Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Time

I'm so happy--I've already voted. Early voting is awesome; if your state has it, I highly recommend that you take advantage of it. There are almost no lines and it's a simple and even enjoyable process to just show up and vote. Today was the last day of early voting for California, but I'm hoping that next year they can just extend the whole process right up to the date of polling-place voting.

Some people actually prefer to vote at their appointed polling place, which I understand: It's an experience. Even though you may wait in line, there's a certain shared camaraderie and the feeling that you are participating in a very important civic process, which of course you are.

Don't think your vote doesn't count. Do make sure to vote by November 4th. This is a very important election and every vote counts. Also, it's your civic duty. The only way a democracy (demo = people, cracy = goverment, thus government by the people) has any chance of working as intended is for you to vote.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Physical update/How they attack

Well, I'm still alive. People ask me how I am doing and I'm never sure how to answer. The honest answer is, "I'm still alive," but people may take offense at that (though they shouldn't). I often say, "I'm OK," but that's really a lie. To be accurate I should really put quotes around that, as in I'm "OK". Oh well.

I did finally buy a cargo van and sleep in it every night now. In fact, it really does help, and things are relatively much better for me than they were back when I just slept in houses or other buildings. It's just about the steel--every layer of steel helps. It's not that it dampens the directed energy weapon--it does do that to some extent--but I think it's mostly that it helps obscure my body's heat signature, which is the way they "visualize" you when they attack you.

They've got a pretty good racket going here--intimidate and bully everyone by "seeing" them (even though walls, buildings, etc.) with a thermal-imaging device and then attack them with directed energy, which penetrates damn near everything. When you can see through everything and attack through everything, that's a pretty good bullying system.

Apparently the imaging system "sees" the "hot water" portion of your body (hydrogen molecules). And humans are about 70% water or so. So if you could put some sort of hot water heater all around you, I think you could obsure their imaging system pretty good. But that's expensive and a lot of work and not so easy for me to do. But I put it out there for those who have the wherewithal to do it.

The perpetrators' technology is amazing, though. Their ability to target very effectively, very precisely from planes and such in the sky is amazing. Just from my personal experiences with what they do to me, it seems they are accurate down to about the size of a dime or so, meaning they are accurate within the radius of a freakin' dime, which is pretty amazing.

More about imaging: It seems that they can more accurately visualize me when there is greater disparity between the temperature inside my van and the temperature outside. I figure that they can just see my heat signature (which emanates through the walls of the van) much more clearly when it stands out against the cold night air. For that reason I think it's always good to have a window or two open to "equalize" the two temperatures as much as possible, but of course one's ability to do this is limited because the body is a hot machine, running at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. It is for these reasons that I think it is a bit harder for them to thermally visualize you on a warm day than during a cold night.

Why they do it

I've thought long and hard about this over the years and my best hunch now is that they really are Mafia, as their gestures and hints would seem to indicate. The evidence is totally and completely circumstantial, mind you: They make what's called the "Mafia hit sign" by laying a finger on one side of their noses (I know, sounds like Santa), people say stuff to me like "I have friends in New York" and "Go to New York" and so forth, some actually threaten me indirectly by saying "Did you know the Mafia controls such and such..." This is all circumstantial: It could all be to mislead me, and so forth; but there is such a great preponderance of incidents of this sort that it seems harder and harder to believe that it could all be orchestrated. Not only that, but they've made the hit sign in public places, in full view of random strangers. If they were just "imitating" the Mafia, then the real Mafia might get pissed at that. So it would seem that perhaps the answer to the "Who" question is some variant of Mafia; this would also explain the intimidation factor and why people are so willing to comply with their bullying.

I can say this with certainty: They act like Mafia, they react like Mafia, and they think like Mafia, so they might as well be Mafia. I suppose it doesn't matter. To borrow disturbingly from Shakespeare: Would not a similar group of bullies, by any other name, be just as awful? I can also imagine some kind of "collusion" between Mafia and certain CIA types. I'm not even sure that a criminal organization, "well run," even needs a name. What is certain to me is that they "own" the government and use military technology to bully citizens, to bully civilians.

Why did they attack me? I've had so many theories about that over the years, but I have recently recalled two key memories: One, of a fellow co-worker who was intent to point out to me that I was "straight arrow," so-to-speak, and another memory of a time when one of the perpetrators (I believe he was a perpetrator) said "He has a conscience!" (somehow in a defamatory way) as he passed by. This makes me think that maybe, in their craziness, the Mafia (I'll use this label for lack of a better one) simply was afraid of this "straight arrow" young man. I honestly do think that they real reason that they attacked me in the first place was simply because I had a conscience and they feared that, and they also feared in their paranoia that somehow I knew something about them, and also were not happy because they could not control me.

Control me? Yes. I think the way they "initiate" or bring new people into the Mafia is to first shoot them in the forehead with a directed energy blast to make them supposedly more "vulnerable" or "amenable" to being "mentally enslaved," and then "induct" them. Something similar happened to me: After they shot me in the head, when I finally woke up, showered and went out, two thuggish-looking guys were staring at me and standing on either side of the Crystal girl from New Mexico I have described previously. As I absolutely despised her for all the cruelty she personally had done to me, and wanted nothing to do with her, I did not take the bait and walked the other way.

This was in 1993 or so. A few years later, in 1997 or so, I was weak and actually offered to "join" the Mafia for my mother's sake. My mother was clinically depressed and in a very bad way, and I could not simultaneously be viciously attacked every moment and be strong for my Mom and help her. I was visiting my brother in New York and there was an acquaintance who was Italian and said he actually had friends in the Mob. I told him my plea to join (which of course today I am ashamed of) and he said he'd talk to them and get back to me; when he talked to me next, he told me They never heard of me. (Result: I was not "allowed in", and the perpetrators continued to attack me, and I couldn't take it anymore and ran away from my family, and on October 18, 2000, my Mom died in a car accident with me being gone from her life for two years.)

So what do I make of that? One guy one day says they never heard of me; another person intimates that she has "friends in New York." A bit conflicting, no? What I make of it now is that their ridiculous insane rules are that they have to shoot you in the head first before they induct you. No exceptions. This seems borne out by all the people I see with telltale forehead scars. When my aunt and uncle wanted to come down to "visit" me, I have a feeling now that what they really wanted to do was to come down and make sure I got shot in the head (again!) and then induct me. I think this is the crazy way their minds work. When I didn't want to be visited by my aunt and uncle, then I got the "What do you know!" nastiness from my aunt, and then they ramped up the directed-energy attacks, and pretty soon I could no longer continue as a graduate student, and you know the rest of the story. (If you don't, see previous blog entries.)

Another motivating factor for the perpetrators' attacks: I watched a video recently that showed that the main Directed Energy Weapons lab is at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albquerque, New Mexico, where the girl named Crystal is from and where I moved to when I was 21, leaving Southern California behind. I think now that the perpetrators' paranoia made them think I knew something about their directed-energy madness. I knew no such thing. I went to Albuquerque to put some space between me and my Mom--that was the main reason. She had always been a very difficult person to live with and could be very emotionally abusive (though at other times she could be wonderful). She had hurt me (I won't go into the details right now) and I wanted to put a whole state between us. At first I thought maybe I would go to Pueblo, Colorado, and in fact I drove up there; but the town was so poor and depressed that I knew I would find no work there. I soon learned, however, that Albuquerque wasn't much better, with most jobs being minimum wage. Anyway, I knew nothing at the time about directed-energy anything. A temp agency did contract me out though to Kirtland Air Force Base to do clerical work once or twice. I had no access to classified anything and had no desire to have access to classified anything. I cannot emphasize this enough, because everyday I am subjected to sneers and U.S. flags being waved in my face to justify this violence against me and intimate that I am some kind of traitor. Au contraire--the traitors are the ones attacking me and making a mockery of the Constitution.

It seems they often like to wave big U.S. flags from their cars, all over their houses, and so forth. Don't get me wrong--it's a beautiful flag and I have nothing against it and value everything it stands for. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't stand for "shine your bright lights at your neighbor" or "threaten your neighbor with a Mafia hit sign." What I think is going on is, the perpetrators just use the flag and patriotism as more weapons to bully and intimidate, and possibly to rouse others to anger against me. I am fairly certain that even when I was 19 and back at Orange Coast College, they tried to frame me by sending in this strange foreigner into a school cafe where I was in line for food, and having him say all this weird stuff. I don't even remember what he said, or exactly where he was from; it was a "nothing" incident to me at the time, just a weirdo. But now I'm thinking that maybe even back then they were pulling the strings to frame me and ruin me. After all, when you're a criminal organization running the U.S. government, you can get away with a lot of terrible stuff. And they sure didn't hesitate to threaten me with violence when I was 19 (see previous entry), to ball up their fists, gnash their teeth, to stalk me, follow me around campus, to tailgate my bike in their cars, desisting only when I rode to the police station.

It's been an interesting life. :-(

I love children but I'm kinda glad I didn't have kids now because I wouldn't want my son to grow up in a world where it's a crime to have a conscience.

The Election

In case you give a rat's patoot, I thought I'd chime in and say I do very much think that Obama is the better candidate and hope to see him win. And generally I tend to favor Democrats anyway; that's usually how I vote because I have a strong emphasis on human rights and Democrats seem more dedicated to policies preserving those rights than do Republicans.

And hey, if you're thinking of not voting, that your vote doesn't count, then verily I say to you: Get off your ass and vote lazy head. Your vote matters. It's kind of the only damn thing that does matter because I will tell you (from experience) that it's hard to change anything if you are not an elected official. This is your one opportunity for you to have an influence over your government.

Pericles says it best: "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." 'Nuff said.

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