Wednesday, November 11, 2007

Well, I'm still alive, at least for now. I'm sleeping at home now. They are still using ionizing radiation on me at home, all night, and also a bit during the day. The ionizing stuff interferes with the body's ability to produce blood, making my body always feel cold and my heart weak. It used to be that I always felt warmer than everyone else--now I am usually colder than everyone. The weak heart feeling is perhaps the most concerning.

What happened at 7-11

After I wrote the last entry--right after--I went back. I tried my best to discourage as many people as possible from buying the drinks. Some listened, some didn't. I saw a suspicious looking foreigner (probably American) buy one bottle of water and nothing else. I do not usually see foreigners (other than my myself) in this 7-11, especially so early in the morning.

Finally I got smart (I was so tired) and just bought as much water as I could. I spent 150 yuan on bottled water so that I could just get it off the shelf. I left the water to the clerk to dispose of it; I do hope that he threw it in the garbage, as I instructed in, and did not put it back on the shelves. When I left, the water was in trash bags and off the shelves. And I was very, very, very, very, exhausted.

Notifying the police

I finally, finally contacted the police. I realize now that I had made a great mistake all this time: I should have contacted the police the very moment I got to China. In fact, I recommend this to all TIs: If you move to a different country, contact the police there immediately, first thing, and tell them your story. Let them know from the very beginning what is going on, because the chances are these bad people will hurt you in this new country as well.

So I contacted the police, and they came to my apartment. I told them the neighbors were using radiation to hurt me and referred them to my website. I also told them about the ionization of the water and offered some water I had bought at 7-11 as evidence, but they wouldn't take it. Basically, I feel I have lots of evidence but no laboratory to take it to.

I do not really trust the police; when they first came to my house, they were very accusatory toward me, very attacking, and so on. The came back two days later with a different attitude, seeming to be friendly but wanting all sorts of personal information, including the names of all my friends (which I did not give them and would never give to anyone). But whether or not the police can be trusted, I consider it my civic duty to notify them, especially considering the danger to others and what happened at 7-11. My attackers still, still insist on attacking me in public places.

Mike the spy???

It seems absolutely unbelievable, but it is possible that the police and perhaps some of the people hurting me believe I am a spy. In fact, one person (who shall remain nameless) insinuated that fact pretty clearly. It is hard for me to believe that they are serious and not pulling my leg.

I AM NO SPY! I cannot believe anyone would think that for a moment. Think about it: My name, my photo, everything about me is on the Internet for all to see. I am not a spy, I have never been a spy and would never, ever be a spy for anyone or anything. But it's difficult to prove a negative: How do I prove what I am not? I came to China looking for a different life. Instead, I have been attacked. I was even attacked in China before I said one word on this website about my attackers. I have no agenda and have no interest in politics other than to see these bad people, whoever they are, stop torturing, maiming and killing innocent civilians with radiation. I spy on no one. I am not a spy. It seems ridiculous that I even have to say this.

Don't lie. Don't lie about a single thing.

I did make one mistake here in China: I lied on my medical examination form. I checked the wrong "boxes" on the form: I checked "No" for some medical conditions when I should have checked "Yes". I should not have done that. I remember the circumstances. This is a form that has to be filled out in order to get a Z-visa. The form asks if you have ever been treated for mental health problems or had any surgeries, among other medical questions. I should have checked yes to those questions. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stay in China. Also, I didn't know how to explain the mental health stuff--it's all related to the bad guys attacking me. What I should have done is answered honestly and then attached additional sheets of paper explaining what happened. The bottom line is that when you are attacked by people who threaten you and hurt you with radiation every day, you will suffer some mental health problems.

I am an extremely honest person and this incident is a rare one. I was just afraid that if I checked "yes" to any of these questions, I would automatically be denied the visa. I don't know if that is the case or not; I do know that I should never lie. So I have learned a lesson. I am living and learning. When and if I apply for my next visa, I will retake the medical examination and answer truthfully to every question--and I will also bring extra paper so instead of just indicating "yes", I can also explain why I had these problems.

To other TIs, I say: Never ever lie, not on any form, not even about the slightest thing. Then, even if things don't go your way, you can always say that at least you were always honest. Now I must live with this shame, and more than that, my attackers and detractors can always point to this and say, "See! He's a liar!" In fact, this is the only time I can think of that I have lied in recent memory. It is regrettable.

The airport incident

And now, after admitting a mistake, after admitting lying once, I must now try to convince people that I nevertheless am not a general liar. I have never lied on this website and I am not lying now. Like everything else on this website, the airport incident is true--absolutely, 100% true. This is not about checking the wrong boxes on a form--this is me telling you in words, in my words, what happened. In 1998 at JFK Airport I met a man who I believe was one of the 911 terrorists and I reported him to the FBI. It is the truth. You can choose to believe it or not.

What else is going on in my life

Working, living, dying, feeling sick all the time. That's my life. I wish other TIs (Targeted Individuals--victims of these bad people who use radiation as a weapon on individuals to intimidate, hurt, maim and kill) a better life than my own. I still hope some day that this irradiating of civilians in their homes and in society comes to an end. I wish for a world at peace and where people are free to say and write what they wish without being tortured, maimed or killed. It is my great sadness, and not with joy, that I report that my home country--America--uses radiation on its own citizens, and that I never enjoyed the right to liberty there as guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence. Despite all that I have experienced in China--even if I die here--I find that China is a better and more hospitable place than America. Every country has gangsters and apparently every country has people with these radiation weapons, but I am an American citizen and therefore feel betrayed by America, by a country that would either encourage, condone, or turn a blind eye to the radiation torture of one of its own citizens. If I have committed any crime, let me be tried and arrested; and if not, then give me my freedom. But what a travesty of justice I experienced in America.

It has occurred to me recently, and not for the first time, that what these people really are is just a big bunch of bullies. A much bigger group of bullies and with powerful weapons indeed, but really just a big bunch of bullies, with the same dynamics you see in the schoolyard. It is really a shame. I hope someday things change in this world.

November 2, 2007

More and more bad news

This world has lost its mind. These criminals are a terrible, terrible danger. They must be stopped. Even if they run the world now, they absolutely, positively must be stopped.

I was just inside 7-11 here in Beijing, across from a middle school. They were so adamant about attacking me--viciously, vilely, with incredible amounts of radiation that made me feel like my nose would just shake off violently--that they attacked me right in front of a large case of beverages. Then the spasms paused, and then they repeated this cycle again, and again, and again. My body is screwed up, but here's what's worse: If, the pauses were ionizing radiation, as they consistently have been for the past 4-5 days, then they just turned every beverage in that refrigerated case into irradiated poison. And now here come the kids to buy those beverages this morning right before going in to take midterm exams. I need to talk to the fucking police. I hope to god they did not use ionizing shit in 7-11. I want to say something but who the hell is gonna believe me? What the fuck can I do???

These people are monsters. Absolutely, positively monsters. When is this going to stop??? When???

The thought crossed my mind earlier tonight that perhaps it's already too late for China--that maybe the same criminals run China as well. Maybe what has happened is that the mafia is silently taking over all the world, running all the countries, by using this extremely covert, powerful, perfect weapon. I'm beginning to think that all the "differences" between countries are just a bunch of BS to keep up the illusion of autonomous countries when it is probably the case that most countries are being run by the fucking mafia now. Please excuse my language but right now I am beyond words.

November 2, 2007

TIs: Another thing to try is to work nights and sleep days; that way you could sleep on moving vehicles such as buses and trains.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well, it's 3:31am in the morning here. I am staying with a friend, in an office/apartment and being attacked yet again. Viciously. I believe they started attacking me around 2:00am. Here's the thing to know: These criminals are using focused radiation, both non-ionizing and ionizing on innocent people including me. This is what the American government developed: directed energy radiation. Not radiation that goes in every direction simultaneously, but radiation, including horrible ionizing stuff being used on me this very minute as I sit here and type, that can be focused into a narrow beam and used to target individuals. It is my greatest hope that someday this is put to an end and the perpetrators brought to justice.

For the record, here is my address in China. Investigators can research into what has been happening there for a year now. I live (not there right now, as it has become a virtual "death zone") in Xin Hua Lian Jing Yuan, in Tong Zhou Building 29, Apt. 261, Tongzhou, Beijing China 101100.

Right now I am being attacked in an office building in downtown Beijing. I believe I am being attacked from the office below the one I'm in, and possibly also from one on this floor that is adjacent (shares a wall with) this one.

I am being shot with microwaves first, and then with the ionizing stuff. I believe this is to "clear the path" for the ionizing shot and prevent something called "blooming", where the ionizing stuff interacts with the air. They want a direct hit on me with max power, so first they do shoot microwaves to make a sort of vacuum, or at least to minimize air in between the weapon and me. That's my guess as to what is happening. The symptoms are this: I feel a big spasm in my nose (microwave), and then it is immediately followed by no feeling whatsoever except a funny smell and a certain "breathlessness" and inability to think (ionizing).

My evidence is all admittedly circumstantial. I can "feel" the attacks coming from that direction; and in fact one shot hit the bottom of my foot. Also, suspicious noises and droning coming the below apartment. The bottom line is, this evil happens from behind closed doors, from behind darkened car windows, and concealed inside suitcases that people transport. Because of the penetrating nature of radiation, they can cowardly conceal everything. That people cooperate with these monsters is the saddest thing of all. That there are monstrous people who willingly participate and attack me, and those who give orders to attack me, is also monstrous. If more people stood against them, they could not get away with this.

For other victims: safest, safest place is to have a human shield. Some people who are willing to put themselves in harms way and block the way to your head with their bodies while you sleep. That's asking a lot, and that's something that I and most victims simply do not have. Short of that, sleeping in very heavily occupied places is a poor second; you could also try sleeping in moving vehicles (like a car or bus) if you can find one at night.

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