevices (or covers existing crevices) where radiation can easily pass through. Radiation is not stopped or attenuated whatsoever by the vinyl material of the duct tape; but metal tape can attenuate it to some extent. Still better, I have found it to be even stronger than duct tape in my recent tests. The down side: It is unfortunately more expensive than duct tape.

My whereabouts these days

I have been sleeping (still in my van) in different locations these days, as my needs change. So I am not always (or recently, not often) at the location given in a previous blog entry. If things do stabilize a bit I will publish whatever location I settle on.

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