Sunday, March 16, 2008--2:22pm

One more thing. I know I have been cowardly and foolish and taken down my website in the past, but that will never, ever happen again. That is my vow: If this website ever goes down, it is not by my hand. I advise you to download all the information here that you can as soon as possible. You can download the whole blog here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008--1:47am

Tonight's entry is dedicated to the person or persons who just shot me 132+ times as I was out walking tonight (last night) between 6:30-9:30pm. It is also dedicated to the person(s) who shot me 4800+ times while I was just lying in bed. This entry is for you.

I dunno. I thought I'd dedicate entries to my murderers. Seems fitting somehow, that's all.

Been a lot of Italian-looking guys hanging around me lately. Maybe it all really is the mafia running America, like that radio-show host said (see a previous entry).

I'm really dizzy right now. I've just been lying in bed--in a normal bed, not protecting myself--just trying to sleep, letting them do whatever. They continue--as they have since I've returned from China--to shoot me in the nose/mouth and heart. The shots to the nose are so powerful my whole body contorts, convulses. My left arm started having tremors. I'm able to sleep only a little. I can't sleep now so I'm writing this.

Have you seen the reports lately on China? Not good, not good. I will tell you from my experience that the Chinese government seems more concerned with appearing to care about human rights than actually caring. It seems to be all about image, and that's a shame. Now they are killing Tibetan protestors. And they are arresting people on planes and attributing it to national security, but providing no evidence thereof. (Note: the same trick--using national security as an excuse--I believe has and continues to be used on me by the corrupt mafia/whatever who are unfortunately running America.) China arrested a poet--yes, like me, a poet-- named Shi Tao for divulging state secrets, and he sits in jail now for it. What he divulged was a governmental ordinance type thing--a matter of fact kind of thing--no state secret at all. If you care about this kind of thing--and we all should--then go visit Amnesty International to do your part.

That's the thing: We should care. We should all care. We should all be activists. Because who is going to help the oppressed? If not you and me, then who? The oppressed themselves? There is no help for them from their governments. I too am a victim of oppression and corruption, but I am only one, and there are so, so many out there, both in and outside of the United States, all over the world. We should all be doing everything we can to make this world a safe, non-violent and fair place for all.

It seems as though there are corrupt people in America who don't want me to speak out against China. Maybe it's because all our stuff is made in China; I don't know. What I can tell you is that human rights are important and that we all need to care about the preservation of human rights everywhere. I am not singling out China or America; of course there are many wonderful people in both countries. It's just that I have experienced oppression first-hand in these countries.

And I need to make something clear: As bad as China is, they are not the ones killing me now; they are not the ones who will be ultimately responsible for my death. That responsibility lies with the American mafia, the ones who are killing me now, who are here--here in America. The ones suffocating me with directed energy around the clock. That responsibility lies with them--and with the many, many other American citizens who enable them, who appease, who look the other way and do nothing or say that anybody else would do the same in their shoes. That's not true: not everybody else would do the same. You are responsible for what you do.

America doesn't need to be a mafia-run country. The powerful weapons they have don't matter. Let me repeat that: Their weapons don't matter. You don't have to be afraid of their weapons. Ultimate power is in the hands of the people. Always. When enough Americans are willing to grow a backbone and stand up and say, "No more mafia-run America," it will be over. That will be it. When Americans are willing to be brave enough to realize that we really don't need the mafia running this country, that we don't have to be afraid of them and that we're willing to fight to take back this country and make it the fair and amazing country that we all know it could be--when this happens, the mafia will come to an end.

The mafia is running America, but it doesn't have to be this way. I am probably going to die for my stand against them. But they can't kill everyone. What does it take to change our country for the better and stand against them? Not much--very little actually. I would recommend to everyone to always "be a good person"--take the straight and narrow, so to speak; go straight arrow. Always follow your conscience. Let your conscience be your guide and not your fears. Never be violent. Never break the law. Do be an activist, and speak out against all evils, both at home and abroad. Never let them cower you with intimidation or violence. And teach your children these things. America can change. It's up to you.

Thursday, March 14, 2008

Tonight's entry is dedicated to the person or persons who just shot me 29+ times as I walked up the hill to my home. This one's for you.

Why I left the University of Oregon

It occurred to me that there are still a few gaps in the history of my life that I have not filled in yet, so let me now fill in one in particular that needs explaining: Why did I leave the University of Oregon?

There I was: A graduate student in the Computer and Information Science department of the University of Oregon with a full scholarship. I was pursuing a Ph.D. and doing what I loved. Why would I walk away from all that? Because I was brutally attacked by the mafia/whoever the hell they are, that's why. But let's go into some more details first.

It was the end of my junion year at the University in 2005. It was summertime --August to be exact. Playing key roles are Ron and Carol Harris, my uncle and aunt, respectively. Growing up, my family and theirs were never close. But approximately nine months previous, I contacted them at the behest of another aunt. I talked with them regularly for a few months, but in the end it was me always calling them, and when I stopped doing that I didn't hear from them for six months.

In those first few months when we did talk, Ron would tell me about all the famous linguists he would call up and badger and interfere with. Apparently, this was to show me how powerful he was. He is not a famous linguist. As far as I know, he has no linguistics degree or formal linguistics training. But apparently he can call them up and bother them whenever he wants. This was strange and scary to me.

After about six months had passed with no contact, in June or July 2005, I get a phone call from Ron. They're taking a trip in their RV/whatever and want to come see me. I say no. I tell them I am not comfortable with that, that they never call me and I don't want to be just a curiosity to them. Apparently, saying No was my critical mistake! How dare I say no? Didn't I know, little fool, that Ron is a big imporant mafia (or whatever) guy? Didn't I know this wasn't an offer but an offer I couldn't refuse? (Actually, I didn't know any of these things, just that he was weird.)

So they go on their trip. As a gesture of goodwill, when they get back from their trip up the coast in late July/early August (my other aunt tells me they've returned), I give them a phone call. Carol, his wife, answers the phone. Apparently, she knew it was me calling from caller ID (this is my guess). She says over the phone (her first words after picking up the phone), in a nasty, intimidating Spanish Inquisition sort of way: "What do you know?" I am flabbergasted. I stammer, stumble for words, say "Not much?" That's a hell of a way to answer the phone, isn't it? Who the hell answers their phone by saying "What do you know?" Needless to say, after that conversation, I decided never to call them back. I don't need to be intimidated. I had done nothing to hurt them. But hell, the perpetrators/mafia/whoever the fuck they are don't care about that!

And what do you know, in August, about two weeks after that call (I didn't speak to them after the "What do you know?" intimidation), I get attacked viciously by the perpetrators' weapon. Previous to that, the perps had taken it easier on me. Now they were all hate and violence, escalating and escalating until I could no longer continue my studies at school. I lasted another year until I had my Bachelor's degree, but by the beginning of my first year in the Ph.D. program, it was clear I could not possibly continue. They did so much evil, so much evil. I won't go into the details of their violence now. But there was no way I could fulfill the obligations of a graduate student and at the same time be pummeled by them. No way. So I left the program- -left my dreams behind, walked away from a full-ride scholarship, and went to visit other countries. I went first to Finland, where I was also pummelled upon arrival, and then to China, where I was also attacked but believe it or not, not as badly as in Finland or America. I went back to America for a brief three days or so, depressed as can be. I found an apartment in Eugene, Oregon where I was staying, and while signing up for it with the landlord, some nasty female (maybe Crystal the mafia princess? Crystal is the horrible girl I met in New Mexico) made a nasty waving gesture at me and I decided I had had enough of America for a while. So I started this blog here in America, explaining how I had been attacked and forced out of my studies, and went back to China for a year where I ended up being viciously attacked as well.

There you go: From summer 2005 to fall 2007 in a nutshell!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's really a shame that the criminals who secretly run America are able to murder me a little more everyday. They are shooting me now; my nose is convulsing, mouth is convulsing. This is how I wake up at 5:30 in the morning out of my bed: convulsing, suffocating, and out of bad dreams. I realize the weapon they are using on me and have been using for the past 20 years is not really that different from the ADS, and for all I know about the ADS (not much) could just be a sooped-up version.

I have done nothing wrong but speak out against the ills of my country. But I realize that these corrupt, murderous criminals have probably been trying to frame me since I was only 19 years old. The reason is, something finally makes sense now: Why, when I was 19 and still a student at Orange Coast College, an Arab-looking guy came up to me and started saying something about politics. I'll bet it was just to photograph me and this guy together--to again have some concocted files to make me out to be some kind of terrorist/traitor/etc. I don't even remember what he said at this point, other than that it was weird that this stranger from some other country (by his accent and words) would come up to me out of the blue. He was not a student in my classes, not someone I had ever seen before (at least that I remembered) or that I've ever seen again (though I don't really remember what he looks like anyway).

I went to China for a year. That's true. But I would never, ever, ever, do anything in any way to betray or turn against my country. I couldn't be tortured into turning against my country. I went to China to escape the unprovoked and undeserved torture and persecution I experienced (and still experience, to this day) in America. But I did not "defect", "betray" or anything of the sort. If anyone tells you (the reader) different, they are giving you a load of absolute bullshit. Don't believe it. In fact, according to one Chinese citizen (who happened to be one of my students--how interesting), the Chinese government didn't "like my website" (even though my website was mostly about American corruption, because that's what I was fleeing, I still described the corrupt activities going on in China. I criticize corruption wherever I see it, be it America or China) and she also accused me of being a spy (presumably for America). Did I take my website down? Never, ever, ever while on Chinese soil. I came to China with my website up and left with it up. Even while absolutely tortured and maimed (I believe by the Chinese goverment while in China--whether at the initial behest of certain corrupt elements of the American government is unknown), I never took my website down for China. In fact, I have paid a dear price for my principles.

The fact is, both America and China are corrupt. I didn't know this when I first went to China. I went to China, believe it or not, to escape persecution in America. I know that sounds backwards, but (1) I was desperate to find any place where I wouldn't be tortured or as tortured when I was in America, (2) I am always skeptical of what I read in the regular news and so felt I had to see for myself, and (3) when I first got to China, in fact the torture was less. (In the end, though, the torture turned out to be much greater in China--even though I am currently being attacked viciously, though not as viciously as in China, here in America as well).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Directed energy weapons in the news

The Active Denial System (ADS) is operational and has apparently been approved for use on the public, and approved for targeting of all areas of the body as well (which is scary). Here are some relevant links:

The Pentagon's Ray Gun
Yahoo videos of the ADS

The idea behind the weapon is for it to be a non-lethal way of dispersing crowds. To the extent that it is used to break up illegal and dangerous gatherings it is useful, but let us hope it is not used as a tool of oppression to disperse those legally and peaceably assembled. It is just like every other weapon in that can be used for good or evil, except that because of the nature of this weapon (and all directed energy weapons), it is harder to prove its use. This makes it a tempting tool of oppression. We'll have to wait and see when and how, and under what circumstances, this weapon is used. The other consideration regarding this weapon is whether or not it remains non-lethal and safe on all body areas at all frequencies and intensities (extremely doubtful) and whether or not the operator can actually change the frequencies/intensities of the weapon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Using landlords and neighbors as unwitting accomplices in torture

It may be that in their quest to torture innocent civilians, corrupt members of the government may approach other civilians under the guise of national security. These other individuals might be neighbors and landlords of the TI (targeted individual), for instance. In particular, these corrupt officials may be interested in securing the help of neighbors and landlords to make it easier to torture the intended TI (targeted individual).

They may approach said neighbor/landlord by saying something to the effect of, "This individual who is your neighbor/tenant is a known/possible/suspected terrorist" (handing neighbor/landlord either fictitious or misleading files about the TI). "You must do X and Y for your country, and absolutely do not tell the subject under surveillance anything." They may say surveillance, not torture, because more people would be OK with assisting with surveillance than with torture. The "X and Y" are giving the neighbor/landlord technology that allows these corrupt members of government to visualize the TI better so that they can shoot and torture him/her better with advanced, military-grade weapons.

There was a famous psychological experiment called the Milgram Experiment, after Dr. Stanley Milgram who conducted it. In it, a random volunteer is told in an authoritative voice by a supposed scientist to administer higher and higher doses of electric shock to a supposed random test subject (in fact, the test subject was an actor) when that subject incorrectly answers some questions supposedly designed to test the limits of human memory. About 75%--a huge number--followed orders, going right ahead and, at least to their knowledge, shocking (torturing) the test subject while the subject (an actor) pleaded, begged, screamed, and so on. This is the level to which people comply with authority--in this case, even when they know the subject has not committed any crime and is being inflicted with pain!

So if 75% of us will mercilessly torture a person we don't know for incorrectly answering questions on a test, how many of us, when instructed by a real but corrupt police officer or other government official, would merely use "surveillance" equipment on the subject while not letting on to the subject about it? This may be how they go on and on torturing innocent TIs. Note that neighbors/landlords do not have to understand what a piece of technology actually does in order to use it. They may also be threatened with prosecution for treason, with imprisonment or other punishment for disclosing anything about what they've been told. The corrupt officials might even have a real warrant or some other legal paperwork for engaging in supposed surveillance activity.

IF this is what is happening, then what the corrupt officials (not the uncorrupt ones) are doing is as Un-American as can be. They would have deprived a citizen of the United States of all rights to due process, to a fair trial, and become judge and executioner at the same time--using landlords and neighbors as unwitting accomplices. Some of the devices provided to neighbors/landlords could indeed help corrupt officials "spy on the activities" of the subject, but in fact it might not be surveillance they are after, but rather torture. The devices I am referring to help "visualize" the "target" better with radar to shoot him/her more effectively from above with directed-energy weapons in military aircraft and such. Also, some devices could, in fact, be weapons that do directly harm/torture the subject, but a neighbor could be led to believe otherwise. Still other devices could be imaging/visualization devices but used at such high intensities/frequencies as to cause pain/harm to the subject. A neighbor/landlord could be left to believe only what they are told, but unless said neighbor/landlord is an engineer/scientist who takes apart and analyzes the device, he/she would never know.

Herein is the problem: There are in fact real terrorists out there who need to be surveilled. That is why the crime of using national security as a ruse to torture innocent people, IF it is indeed being carried out, would be one of the sickest and most despicable crimes anyone could ever do. The neighbor or landlord would have no way to know whether this person is really a terrorist or just being framed as one.

If you are approached by government officials to help surveil a suspected terrorist (you are the neighbor/landlord), what should you do? I would at least advise you to consult a lawyer immediately rather than just complying right away. If they say that you cannot talk to a lawyer, or that you can only talk to one of *their* lawyers, they are corrupt. You always have the right to know YOUR rights--no government officials can take that away. In the end, you must go with your gut and with your conscience. I know that, because of what I have personally experienced, I would never help any government officials or agency spy on a neighbor or tenant. If they believed that some subject was a terrorist, I would urge them to either find some other way to surveil the subject, or to arrest that subject immediately so that national security could be protected AND that subject could have his/her day in court (a secure court, to protect national secrets, as necessary). The problem is, if I help them, I may in fact be depriving a United States citizen of his/her right to due process and a fair trial.

The fact that there may be real terrorists and terrorist networks existing in America has not been lost on me. I understand the need to spy on one terrorist to discover a network of others. But I also know this need must be balanced against the right of U.S. citizens to due process and a fair trial. It must be balanced against the right of U.S. citizens not to be indiscriminately tortured without due process and without a trial. I myself have been the victim of torture without due process for many years. I have, only once in my life, met anyone I suspected of being a terrorist. If the U.S. government suspects an individual of being a terrorist, then there must be some other way of doing surveillance other than involving neighbors and landlords. Certainly such other surveillance has its place and vital role, but must be policed and monitored constantly to prevent it from becoming a tool of oppression used by the powerful and the connected against the weak.

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