Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long time, no write

It's been a long time since I last blogged here and I want to apologize. I've been struggling--as have been many--to make ends meet, and plus I have to deal with the health problems caused by nightly radiation "bombardment" (more on that in a bit). So between financial and health problems, I haven't updated this blog in a while. I do apologize.

About lead materials: I will tell you that the lead covering of the head does indeed work, although I wish I had money to afford better (i.e., thicker, lighter, more protective) lead clothing and blankets. I have had a disastrous month financially and am pretty well flat-busted broke. That contributes in no small way to my being unable to defend myself from my attackers as well I would wish for, especially at night. Mostly the lead materials are a great help in preventing attacks while I am awake and moving about. Once asleep and in a fixed position, with few other people around, they engage much higher intensities of radiation (more on that in a bit).

I no longer sleep at the aformentioned parking lot (see last month's blog) as the management informed me (by way of security guard) that they didn't want me sleeping there, even though I wasn't hurting anyone and I can't afford the expensive Orange County, California rent on my low income. I understand their point-of-view, though I wish they might make an exception, considering the exceptional "violence" being targeted at me each night. But such is my life, and the lives of others who are "targeted individuals." I sleep in other parking lots now, still in my van where it is quite cold at night. I cannot afford the rent for an apartment of my own, and to room with another person is pretty much out of the question, as I would have to be truthful and tell them that there are people out to harm me (or experiment on me) with dangerous weapons, and that they could be in harm's way as well. No one is going to accept me as a roommate once I divulge this information, and it is only fair that I do provide such information up front.

I'm starting to think of late that behind it all is "experimentation" as a motivation rather than gangs or mafia, because why would a gang or mafia waste all this money and time to hurt me? It just kind of makes more sense that all this time and money spent irradiating me would only make sense for a government (or some people in the govermnent--I do not want to paint everyone with the same broad brushstroke) interested in testing out new weapons/technologies on human beings. To that end I am perhaps a "perfect" (though certanily not voluntary) experimentee: no wife, no kids, broken home, parents dead, and so forth.

The violence continues, and has been escalated

I am usually sleeping at night in some parking lot, with other people around. Because of this, the attackers have less to worry about with regard to the "fallout cone" of the weapon. As some of you may know, there is the "central beam" of the weapon and then "fallout" which entails a large cone around the targeted center, large in proportion to the intensity of the burst. They still target my orbicularis muscles to suffocate me, but they fire bursts of such intensity that fallout alone makes my heart race. So even though I often can stop the suffocation, my heart still races every night because of the fallout of the beam. That's how intense and powerful the bursts of coherent radiation are. (It's coherent microwave radiation, I think, but am not absolutely sure. I know, you think microwaves can't penetrate metal, but it's non-coherent microwaves that can't penetrate, not coherent ones.) So anyway, I've been having a lot of heart-related problems (heartbeat racing, dizziness, etc.) and recently a blood-pressure monitor showed some strange readings. Wearing the radiation-protection jacket while sleeping does diminish (but certainly not eliminate) the heart racing, so if you're in a similar situation you might try that.

I would say to those who are targeted like I am, Keep the faith, and just know that someday this madness will stop and we will have peace. That is certainly my hope as we approach this very hopeful time of year. The Thanksgiving/Christmas season has always been a favorite time of year for me, mostly because it is a time when people at least consider the value of peace and goodwill towards all. I do wish peace and goodwill towards all.

I will try my best to post more material, and more frequently, going foward. I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. May this holiday season be one of peace and understanding.

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