Monday, March 27, 2012 (2:51am)

Vigilantism: The New Black Panthers

Apparently the group "The New Black Panthers" has put a $10,000 "bounty" on George Zimmerman and is encouraging people to make a "citizen's arrest" on him. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. We don't need more vigilantism. A citizen's arrest cannot be made here because the government is not looking for Mr. Zimmerman and has yet to charge him with a crime. That is the problem, and that is what must change. Vigilantism is not the answer.

Zimmerman says Martin went for his gun

According to ABC News, Zimmerman told police that Trayvon Martin was going for his gun:

Trayvon Martin Shooter Told Cops Teenager Went For His Gun

It's getting harder and harder to believe anything that comes out of the Zimmerman camp, and I also question the neutrality of the Sanford Police Department. For one thing, it's been reported that George Zimmerman's father is actually a retired magistrate judge:

Neighbors Describe Watch Leader at Center of Florida Investigation

It is my honest belief that power and privilege (such as having a family member in the government or other position of power) can sometimes corrupt the legal process and prevent a fair application of the law. According to publically available sources, the Sanford Police Department (1) interrogated George Zimmerman with a narcotics detective rather than a homicide detective, even though a homicide (death) is what had occurred; (2) conducted no drug or alcohol tests on Mr. Zimmerman, as would have been standard protocol (you would think that even a narcotics detective would think to do that); (3) did not confiscate Mr. Zimmerman's clothes, so no gunpowder tests could be conducted on them (again standard protocol). The gunpowder and drug tests are critical data that can never be recovered now. The way that the Sanford PD handled this case is shameful.

Now Zimmerman says that Martin "went for his gun," whatever that means. Question: How did Martin even know that Zimmerman had a gun? Did he pull it out? After all, Zimmerman had a concealed gun permit. So either (1) he pulled it out or (2) he was wearing it externally, for all to see. Well, if someone you were fighting with pulled out a gun, wouldn't you try to take it away from them? Likewise, if someone you were fighting with was wearing a gun on their hip, wouldn't you try to take it before they shot you with it? The bottom line here is this: The only one who possessed a gun was George Zimmerman. Based on the evidence, there is good reason to suspect that Martin acted in self defense, and little to suggest he was the aggressor as Zimmerman asserts. What motive would Trayvon Martin have for initiating an attack on George Zimmerman at all, while Zimmerman had his back turned and was heading towards his van? And with such aggressive force that it was a life-or-death struggle, as Zimmerman asserts? On the other hand, profiling and racial bigotry provide a motive for Zimmerman being the aggressor. If you haven't heard CNN's audio analysis of a possible racial slur by George Zimmerman, go there now:

Did Travyon Martin's Shooter Use a Racial Slur?

I've listened to it many times, and to me it's very clear that Zimmerman did indeed say "fucking coons" on the 911 call. It's true that even if Zimmerman did say that, and he is a racist, it doesn't mean he acted out of hate. But it does offer motive. Zimmerman also made a comment on the 911 tapes that "They always get away." (See my previous blog entry for the link to this.) All the evidence points to Zimmerman as the aggressor here, and a possible cover-up, or at least severe incompetent bungling, by the Sanford Police Department.

It's getting to the point here in America where every man, woman and child are going to have to carry a hidden video camera on their person at all times, streaming video of every moment of their life continuously to the Internet, for there to be any justice or fairness in this world.

A Savage Hate Crime Against an Iraqi Woman

An Iraqi woman was beaten so severely in her San Diego area home that she died from the beating, and left near her body was a hate-filled note: "Go back to your own country. You're a terrorist."

FBI Assisting in Murder Investigation of Iraqi Woman

Thursday, March 22, 2012 (5:49pm)

Trayvon Martin Killing

I was wrong about George Zimmerman being white, as was first reported; he is actually Hispanic. But it makes little difference; there is enough evidence of wrongdoing here that he should be in jail awaiting the judgment of a grand jury. Accordingly to publically available evidence, an armed Mr. Zimmerman pursued an unarmed Travon Martin, even after he was told not to do so by the police. Mr. Zimmerman is not a police officer and is not authorized to arrest and interrogate suspects, but there is evidence that he "stalked" and interrogated Mr. Martin. In short, there is substantial evidence that Mr. Zimmerman instigated and provoked the conflict, in which case even the misguided "stand your ground" law in Florida would not apply. If Person A stalks, scares, and provokes a fight with Person B--to the point at which a reasonable person in Person B's shoes might feel a need to defend himself from Person A--and armed Person A subsequently kills unarmed Person B during the ensuing struggle, then I believe you have at least a basis for manslaughter charges.

Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman is a racist and this is a hate crime, whether or not Mr. Zimmerman premeditatedly intended to kill Mr. Martin that night (on the 911 tape he says something like "they always get away"), there is still enough evidence to arrest him and bring manslaughter charges. But that is something that the Sanford Police Department did not do.

A reasonable person must conclude, based on the available evidence, that what Mr. Zimmerman did was wrong, unless you want a society in which it is OK for one person to stalk, scare, provoke and then kill another person when that person reacts. If society allows this, then there is nothing to stop anyone from killing anybody else they don't like, for any reason, and then claim "self defense" or "stand your ground." Even a law as backwards as Florida's "stand your ground" law does not allow this, according to its sponsors.

The way the Sanford Police Department handled the investigation is sad. The existence of this "stand your ground" law is sad, and the law should be revoked. But the saddest thing of all is the loss of a young man's life that nothing can bring back now.

No one can undo the damage done by Mr. Zimmerman, but you can help his parents get some tiny semblance of justice by signing the following petition:

Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 (1:17am)

I'm sitting here in Denny's and they're playing "I'll Never Find Another You" by the Seekers (from 1968, the year of my birth, by the way):

      It's a long, long journey
      So stay by my side
      When I walk through the storm
      You'll be my guide

      (courtesy OldieLyrics.com)

This life is a long, long journey and the storms just keep coming. It's an insane world. Running on CNN today:

  • An innocent young black man (14 or 15 years old) is shot and killed by a white Neighborhood Watch captain days ago. The man was told by police not to confront the boy but did so anyway, and ended up killing the boy who was armed with nothing (unless Skittles candy counts as a weapon). The man's excuse: self-defense. He "felt threatened." Since when does feeling threatened justify one person killing another? It's not feelings that matter--it's actions. The actions of this Neighborhood Watch captain are reprehensible, but it gets worse: As of the time I watched the news program, the man had not been arrested and the 911 tapes had not been released. The poor boy's family is praying, crying, begging for some semblance of justice, of fairness. Thought experiment: Imagine it was a young white boy walking innocently through a black neighborhood with a black Neighborhood Watch captain who confronts him and shoots him dead. Does anyone doubt that the black Neighborhood Watch capital would have been arrested immediately?

  • A soldier in Afghanistan "lost it" and started killing the first Afghani civilians he encountered, including women and children. I know it's hard to even begin to imagine the pressures our soldiers are under over there, but killing unarmed, random civilians? Our world has gone insane. I watched as they showed the pictures of the crying, screaming Afghani family members whose relatives had just been killed in this tragic act of insanity. Don't think I'm trying to bad mouth our troops: The heinous acts of fanatical Afghanis who recently killed American servicemen because of an unintentional burning of the Koran are equally deplorable.

  • Over a hundred people killed on Sunday in Syria. Numerous women and children; children had their throats slit while their mothers watched. Women tortured, raped, and murdered. It's a sick world. And still America (and other nations) sit idly by.

So what can I say? I am left dumbfounded in a world that has lost its mind. With this amount of sickness and depravity going on, is it any wonder that innocent people like me are used as guinea pigs for military experimentation? Somehow it all seems a part of the same general insanity affecting the world these days.

Advice for others being used as guinea pigs, like me

I'm always trying to devise ways to defend my body from those who wish to torture and suffocate me with these fancy DEW (directed-energy weapons) weapons. One thing that seems promising is stainless steel in a "C" shape. To suffocate they "shoot" the bridge of my nose, just under the orbital ridge, presumably to cause contraction of the transverse nares that constrict the nasal passages. It's been difficult to stop these attacks because of the geometry of the orbital ridge of the eye next to the nose. It turns out, I think, that the proper shape you need is a "C" shape. It's the only shape that can be made to fit snugly there. The steel attenuates the directed energy a bit, but more importanty it pins (prevents) the "squinting" muscle from contracting because there's nowhere for it to "flex". There may be something else: The stainless steel, while also the most hygienic kind of steel for human use, seems to "steam up" easily with my exhaled air. This is good because I think this steam also creates some obfuscation. If you're a targeted victim like me, I suggest giving it a try. I've been using stainless steel pot lids with good results so far. You want the lids that are all stainless steel metal, with a C-shaped stainless steel handle on top, not lids with plastic nobs on top, etc. I'm sure you can think of other products with stainless steel in a "C" shape. I've been able to lay my head down on top of the lid, with the handle appropriately positioned in the eye socket. Sounds awful, I know, but for those of us who are targets, you're talking about the difference between breathing and suffocating. The weight of one's head keeps the "C"-shaped steel locked in tight in the eye socket. Plus the curvature of the "C" metal transversely and longitudinally helps to minimize the discomfort.

I sincerely hope this is helpful to other innocent victims of this madness. I don't write this blog just to vomit a bunch of words into cyberspace, but sometimes it feels that way.

There is altogether too much fear, hate, and insanity in this world.

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