Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well, my heart still feels pretty weak but I feel a little bit better since Friday because I haven't been sleeping at home. Basically they have turned my apartment--what should be my home sweet home--into a death trap. Now I have to get sleep anywhere I can find it--on a bus, in a crowded room, anywhere. They have correspondingly stepped up the attacks, attacking me every few seconds and with vicious ferocity. Mostly the attack seems to be two non-ionizing shots followed by a long ionizing shot right in the face. You can't really feel the ionizing shot per se, just the instant, unstoppable suffocation and funny air smell.

I realized how they do many of the outdoor attacks today: they snipe from higher ground, i.e., taking up sniper positions in nearby tall buidlings. Yes, it seems they actually go so far as to place snipers in high positions in nearby buildings. As I was walking home today and feelings the nastiness, I looked up and saw some suspicious behavior in one of the windows in one of the buildings near me. The truth is, the sniper explanation is the only logically possible one; I've thought of my symptoms and the situation from all angles, and snipers (using EM technology rather than guns in this case) are the only angle that makes sense. So the sniper has a radiation weapon whose output basically travels at the speed of light, and a camera that can see through buildings and see the heat signal of a targeted individual. It's truly sick and cowardly, what they are doing.

Here is more sick cowardice: Now they have turned to torturing my friends. Many of my friends are amazingly sick with the same symptoms I've been having. These depraved monsters are just willing to do absolutely anything to get what they want--even hurting my friends just for being friends. They are disgusting.

Friday, October 26, 2007

They've been irradiating me quite a bit and my health has really been going downhill. My heart seems to be beating very weakly, very faintly, and the hospital reported blood pressure of 111/57. I know my pressure is normally 120/70. I am always cold now and my fingers cold; usually I am warmer than everyone else because my body has a lot of hair.

To other TIs: I realize now that the safest place, always, is around other people. As crazy as it seems, you're better off sleeping in a public place like a 24-hour restaurant or bar than in your home. The more people, the better; because they will flood your own apartment with ionizing radiation. Every night for the past 10-12 nights it has been the same thing: I try to sleep and get maybe 1-2 hours of sleep and wake up with my heart beating fast, and weakly, with no oxygen, and my body cold, and my body is just breaking down now. I've noticed that my fingers and joints seem to be reacting slowly. And of course I am incredibly tired, tired beyond reason.

It's clear now what they've been doing for 20 years: directed beams of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. After reading the articles on these topics, I see that the symptoms *exactly* fit my symptoms, the symptoms I've had over a period of 20 years now. If you check a previous entry of mine, you'll see a news article about radioactivity and contamination. This is what I think they developed: a directed, high focusable beam (not dispersed in all directions) of both non-ionizing (probably microwave) and ionizing radiation. And now they use it to torture, maim, and kill people, and to get what they want. "They" being, I think, the mafia, who one radio talk show host (who seems like an honorable man) said really control America.

Today in all the major online and offline news sources there's a big article about how the mafia virtually doesn't exist, isn't powerful, etc.

Italian Mobsters in Widespread Decline.

I think this article might be a bunch of nonsense (that is, a lie). I understand that the American government can plant stories in the media; I think this may be one of them. Just because there are five contributors, that doesn't make it true. If it's true, when why have my harassers been--up until recently-- making mafia hit signs at me? (See previous entry.) Why did the talk show host say very recently that the mob runs America? I am skeptical.

On a different note: I don't want to be one who only reports the bad news, so here is a piece of good news concerning the torture of an innocent Canadian citizen named Maher Arar. Now at least America (kudos to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) has publically admitted it made a mistake regarding this man's deportation:

Rice Admits U.S. Erred in Deportation

Tuesday, October 23, 2007--Part II

Seeing as I might "kick the bucket," so to speak, I want to talk about one more thing. I only just today told two reporters about it; I have never told anyone about this before, and perhaps in a moment you will understand why.

In 1998 I was living on Long Island, New York, and of course still being tortured by these radiation weapons. I would often see helicopters that looked like they were following me, and once I even saw a pilot in the helicopter that looked like he was holding something that might be a weapon. At any rate, it seemed that I was being attacked from above and so I figured that maybe if I slept at the airport, there would be commercial aircraft in the way and they wouldn't be able to hurt me. So in 1998 I spent four nights trying to sleep, uncomfortably, on the floor of JFK (John F. Kennedy) Airport. At night I would drive to the airport, park my car, and go in and try to sleep. It didn't work--I was still attacked and was very tired.

When I couldn't sleep I would wander around the airport and talk to strangers. I met many nice strangers, but once I sat down in a waiting area (people were waiting for a plane) with other guests, and in this waiting area was an Arab man who looked very strange somehow. He had on a business suit, but over his head he had the Arabic headdress (forgive me, because I do not know the name of this). He was also clutching a suitcase tightly; I remember that well.

I went over and sat down next to him. Now remember, I was so incredibly tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. I fought to keep them open. I said hello to make conversation, and he told me he was from Saudia Arabia. He was very intense and I got the distinct impression he was up to something. He said he had nothing against the American people but didn't like the American government. He went on, as best as I can recall, about how Saudia Arabia is better than America because women are covered up and so on. I didn't agree with him but just tried to humor him, to find something pleasant to say that wouldn't set him off, because this guy was very intense. I remember he had "crazy eyes." His eyes were very intense. Now, mind you, this guy said nothing about any plans whatsoever, nothing about a plan to do any violence or fly any planes into buildings and so on.

Well, as tired as I was, I still felt that this guy was up to no good. I left him--and I remember this: When I got up to leave, other people sitting around us and listening applauded this--they actually clapped when I left. I was trying to be a calming influence on this guy, but I guess their hatred was so intense for him or for me, that they were happy when I left. I'm speculating here; I did not ask them why they clapped. Anyway, I went straight to a payphone and spent 15 minutes or so trying to find an FBI office somewhere in the US that was still open; this happened in the early hours of the morning. I don't remember the exact time now, but I'm guessing between 11:30pm and 3:00am in the morning. Finally someone at an FBI office answered the phone, and I told him the whole story--everything, that I had just met this Arab guy clutching this briefcase and saying he didn't like the American government, and that I felt he was up to something but didn't know what. I told him where I met this guy, what waiting room he was in, what airport I was in and what time it was. I remember he mentioned that unfortunately a lot of Arabs have the same negative attitude toward the US.

That's it. That's the story. Now, I don't actually know if this man was one of the terrorists that attacked on 9/11. I don't know if he was a terrorist or not. I have not told this story before because people will think I am somehow involved; nothing could be further from the truth. I did my part as an American citizen to report my suspicion--and that's all it was, he told me of no plans--to the government. I did not give my name and contact information to the FBI guy; maybe I should have, but you have to understand that I was already being harassed with radiation weapons by, in fact, the US government; and I had spoken out against what the US government does to innocent people, and I still do. So I thought that they would think I had something to do with it.

That is the story. I have not told it publically until now. It is the truth. I think that maybe this guy was Mohammed Atta, but I do not know for sure. He had this head covering on and I don't remember his face well (I could barely keep my eyes open), but I do remember his crazy eyes. I am telling it now because I am afraid that the American government is using evidence that I was at JFK Airport to convince the Chinese government to let them go ahead and torture or kill me. But I had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, and in fact--if this really was one of the terrorists--I tried to stop it.

I know this is hard to believe. It does seem like every bad thing happens to me; I guess I am just an unlucky person. I was flabbergasted when 9/11 happened. I know sometimes coincidences are hard to believe but in fact they do happen. I am willing to take any lie detector test given to me. I am not a terrorist, never have been and never will be; I believe in the rule of law, even while the US government violates the Constitution and my rights as a US citizen--and human being--every single day. I believe in the rule of law and words, rather than violence, and that is why I write this blog, and why I have written in the past.

Meanwhile, today, the criminals continue to use non-ionizing and now ionizing radiation to ruin my health. I cannot sleep because they torture me from apartments surrounding my home. My phone is most likely tapped. I have been attacked for 20 years now--for the whole story, please read all of this blog from the beginning.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ions, Anyone?

I think I'm beginning to understand more about what the bad guys are doing to me. I never did take much physics; I'm kind of wishing I had now. Take a look at the following links:

Radiation vs. Contamination
Ionizing Radiation
Introduction to Ionizing Radiation

I believe the smells I've been smelling lately are "plasma"--the relased ions in the air. It's not a typical gas. And this is bad news--that means it's ionizing radiation, which is really bad stuff. Before this time, I guess they've been using microwaves, which heat the body and also have a "force impact" that feels at times like being poked with pins and at other times makes my muscles contract. But lately--the last two weeks--they've been doing this ionizing stuff. This stuff has no "force impact" and it doesn't heat the body. And yet apparently it is the deadliest stuff. In particular, just like with the microwaves, they like to target my nose so that I suck the plasma in and absolutely just cannot sleep at home or even outside on my balcony. (I've been sleeping at home lately because, well, after you've been attacked and tortured for such a long time, you do get tired of camping. I know, it's no excuse.) Anyway, for the last ten nights or so (scary) I've wake up throughout the night with my heart beating fast, and the whole apartment having this funny smell. I hear noises against the walls adjoining the apartments around me, perhaps indicating my neighbors are pushing something heavy (like this weapon) right up against the wall to get it close to me.

So the upshot is this: microwaves are non-ionizing but absolutely torture and destructive, x-rays/gamma (among others) are ionizing and deadly. In addition to whatever cell damage they are doing, they are also sleep depriving me and have also at times shot me directly in the heart. So perhaps they will do me in. I ask this: If I "kick the bucket," it is my wish that this website remain up and available. To that end, I ask others to mirror it and keep copies of it around the web so that others can benefit from the advice. Much of the advice is helpful. For example, I have mentioned previously that when awake, and exhaling out of your mouth instead of your nostrils (this unfortunately takes conscious effort), they cannot "see" and target your nostrils well, making it much more difficult for them to suffocate you. This is true even now, for me; they've are using more deadly weapon technology, but still it seems to be the same imaging (infrared-type) technology.

I realize now that I was quite wrong about one piece of advice: An apartment on the highest floor is not a good idea, because they have such powerful radiation weapons (such a hideous abuse of scientific discoveries--what a shame) that they can also shoot you from a plane, which I believe has also been happening, especially when I am out on my balcony. (By the way, I live along an airport flight path, I know; but lately there has been some particular aircraft jet in the middle of the night with a different sound from what I normally hear; and also I have mentioned before the episode on the bus (see previous entry) where the angle of attack was only possible by plane.) It is possible that the Chinese government is complicit in this, although I do not know this at all, and I hope that is not the case. If it is, what a tragedy; for I have done nothing to China but come here to teach English, make friends and start a new life. But I recall that in the case of the US's rendition policy, many other governments secretly helped them kidnap people and fly planes in and out of their country. It is truly a shame. At any rate, I feel now that the best place for a TI (a targeted individual, like myself) is on the first floor: not so that we can sleep there, but so we can camp out and get in and out of the apartment very quickly and easily. Right now, my apartment is six flights up with no elevator.

Also know this: China is my home now. I have many wonderful, wonderful friends and have found the Chinese people to be the kindest, most wonderful people. I have no intention of leaving and would never just up and disappear. So know that if I "disappear," it means the bad guys have made me disappear; I would never just up and run away.

One more thing: I have noticed that when in the shower, when I direct the hot water from the shower head in front of my nose, they cannot see it, because they never shoot me then (and they are always shooting me!). So other TIs might want to try building something that puts hot water between them and the bad guys to inhibit the bad guys' ability to target them, if such a device is possible and feasible.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't worry, be happy

Hello everyone. Been too long again since I've last written, but I've been really busy. So has the mob. Busy gassing me, or putting some smelly substance into my apartment that makes it difficult for me to breathe. Well, you know, I've always said the criminals are a gas. Now you know what I mean. Amazingly, this nasty air presence disappears if I open my front door and start blowing it the air out of my apartment with fans. Sometimes this happens before I even get the fans set up. :-)

It's the same basic story: They beat me up everyday with high-tech naughty weapons to silence the truth, and I go right on telling you the truth (or as near as I can come to it) and getting beat up. This is the usual, day-to-day lowdown. Only today, in spite of everything, I feel happy. It's been a year now since I've spoken out--that's a one-year anniversary of truth! Happy Anniversary, everybody! Huzzah.

News, news and more news

There's been so much relevant stuff in the news that I don't know where to start. You remember that in September I complained about "secret laws." Well, here you go:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Apparently, the Bush administration says, "Aw heck, no, we don't torture!" and then writes some secret memos that say, "Yep, go ahead and torture 'em, boys." Ah, secrets.

But then, when you go around the world kidnapping people, imprisoning them, and torturing them without due process, I guess you have a lot to hide. Maybe that's why CIA directory Michael Hayden is unhappy with the agency's Inspector General John L. Helgerson. Apparently Mr. Helgerson has been doing his job too well, exposing CIA renditions and torture, and so now Mr. Hayden is investigating the investigator (!):

Link 1
Link 2

But hey, what's a little torture and rendition when we're dealing with bloodthirsty, evil, hideous, monstrous terrorists! Yeah, that's what they deserve! You know, to make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs. But what happens when you break the wrong eggs? Seems America has been rounding up some innocent people, kidnapping them, imprisoning them, and torturing them without due process, without any communication to their families, and just plain ol' without any semblance of justice whatsoever.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

For one of the men mentioned above, it seems to have been a case of mistaken identity. His name is Khaled el-Masri, while the actual terrorist's name was Khalid el-Masri--that's Khalid with an "i." So apparently having the wrong name is a crime punishable by kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, and a generally ruined life. Oh, but don't ask for justice, Mr. Masri, because that's just asking for too much:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Don't even ask for an apology or even an open admission of wrongdoing, because you won't get it from America. What greater abuse can you do to a man than kidnap him, imprison him and deny all contact with his family and the outside world, and torture the living shit out of him for months? I suppose it could have been years. What if he had died? Then could his family sue the American government? How long are we going to let our depraved government hide behind the ever-broadening shield of "state secrets"? You won't get it from my government, Mr. Masri, but speaking only for myself (and perhaps for other, rational- minded Americans), I am truly sorry for the abuse you had to endure at the hands of my government. This is not just justice denied--it is justice kidnapped, beaten and chained to the ceiling.

In another case, Canadian police and the CIA incorrected concluded that one Mr. Maher Arar was a terrorist. He, too, got the deluxe KRIT™ (kidnapping-rendition-imprisonment- torture) package. The difference here, however, is that Mr. Arar is a Canadian citizen, and Canada actually owned up and did the right thing: They admitted they made a mistake in this case and paid compensation to Mr. Arar. Furthermore, unlike America, Canada is reforming its "we don't care about due process" laws. America could learn a lot from Canada it seems.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

On the other hand, el-Masri is from Germany. For the most part, the German government did a good job exposing the abuses perpetrated against el-Masri, and German journalists dutifully reported the facts. Unfortunately, some in the German government didn't want some of those facts reported and began harassing German journalists:

Link 1

I'm not sure if I count as a journalist, but I do get the Deluxe Electronic Harassment (DEH™) package, courtesy of the apparently criminal-controlled US of A. I had a friend who once intimated that she "had friends in New York"--that is to say, mafia friends--and apparently therefore her connection could help end my suffering. That's nice to know. I mean, it's good to know that America works by mafia rule and not by the rule of law or the U.S. Constitution or irrelevant stuff like that.

Are radioactive materials involved with what they do to me? Who knows. Have a look at this fun little bit of info that was recently declassified:

Link 1

The interesting parts to me are the stuff about "plausible deniability" and that the "munition should be inconspicuous and readily transportable." Sounds like the kind of attack stuff they do to me or other TIs. The actual technology may be different, but the methodology and thinking here seems very similar.

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