June 29, 2009

The main crux of the weapon being used on me and others by the mafia or whoever they are seems to be the following:

  • Directed energy, most probably HPM (high-powered microwaves), fired at a person's body (in particular at the person's nose)
  • That energy, having been tuned to the right frequency, "couples" to the person's nervous system, causing involuntary and excessive stimulation (i.e., convulsions) of affected muscles.

In fact, this jives with my experience, as the perpetrators have attacked not only my nose, but also my neck and jaw (causing neck and jaw convulsions) and, at times, even the soles of my feet (presumably attacking me from below, if I am on a second story of a building or higher) causing convulsions and contortions of my feet.

So it boils down to this "remote over-stimulation of muscles"; and, in this regard, particularly nasty is the over-stimulation of certain muscles around the nose and eyes, which, when over-stimulated, cause such extreme contractions as to completely restrict the nostril (ossetia?) passageways, making inhalation (and therefore breathing) impossible during the length of the directed-energy pulse. One need only go to my Activism page to see this effect in action.

So it has occurred to me recently that one way to defend oneself against this would be a nerve block of some kind. It is clear that those of us who are attacked have at least what appears to be a massive "nervous twitch"; and it is my belief that, if a doctor administered a nerve block to the particular nerves targeted by the perpetrators, such directed-energy attacks would not cause the intended convulsions. I do not know how long such a nerve block would last, but I have heard about the face-tightening Botox injection causing similar nerve blockage for days or even weeks in some cases. So this may be a recourse for those of us being tortured. Even if a doctor does not believe in the cause, it would not be out of line for her/him to treat the obvious symptoms with such a nerve block, especially in the extreme case (as it is with all of us victims) where said "twitch" is making sleeping and breathing impossible or severely inhibited.

June 15, 2009

Over the top

Yesterday, as I walked into the laundromat to fetch my clothes from the washers and relay same to the dryers, the perpetrators thought that that moment, surrounded by lots of other clothes washers in a very small space, would be a great time to really let me have it. So right then and there, from above I am sure (some kind of plane/UAV/predator/helicopter/whatever), they started shooting at me profusely and with great intensity. Those around me started coughing and choking uncontrollably. I had not entered the laundromat to seek "human shields"; I was just trying to do my laundry. I stepped to the right so that some of the affected would hopefully be out of the fallout path.

On another occasion, of which I presently cannot recall whether or not I blogged, the perpetrators decided to hit me with some really intense stuff while I was waiting for my food at a Carls Jr. fast-food restaurant in Newport Beach, California. Very nearby was a group of 5-7 little girls, perhaps part of a Girl Scout troop; I can't remember now. At any rate, they viciously attacked me, with the result being an insane one-minute long coughing fit for the little girls.

It is clear that the perpetrators of these crimes are connected with America's military and defense industries, and some people wonder how in the world I could be such a monster as to blog and write about America's military technology for all the world to see. The answer is simple: They are abusing this technology. They are using it on civilians, on American citizens. They are bringing pain and discomfort to little girls. That is how and why I do what I do. It is not merely because they harm me and I have done nothing wrong, but because they harm anyone they damn well feel like harming, including bystanders who just are unfortunate enough to get in the way.

I do not, nor have I ever or would ever, steal classified secrets. But if classified military technology is being used for corrupt and selfish purposes to torture innocent civilians where they eat, live, sleep and do their laundry, then I will use my intelligence, my imagination, publicly available documents, and whatever other legal means available to get to the truth and put an end to this abuse. Military technology is for military targets, for people who have committed a crime against the United States of America or who are intent on doing so. I have never committed a crime against the U.S. and am not intent on doing so. Nor, I submit, were the 5-7 little girls standing in line waiting to order food at Carl's Jr. Nor, most likely, were the completely random people in the laundromat yesterday.

IF I have committed a crime (and I haven't), then let the proper authorities arrest me. But as it stands, I am not arrested nor charged with any crime, but instead am subjected to daily directed-energy attacks and those unfortunates around me are subject to a concomitant fallout of same. I am not the enemy of America; it is those who attack me, and who order attacks on me, and who occupy positions of power within the military-industrial complex who are betraying everything America and the Constitution stands for and corrupting their positions of power.

The next time that they decide to attack me with such ferocity that they hurt innocent people around me, I am going to turn to those people, explain to them what is happening to them, apologize for the behavior of the perpetrators and the undeserved pain thrust upon them, and refer them to my website. This must stop, must stop, must stop.

It is to the point now where I am afraid to visit my sister and my nieces for fear they will attack viciously without regard to the children's safety.

Who and why

I hear a lot of chatting around me about "mafia this" and "mafia that." Maybe the perpetrators are, or consider themselves to be, "mafia." Or for that matter, maybe they are any number of conspiracy names you hear thrown about (Illuminati, etc.). I have no way of knowing and don't really care what they call themselves. Maybe they are just corrupt people in positions of power and with powerful weapons. Less interesting to me is what they call themselves, and more interesting to me is stopping their criminal behavior.

As for the why, I have thought about it long and hard. Often their behavior doesn't make logical sense. It's easy to say, "Well, they're just criminals," or "Well, they're just motivated by money and power," but even those motivated strictly by selfish concerns might go about protecting those concerns in a logical way rather than an emotional (and often arbitrary) one. Attacking me while hurting bystanders shows not only a reckless disregard for others' safety but also a violation of logic that would dictate that it is unwise to incur the wrath of strangers. I know the following conclusion on my part may sound elitist (I don't mean it to be) and many people will not like it, but it seems to me that intelligence is as much of an inherited trait as hair color or eye color is. And I think maybe the perpetrators were just short-changed in the intelligence area; maybe they really cannot be logical, and cannot analyze and synthesize information in the way that some others can. Maybe, possibly, they cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. I have heard much about mafia types and organizations, and it seems that where logic is missing, strong emotions (particularly rage and fury) fill in the gaps.

All of this is not to excuse what they do but rather to understand it, because without said explanation the reasoning behind what they do remains a mystery. It is also for this reason that I will soon be editing my "list of TI defenses" to change instances of the word "perpetraitor" back to the spelling "perpetrator"; because in light of their possible genetic makeup, maybe such harsh language isn't appropriate here. If it is true that we cannot all be considered "equal" when it comes down to matters of logic, then it would be my wish, if I could, to wave some magic wand (if there were such a thing) and make everyone as intelligent as Albert Einstein. But unfortunately there is no such magic wand.

And therefore, it is not with animosity or hate that I wish to pursue the perpetrators, nor with vicious rhetoric; but rather I am committed to stopping what they do. It must stop, must must stop. "They" must be stopped from harming innocent people with powerful military weapons.

June 7, 2009

A lot has happened so I will try to catch everyone up. First, some more discoveries about how the perpetrators do what they do, and about what exactly they're doing:

  1. I know it's hard to believe, but they've actually been going down in the sewers to shoot directly up at me. Up until very recently I've been parking in parking lots and such, and they've been going in the sewers so that they could get right up beneath me and shoot me from a very close distance. So word to the wise: Do some camping, head to unpaved areas, or get the city specs and stay away from anywhere where there are sewers. I understand the reader's skepticism here, but they actually did this to me in China as well (where I saw them push a "pipe" up from out of the ground) and just recently here I heard the "beeps" and such of the weapon going off around me, with literally no one physically around except for some drains that went to the sewers.
  2. The way this directed energy weapon works is that it causes muscle spasms in the area that it comes into contact with. That is, the HPM (high-power microwaves) causes the nerves to contact and spasm, often very, very strongly. It appears that what they've been doing to suffocate me is to "excite" certain muscles around my eyes and face, which, when they contract strongly, stretch the nostrils and block the intake of air. Combine this with the fact that they can "visualize" your exhalation (the hot air that you breathe out), and they have a target (the point where your air comes out of your nose) and a time to attack (as soon as the air stops) and a way to do it (suffocation by excitation of certain facial muscles, which restricts airflow during the air-intake period).

It appears that the very best defense is to simply not give them a target to shoot at. I have been making a conscious effort to never breathe out through my nose and have been feeling much better for it; instead, I try at all times to breathe out through the mouth, and the perps end up shooting at and exciting muscles around my mouth area, which is annoying but does not affect my breathing seriously. I am grateful for that.

The best way to defend at night, however, when one is unconscious (and automatically breathing in and out through the nose), is still to use straight steel sheets/bricks. The perps' favorite angle of attack is to come in very close to the eye socket (which actually has been damaging my eyes as well) to get to the nasal cavity area. I tried to block this by laying a stainless steel bar (5/8 inch, I believe) across my right eye socket as I lay on my left side. Mind you, this was not in my eye but across the socket; never put anything at all actually in your eye socket. Well, unfortunately, they still shot at me through the eyes to get to my nasal passages (to excite the nose-surrounding muscles) and really messed up my right eye. There may have been some of the beam that simply penetrated the bar, with some steel particulates with it; but I think the greatest damage was from the "ricocheting" of some of the directed energy around the curve of the bar and into other parts of my eye. The bottom line is, they should not be firing directed energy anywhere at my body and these inhuman criminals are completely responsible for the damage done to my eye. So another word to the wise: avoid the steel bars.

More generally, the area of greatest heat energy on your face is the nose and eyes, and they can very distinctly visualize one's eyes and the sides of the nose all the way from the bridge of the nose down to the nostrils and the exhaled air that comes out of them. They can over-stimulate the "suffocation" muscles anywhere from the inner part of the eyes, down along the sides of the nose to the nostrils themselves. They don't have to shoot directly down through the eye into the nasal passages, but do so because it's hard for me to "block" (i.e., obfuscate) the eye socket area with my hands. (Read a previous post: the hot water in one's hands also shows on their camera, so putting one in front of the other can obscure, or "block", the visualizing of the other body part). The curvature of the eye makes it hard to block completely. I may draw a diagram some day to illustrate precisely what I am talking about.

If all of this (directed energy weapons) or mafia or conspiracies is new to you, or if it's confusing or hard to believe, I understand. Some of us with a conscience are attacked by unconscionable criminals using this technology every day of our lives. I blog here so that other innocent people with a conscience may benefit from my experiences.

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