Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, they've been "shooting" me a lot lately with the high-powered microwaves. I think I figured out the "clanking" of the pipes they keep using near to, and putting under, my vehicle: In order for such HPM (high-powered microwaves) to be restricted to (not penetrate) such piping, the pipes are probably made of lead. So I'm probably hearing lead pipes.

They have become extremely aggressive over the last month or two, and have now taken to coming right up to my vehicle while I try to sleep, ostensibly with some "cover". I believe what has been going on is that they pretend to be janitorial staff, picking up trash off the parking lots grounds. But in fact, I think what is going on is that they are rolling one of those "trash cans on wheels," and inside the trash canister is actually the weapon, and the pipes as well. I know it sounds crazy, but someone was literally smashing a pipe against the underside of my van the other night. I heard the metal against metal "smack". And I keep hearing the wheels on these trash canisters. Please, if you see anything happening around my van, please call the police immediately (911) or call my phone and leave a message (949-331-8335). I have a very recognizable van: It's a bright yellow van that says "Nextel Wireless" all over it (the previous owner's business, not mine). If you see any person or car loitering around my van, at any time (other than me--see my pic on my home page), please call police immediately.

In an effort to suffocate me in a way that is extremely hard to defend against, they have been shooting directly down right through the eye socket with reckless disregard for my eyes and have been destroying my eyesight greatly. I am having trouble focusing my eyes these days. Basically, no matter which way I orient my body, they shoot from the direction of the top of my head, past my forehead, down and through the eye socket (and if the beam hits my eyes on the way, they don't care) and into my sinuses/naval cavity to suffocate me. The shoot very much within a hair's width of the eye, on the very inner part of the eye socket. The very rounded nature of the eye socket and this location make it difficult to defend against (to obscure the heat signature of) with my hands or fingers. I am beginning to think that maybe the only real way to be able to stop them is, in fact, lead, but I do not know whether or not lead is very dangerous (as the media proposes) or whether that is just a cover for corrupt governments who don't want average citizens to have walls (i.e., lead paint) that they cannot see through. But I am running up against the limits of what I can do with steel alone to protect myself. They are simply visualizing through, and then penetrating very powerfully, through the steel, and into my eyes and nose.

The main thing I try to keep in mind through all this is: I will not fear, I will not become angry, and I will not be moved. I will not allow my mind to be possessed by fear or by anger (as their minds apparently are). And I will continue to do what is right.

I will try to update my "HPM Defenses page" (see here) as soon as possible to reflect more recent developments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why I never answer e-mails from strangers

I often get e-mails from strangers regarding the activism portion of my website. I have a policy that I never answer such e-mails (unless they are from public officials), and here is the reason why: It is because there is no way I can know whether the person writing me is being honest about who they are and why they are writing to me. It is an extremely unfortunate situation that those who are "targeted individuals," such as myself, can trust almost no one when it comes to our activist-related activities or the fact that we are targeted. I have, upon other occasions, met strangers who proclaimed to be targetted individuals and said they wanted to be friends, only to have them turn out be very untrustworthy and unfriendly in the end--whether because they are actually a part of the perpetrators, or simply because they like making trouble for those who have beliefs that diverge from their own. Key example: Read the entries below (May 5 and 6) to see one example of a person who approached me, started me asking me strange questions, and then acted in an intimidating and bizarre fashion. Because of all this, I have made it a general rule to not respond to unsolicited e-mails from strangers. If you have written to me in the past and are an honest, genuine targeted individual, then please accept my sincerest apologies. I hope you understand; and I think, if you are truly a TI, then on some level, do must understand.

That all said, correspondence with public officials and verifiable members of the mainstream media is always welcome.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Confronting the Person Who's Been Bothering Me

Went to the gym last night and there he was exercising: The guy who first made me feel very uncomfortable in the men's locker room and then later at my place of employment. I just walked right up to him and started taking his photograph. He didn't like this too much so he decided to call the police. We both went up to the front desk, and I made sure he and the management knew how he felt, but this guy was all smirks and smiles--no apology. Even if he didn't think he did anything wrong, a gentleman would apologize for making others uncomfortable. Instead he was all smirks and smiles.

I didn't stick around at first (paranoid he had the sheriff's department in his back pocket and that they would try to take my camera), so he first told his side to the sheriff's deparrtment, and later when I returned (and he had already gone), I told my side of the story. Accoring to the sheriff's department, when asked why he said to me, "Me, too, if you catch my drift," he said he meant that he had a laptop at home, too, and was also very peculiar about it. I do not buy that story, as it does not explain the "if you get my drift" part; why speak in puzzles?

So at least now he's been warned to stay away. We'll see if he adheres to that. According to some sources his name is Michael Kafter and he has also made others at the gym feel uncomfortable. Again, I had never met the man before he started his "interrogation" in the men's locker room that night. Moreover, I am not trying to imply that he has anything to do with the people who attack me; I do not know that. I am simply recording the facts here and nothing more.

I do have his photograph but I have decided not to publish it, for in fact I took the photo while I was on the gym's property and I don't want to make any problems for the gym. I suppose I could wait outside for him to come out onto public streets and take his picture, but I really don't want to be the bad guy here; I simply want to live in peace, as I have always wanted, without strangers coming up to me at 10 o' clock at night and interrogating and trying to intimidate or confuse me; without that same stranger purposely approaching me at my place of employment to give me an overall feeling of being stalked.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I know I haven't blogged here in a long time, but it's because I've been busy keeping the TI Defenses page up-to-date. I've also been very busy with searching for work and trying to earn a living, finally finding work, at last, just plain busy working. And of course I am often tired and ill from the perpetrators do to me. For those new to this blog, I am an activist who believes he is attacked with "directed energy" by perpetrators who choose not to make themselves known, though I believe that are in at least some ways involved with government, defense contractors and the military (please read prior blog entries for the reasons why). Before you say, "Wow, what a crazy nutter coo-coo brain!" please do a search on "ADS" and "Active Denial System" to "see" a real directed-energy weapon in action. It is not merely the stuff of science fiction anymore. For those who say, "Why you, Mike?" I can say only that I am a person of strong conscience and convictions and don't like hurting people or people who hurt people.

That said, I am not beyond reproof, as it were. I wish I could say that I was 100% steadfast, 365-24-7, in always doing the right thing, but I am human too and have had my moments of weakness. I've talked about some of my weak moments before: In 1997 or 98, out of concern for the welfare of my mother, I talked to a family acquaintance who happened to be Italian and said he had connections with the mafia. (It is possible that those who attack me are part of some mafia; but I cannot know that for sure. They do like to make "mafia hit signs" on their nose (see previous blog entry), but that doesn't prove anything.) I was concerned because my mother was already depressed and the physical directed-energy torture being done to me prevented me from being strong for my mother; I could not both help her and help myself at the same time. I was an emotional wreck. So I told this acquaintance that I wanted to join; he said he would talk to his mafia friends. He later came back and said, "They never heard of you." So whether he was telling the truth or not, nothing ever came of it. Of course, it is not honorable to join or help these people who do such abominable torture and maiming, and I know this, but like I said, it was an emotional time and I was weak. I am not proud of it. I am glad I didn't help them; but in fact, because of the relentless torture, I parted ways from my family, not being able to interact with them and deal with the relentless torture done to me at the same time; and my mother died not long after in a car accident.

I know what they do is evil and I should have no part of it, but part of one always wants to live; it is just part of being human. I hope that I am stronger than that now. But just a month ago or so, something happened that warrants writing about now. It was 10:00pm at night and I had just gone to the health club to take a shower. I was tired and had slept little in two days; I had been oxygen deprived as well; and I was dirty, filthy--I had not showered in two days. A man whom I had never seen before, and who spoke with a German accent, started asking me, as I started preparing to get in the shower, question after question. I paraphrase here as best I can remember. "Is that a laptop in your bag?" he said. I said politely that it was. (It was obvious; it's a laptop bag, and I carry my laptop with me everywhere, for obvious reasons if you read this blog. I even take it in the shower as you'll see in a moment.) "Is that a trash bag you're putting around your bag?" "Yes," I answered. "Do you take it in the shower?" "Yes." "Why?" Now, understand, while this interrogation is going on, I have already taken my glasses off and doing everything I can to get into that shower, and really thinking only about the shower. I am hot, tired, dirty and unfortunately homeless. This will be the first shower I've had in two days. I answer him, "I'm very peculiar about my laptop." He replies--and this is verbatim-- "Me, too, if you catch my drift," as I am walking away.

"Me, too, if you catch my drift." Now that's a hell of a thing to say, especially since he appeared to have neither laptop nor laptop bag. I did not catch his drift, and my mind was mentally already in the shower. As I was in the shower I started to wake up and realize that maybe this guy is somehow involved with the perpetrators who attack me; maybe it was some kind of peace offering? But when I returned from the shower he was gone. I walk out of the gym, he's still gone. I look for him outside, don't see him. I go to my van to sleep; the perpetrators still attack. Next day, they take it easy on me for an hour or two, then blammo, they're socking it to me again. Now what am I supposed to make of all this? What were his intentions? Because somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain there was a weakness (hope it's gone now) that says if I can just come to some kind of understanding that jibes well with my conscience, maybe all this violence can stop. But, no, here they go again, attacking viciously. What else could I have done differently? I was tired and this kind of occurrence is rare. Moreover, what he said made no sense, and I do not catch his drift. He didn't have a laptop, so what am I to infer from "Me, too"? Is he saying he's a perpetrator? A spy? Does he think I'm a spy? (Never have been, never would be, never, never, never, not for money, not for anything.) What else could this be but some kind of mind fuck, just another way to hurt me, except emotionally instead of physically? I cannot tell you this man's intentions, but I can tell you the result to me: great emotional pain. If he really is a perpetrator, how cruel to play word/mind games with my safety hanging in the balance. It's as if someone kidnapped your child, and the kidnapper calls and you're ready to pay ransom, but all he says is, "Do the money thing, if you catch my drift, or it's curtains for your kid." Do what money thing? Pay how much? To whom? Where? In fact, what this man said to me isn't even as specific as that; I think perhaps it was just designed to intimidate.

His words really hurt me; not only is it disrespectful for him to talk that way to me (or to anyone), but here my safety is possibly hanging in the balance, and he can't even say something straightforward like, "I need to talk to you about something important," or "Let's go somewhere where we can talk." After a few days I saw him again--and again--at the gym but I just stayed away from him. I wanted no part of him. Why would I want to go back for more purposely ambiguous language and more emotional torture? For his part he did not approach me again in the gym.

But then, about a week and a half ago, he comes walking into Staples where I work. I was with another customer, but he purposely comes up to me after he has already checked out and purposely comes up to me and says, "Hi." Mind you, I have never been introduced to this guy, never met him before the locker-room incident, and the only interaction I've had with him is an interrogation followed by purposely ambiguous and intimidating language. I am not his friend and he is not mine. Again I think, maybe he's trying to throw down an olive branch. After all, I wasn't being attacked much so far that day (which was unusual). Nope! Within an hour (maybe within 30 minutes), as I go walking outside to take my lunch, I am attacked viciously. I cannot sit down in a Del Taco and eat a burrito. I am attacked as I try to eat it. No peace for Mike. Mind you, I have not at this time, sitting in Del Taco, done anything in response to this man stalking me; I have not gone to the police, or blogged about him, or said anything at all to him. Nevertheless, there it is, more directed-energy violence. All I can gather is that their intentions were always just to hurt me, to "mind fuck" me. Anyway, my weaknesses here are not something I am proud of, and I think and hope it's all out of my system now, because at least I know I will never trust them again, ever, under any circumstances, not even with straight talk. Secretly I had always hoped that once--just once--they would sit down and talk straight with me, but it has never happened in the 22 years that they have been attacking me. I have heard that the mafia makes an "offer that you can't refuse," but in the case of these people, they cannot even make the offer. Not that I want one anymore, and I am rather ashamed that I was even amenable to one, but I think honesty is important, so there it is. I wish I could say that I was Jesus or superman or someone absolutely unshakeable in his righteousness, but I just do my best. For the most part I have not had too many moments of weakness.

I have not seen him since he walked into my workplace, but if I see him again I will snap his photo and put it here on my blog. He was an older man in his 50's or 60's, I think, with gray hair, and spoke with a German accent, I think.

More Burn Marks

I have had some success of late with building steel forts and such, so that it was become more and more difficult for the perpetrators to suffocate me; so apparently in frustration they just decided to shoot me in the heart area, and did so very powerfully in the early morning hours of May 3, 2009. I have not felt very well since then, not that I ever feel well. But the thing is, at noon that day, hours after they had shot me, I looked at my chest and had three red "burn circles" in a triangular arrangement about an inch below and to the left of center of my chest, in the heart area, consistent with a shot coming through my window and into my horizontal body where I lay with my head under the steel but my chest exposed. I did not have a camera handy at that time and was feeling very ill (and still feel pretty bad), so unfortunately I was unable to snap a picture, and the burn marks have since dissipated. But here is a drawing of what it looked like. I don't remember now the exact rotational orientation, but it was definitely a triad of three red (burn) circles, as follows:

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