Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have read the terrible news of the passing of Professor Randy Pausch and my heart is with his family at this time. His passing is a loss for all of us.

A tribute to Professor Pausch by Carnegie Mellon University:

Professor Pausch's enduring legacy:

ABC News remembers Professor Pausch:

Professor Pausch's Home Page:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long time, no bloggee

I apologize for not blogging for almost two weeks. My health has been poor because of what the murderers have been doing to me. They've really been blasting me with the directed-energy radiation (which I believe is actually directed microwave energy). I tried sleeping under file cabinets and under 16-gauge sheet steel, but when I did this they would further focus the beam to increase its penetration. Finally I was able to dampen the output of the beam by hiding almost directly under three sheets of 16-gauge sheet steel, but this is so uncomfortable as to not be feasible.

The intense and protracted attacks on my nose and also, yes, directly on my eyes with the directed energy has taken its toll, and my hearing and particularly my vision have suffered. My sight has become even "darker" than it already was, and it's become more difficult to read and to focus on objects. Whether this is permanent or temporary, only time will tell, but past experience has shown that time only heals the damage a little bit, and that the effect seems to be mostly a permanent one. So please understand if I am unable to blog as much as I would like, because I must deal with health issues such as these and with adjusting to diminished vision and hearing capacities as the case may be. Not only that, but I also experienced computer problems, and that too made blogging a problem for a little while.

A nice dream

It's a dream I had recently but one that I have had three times now: I am talking to people around me and it's a different world. The madness has ended; no one tortures anyone with directed energy weapons anymore in my dream, and nothing of that kind happens. The dream seems so real that I am starting to believe it. Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but the dream is so strong that I am starting to believe that just maybe someday this madness will end and the murderers will be stopped from harming innocent people with directed-energy weapons.

What to call "them"

It's true that there's really no good label for what to call those who attack me. "Those who attack me" is too long winded and vague. To simply say "perpetrators" really underrepresents the truly heinous things they do to me and to others. I realize that they haven't murdered me yet, but they are murdering years of my life and well on their way to murdering me slowly. Should I call them "the slow murderers"? I think the problem is that never before in history has any group had access to this kind of technology, where you can torture and maim people for years on end in their own homes. We really need a new word for people and organizations who would do such a thing. "Maimers" sounds funny and doesn't reflect the never-ending torturous nature of what they do, and "torturers" doesn't reflect the maiming of vision and hearing and true permanent damage that they do. For now the word "murderers" is the best I can think of.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stop the murderers

Lots and lots and lots of nose attacks. However, I am learning some things about how they do what they do. It does appear to be microwave energy, or at the very least, when the beam is "broad" (i.e., when it affects a large surface area of my body) it appears that it is reflectable by steel. At least, when I suddenly raise a piece of steel, not only does the effect stop, but the murderers seem to stop attacking as well, perhaps because they don't mind torturing me to death but don't want the energy reflected away from me and injuring someone else. When I do take steps to protect myself with steel, then what they do is focus the energy of the beam into a very, very tiny surface area that is more able to penetrate the steel. So the bad thing is I need more steel to stop it, but the good thing is the beam has less surface area.

It also appears that the murderers have difficulty "visualizing" me (with a through-the wall camera; see previous entries and the main activism page) when I am in front of a solid block of ice. I think that ice and steel together may be helpful to myself and to other innocent American citizens being tortured and eventually murdered by directed energy being fired at them by corrupt people within our own American government and defense contractors (i.e., military-industrial complex).

Though these corrupt military and defense leaders appear to target a small number of American citizens, the citizens who they target suffer so inexorably that it absolutely, positively must stop. What these corrupt murderers do is unholy and against everything America is about, against everything I think most Americans believe in. We need to get to the bottom of this evil, we need to stop the corruption immediately and we need to bring the perpetrators to justice so that a crime against humanity like this one never, ever, happens again. For the time being, an immediate first step that should be taken is to ban the use and development of all directed-energy weapons. That is not the final step but it would be a good beginning.

Playing dumb?

Yesterday some guys in a car pulled near the house where I'm renting and one of them said something like "he's playing dumb", which I plainly heard. Now, whether or not that comment was intended for me is certainly up for debate. All I want to say is, if you are one of the people who is in any way involved with my torture/surveillance/you-name-it, and someone tells you something bad about me and says that I'm just "playing dumb" or "acting innocent", don't believe them for a minute! What am I playing dumb about? Tell me? My whole life is on display here on this website. And no one has ever, ever interviewed me about what happened at JFK airport in 1998! I am happy to sit for any interview with the FBI, take any lie detector test, you name it. Not a problem. You see, the real problem is that I haven't done anything wrong, and so they can't interview me. They just have to go on telling lies so they can proceed with their plans to torture me because it interferes with their corruption, not because I ever did anything wrong.

I actually filed a FOIPA (Freedom of Information Privacy Act) with the FBI and according to them I don't exist in their files. That seems kinda impossible when you consider that my blog clearly states that I think I may have met (by accident) Mohammed Atta at JFK airport. (I also informed the FBI right after I met him; please see an earlier entry.) So maybe FOIPA doesn't mean anything anymore. What's also possible is that maybe our government is so corrupt that the same murderers who are killing me actually let the 911 terrorists kill 3,000 innocent Americans so that they could turn America into a police state and exert even more control over everyone. How could they not know it was coming? I warned the FBI three years in advance! Now, I didn't know what these crazy terrorist nutjobs were going to do, but I gave the time, date and description of my encounter with that crazy guy in the airport, so they could have easily tracked him down and spied on him. How could they not find out what they were up to, with all the resources available to them?

And what has happened since 911? Indeed they are turning America into a police state. The police now have directed energy weapons and preparing to use them on crowds. We have no rights to privacy anymore, not in phone, email, bank accounts, Internet, you name it. When you come back from a trip outside the US, customs agents now have a right to search the contents of your computer's hard drive without any suspicion that you've done anything wrong; they can search it just because they want to. We are arresting foreign nationals, some of whom are innocent, and "renditioning" them and torturing them and imprisoning them without charging them with any crime. God help us, may other countries' governments be more law-abiding with American citizens than we are with other countries' citizens. We've seen Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Look at what is happening to America! Does anybody care?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the time of the Crusades, people did the most un-Christian acts in the name of Christ.

Nowadays, people are doing the most un-American acts in the name of America, including torture, rendition, and imprisonment without being charged with a crime.

What won't people do out of fear?

Physical update

Over the last two days they have shot me significantly in several areas, but last night they were very strongly suffocating me; each pulse at my nose was very strong. My heart was racing. Then when I turned on to my side they shot me in the heart two times. Also through the night they shot me once in the left side of my neck, and several times in the stomach.

More Memories

I lived in Colorado during 1992-1995, and also for a while in this period I lived in Denver in a house that I rented. I believe the area of Denver was called "Cherry Hills" or something with "Cherry" in it; it's not that far from the Tattered Cover bookstore. If you were looking at the house I rented from your car as you passed by, in the house to the right of the one I rented were some very awful neighbors. They were a couple with a young daughter. At first they befriended me, but then for no reason the husband started honking his horn every morning to wake me up out of sleep (I was sleeping in a tent in my own yard at the time). I asked him to stop doing it, but he kept on. Every morning as he pulled out of his driveway and went to work, he would honk (like 6:00am) as he passed my house.

One day I came home and found that my belongings in my house and been disturbed. Angry, I went on my porch and told the wife, who was outside, "One of these days I'm going to catch your friends." She called the police and said that I told her that I was going to kill her. The Denver police knocked on my door, and when I opened it, they put me in handcuffs and took me downtown at about 2:00pm or so if memory serves. I spent the whole day in jail and was only released at 12:30am.

She pressed charges against me and I got a lawyer. I told him I was completely innocent. He said he couldn't be sure which way a jury would decide and advised me to plead "no contest". To this day I regret taking his advice and not fighting her very false testimony. She even called me a "pedophile" because I had asked to play ball with her daughter once (her daughter was always sticking her head over the fence and talking to me). I have never harmed a child in my life and to even suggest that is reprehensible. Of course I never even touched her daughter or had done anything inappropriate in that regard. I believe the "pedophile" part of the wife's testimony was removed from the complaint. All of this should be in publically available records if someone is willing to look.

I look back now and realize how foolish I was. It doesn't matter if I would have gone to jail for being false accused; I should have stood up for what was right.

Monday, July 7, 2008

It was our own moral failure and not any accident of chance, that while preserving the appearance of the Republic we lost its reality. -Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BCE)

The murderers continue to shoot my nose and suffocate me. I feel very sick these days but am taking it all in stride as best I can. I will be uploading another short movie of me being suffocated (actually lightly compared to most times) while trying to sleep.

Fun at the Democratic Convention in Denver

Apparently the Denver police are planning a whole arsenal of weapons (possibly including directed-energy weapons) to handle crowd control, yet feel the need to keep the nature of those weapons top secret so that they have "the upper hand".

Goo, Ray Guns Aim to Protect (http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/ynews;_ylt=Ar3hpNVPgpQBtxVdhDF2oLZxieAA?ch=4226722&cl=8700551&lang=en)

I thought a democratic republic didn't use secret weapons on its populace. This is not a war, and the involved parties are not soldiers. Some decency is expected here. If the Denver police feel so insecure about their ability to control crowds that they cannot disclose to the public the weapons they are using, then perhaps they need either better training and/or better weapons. Either way, transparency is a must. We are human beings and citizens of the United States and as such we deserve to know what weapons police may use on us.

According to Bob Newman, an anti-terrorism consultant, retired marine and president of W.A.S. Security, Inc., "Rational people are not concerned." Au contraire, my secretive friend. Police may potentially end up using directed-energy weapons on innocent bystanders who are not protesting, and innocent people most definitely have a right to know what weapons are being used against them, especially if those weapons are directed energy weapons that leave no trace and provide what one military document describes as "plausible deniability".

When did America's citizenry become the enemy??? Who are these hordes of American citizen-evil doers, so out to disturb the nation's peace that we must arm our police departments to the teeth with powerful, secret weapons? And so powerful are these evil doers that we cannot even make public the weapons that will be used against them? This is getting ridiculous. It seems to me the fears are far being blown out of proportion. Maybe that is because so much money is to be made from selling these weapons. The police will still have guns, will they not? And if the need arises I'm sure they would not hesitate to use them.

America is not supposed to be a totalitarian regime, and we the people have a right to know if directed-energy weapons are going to be at the Denver PD's disposal to use on crowds during the event. If not, the police may use them on innocent bystanders and then deny using them, and victims will have quite a difficult time proving that their skin was made to feel on fire (or worse) because the police used some "ray gun" on them. By the way, while the government promises no permanent damage from the ADS system, they have refused to give the specifications (intensity/coherency of beam, duration of pulse, etc.) under which no permanent damage will occur. Nor have they said if the intensity, coherency or duration can be modified by the operator; such "kicking it up a notch," if available to the operator, could potentially put the weapon into "permanent-damage mode". So who's kidding who here? Mr. Newman, respectfully, what if your son/daughter happened to be walking down the street near the crowds and got an eyeful of jacked-up ADS microwave beam from some adrenaline-fueled police officer? Is it possible that police could use it and lie and say they didn't? Do you see any problem here? Let us have some transparency in the civilian realm at least!

We really do need to ban all directed-energy weapons, and we need to do it now.

More memories


During 1998-2000 I lived in a small, rural town called Schodack Landing, New York. I moved there from Long Island and rented an apartment in a four-plex from a landlord couple (husband and wife) who also lived nearby. They had a son named Perry who at first was very nice to me; of course I was nice to everyone. He even helped me move some of my furnishings into the upstairs apartment that I had rented. But later on, at a community picnic of some sort, while we're talking about plans for the future for some reason (I don't remember the context now), he threatened me, saying, "You're not gonna have a future." I had done nothing to merit the threat; in fact I was being friendly and we were just chatting. His threat was completely out of the blue. That was the last time I spoke to him. I forget his last name but remember his first name distinctly because he actually paid the city of Schodack Landing to have a street named after him (Perry Street).

The Denver youth hostel (1992-1995?)

I know I've talked about this place in previous entries, but I'm not sure I've mentioned all the details, so I'll just go over some things quickly. This is the place where the two guys at the front counter running the show hated all black people; it was "n-word" this and "n-word" that and they would frequently take out bats from behind the counter and show us all how they would treat any black person that would come through the doors. Both of these guys were from Australia and I don't remember their names at the moment. One of them even pulled a knife on me and held it to my stomach. At the time I thought he was just joking, and he laughed about it; you have to remember, I didn't know at that time of any mafia involvement or large-scale conspiracy type of thing.

This is also the place where they put me in a room with a bunch of perpetrators who, I believe, knocked me unconscious with a directed-energy weapon, and I woke up 14 hours later but it seemed like 30 minutes later, and so on--there is a *lot* about this in a previous entry or entries, so see previous entries for many more details on that event. What I wanted to mention was (and maybe I mentioned this before), while I was staying there, in the community room they had a copy of U.S. News and World Report that had a feature story on experimentation on civilians by the U.S. military, complete with grisly pictures. Whether that was a real issue of the magazine, or a made-up one left for me to find, I don't know. I've never seen it since, and I remember going back to look for it later and finding it gone. If anyone has ever seen such an issue, please let me know.

More organized stalking

Some other forms of organized stalking: Perpetrators in their cars honking their horns at you while you drive by or while they drive by you as you're walking down the street. Perpetrators screaming curse words at you while you drive by or while they drive by you as you're walking down the street. Sometimes they'll just plain scream a loud scream to startle you.

All this used to bother me a lot when they first started to harm me. But I guess I've gotten used to it. I remember when I was at OCC (Orange Coast College) they started off stalking me in pairs with threatening looks and clenched fists, day after day. Then I quit school, and I remember riding my bicycle and actually having a car follow me, right behind me, at my bicycle's speed. They didn't stop following me until I rode to the local police station.

I flipped out for two years from all that they did, becoming a loner and hating the world. So it's not that I don't have any sympathy for those who are being hurt by this organized stalking. In fact, what the perpetrators do is hideous, terrible, and if it's not criminal it should be. They should be stopped and punished for what they do. I say that not with malice but with an aim for justice and the prevention of further harm to innocent people.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The murderers continue to suffocate and suffocate and suffocate me: they did it all day the day before last (I'm fighting for air), then all night the night before last, then all day yesterday, then all night last night, and finally today. It is truly a shame that some must choose the path of violence to try to get what they want.

More memories

A couple more things came to mind. One is, back when I was still at Orange Coast College (OCC) in '87-88, this guy named Chris Storey (spelling?) came up to me one day on campus and started saying some really weird stuff. This guy was an acquaintance from my high school--I never really knew him, maybe never even spoke to him before--and he comes up and starts talking to me. I wish I could remember the exact details of what he said, but I do remember two things: (1) He was talking about the military for some reason (maybe his role in it or something), and (2) he made me feel very uncomfortable and wouldn't let the conversation end. It was very suspicious when I think back on it now and maybe he was involved in some way. Again, this was a guy I barely knew all of the sudden coming up to me and talking about military this or that and demanding I do something or other that I didn't want to do (I remember that much), and making me feel uncomfortable. Just wanted to note this.

The other thing is, recently a car zoomed ahead of me recklessly (to get in front) and then sort of slowed down near my car and that's when I felt a directed-energy burst. The way this guy drove was very aggressive, so it's possible although by no means proven that he or someone in his car shot me with a directed-energy weapon. It could be that this is the most frequent means of attacking me when I am out driving (i.e., being shot at by someone in a nearby car). Just a possibility.

One more memory about my OCC days: I was a tutor (I tutored math) and my supervisor was a bit of an activist and got me into activism as well (I was happy to join and to do my part). I drafted a petition that was circulated around the school to obtain more funding for community colleges (as best I can remember). I wrote it and many tutors and other volunteers got students to sign the petitions. Well, it ended up working, and we did get some legislation passed as I recall (or whatever it was we were trying to achieve was achieved). I have never really connected this with the murderers who attack me, but it's possible: Maybe they didn't like my writing that petition and circulating it. (But how could anyone be against more funding for schools?)

Organized Stalking (OS) / Street Theater

In addition to being attacked with directed energy, I and other TI's (Targeted Individuals) encounter what many TI's call "street theater" or organized stalking (OS). Basically the murderers do everything they feel they can get away with doing to harass the targeted individual. Examples: shining their brights (headlights) at you while you're driving in the opposite direction (even during the day); making the mafia hit sign (finger on the nose); staring, making hateful countenances; driving their car very near to yours, as if they're going to collide their car into yours; and so on.

For many TI's this is a big problem, as big or bigger than the very real physical torture, maiming and murder of the directed-energy weapons. But not for me. I've seen all this stuff for 20 years and so I'm starting to think that maybe it's a bigger problem for "new" TI's. Here's the main reason why: First of all, I have no enemies. Sounds funny, right? But that's the way I look at it: I have no enemies, just people who think they are my enemy. Secondly, I send out love to people who think they are my enemy. I don't send out hate. Even if they send hate my way, I send love back. When they shine their bright lights at me I don't shine them back. All of this may sound funny from a guy that calls his attackers "murderers", but I use that term not in a hateful way (believe it or not) but in a descriptive way, to show that in fact what their directed-energy attacks do is murder one's body (slowly).

Plus, you have to consider their motivation. For most of them, their actions are not so much based on hating you as on fearing someone else. Think about it: Ultimately, why does anyone do violence or "street theater"? It's because they're afraid. Mostly, I think, they're afraid of not doing it, because that means the baddies will hurt them instead of me. You've got mafia bigwigs at the top who are afraid of losing power, going to jail, being prosecuted and punished and so on, and then you have got everybody under them (organized in tiers) who are afraid of being hurt (with directed-energy weapons) by the guys "above them" (in the hierarchy). For me, I can't punch the mafia ticket because I refuse to live my life in fear; I'd rather lose my life or be unhealthy physically but not have to live in fear everyday. Plus--and this is hard for many involved to believe--this mafia is not fair. They don't play fair, plain and simple; they don't even play by their own rules. I got my life butchered for seven years because some mobster(s) thought I knew something that I didn't. Just because the mafia has played fair with you so far doesn't mean that one day they don't up and attack you with directed energy for no reason. And who cares if the particular mobsters in question are "disciplined" by their superiors? Even if the people who hurt you die, that won't bring back one single day of the days they take away from your life, and it won't undo one iota of the permanent damage they do to your body. Lastly, there is also the need to just plain do what is right, to help other victims of mafia brutality by doing the right thing.

My country, right or wrong

This is an unfortunate phrase that has come into wide circulation but is misguided. Many people who believe they are patriotic will often say something like this when confronted with their country's wrongdoings. And in their minds, anybody who dares to say anything bad about their country (e.g., America) is unpatriotic.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Let's take America as an example, because it is my homeland, it is where I live and where my family lives, and after travelling the world I feel it is still the best country in the world. But I would never say, "My country, right or wrong." When my country is right, it's right; and when my country is wrong, it's wrong. When America is wrong, I will work, legally and peacefully, to address that wrong. That's what makes America great--the fact that we have freedom of speech and the opportunity to address our grievances. Correcting our problems makes America grow as a country and makes America stronger. It is part of the forward-thinking of our nation's forefathers, and it's the reason why they included the right to free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to peacefully assemble. It is in countries that are totalitarian regimes where the people have no right to dissent and where nothing ever changes; it is easy to see (for those of us in a democracy like America) how wrong it would be for a citizen of such a country to say "my country, right or wrong." Such a statement might be easy for the totalitarian government's leaders, but would be quite difficult for, say, a prisoner being tortured everyday because of her/his religious beliefs.

America was founded by dissenters. You may recall that our forefathers were not too happy with King George and the way he ruled the colonies. You may recall such phrases as "no taxation without representation," among others. The bottom line is, they were being governed by a remote leader and his local cronies who gave the colonists no say in the way they were governed. They had no representation in the government, and basically they had no right to dissent. Had America lost the Revolutionary War and had our forefathers been caught, they would have been branded "traitors" and summarily been tortured and executed for all to see. Instead, they founded a new country where dissent is not only tolerated but encouraged so that all citizens may have a chance address their grievances and be heard.

When my country is right (and that's often) I will say so, argue on its behalf, stand up for the beliefs that we hold dear. But when my country is wrong, I hope I am open-minded enough to carefully consider the argument and if we are wrong, to take the steps to fix the problem. No country is perfect and the fact that all governments are corrupt is not lost on me. I never intend to single out America as the only country with a problem with corruption at the top; it is merely because I was born here, raised here, my family lives here, and I am an American. The fact is that probably every country's government is corrupt. The difference is, we in America are blessed to have a system--at least on paper--that allows us to fight the corruption. Fighting the ills of our great country is not only "permitted" but it is our moral and patriotic duty as Americans. This is what America is truly all about.

And don't confuse any of this with "defend" as in the sense of taking up arms to defend against a foreign enemy. I know all Americans, including myself, would take up arms to defend our country. That is a different meaning of "defend" from what I am talking about when people say "My country, right or wrong." It is one thing to defend with your fists and guns your country from physical harm; it is another thing to defend a particular American law, statute or institution. From the time of the columnists to the frenetic 1960's America had laws on its books that discriminated against black Americans. This was wrong, plain and simple. There were those in the 1950's who said, "My country, right or wrong!" and felt that anyone who dared to complain about the treatment of blacks was a traitor. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI stalked and tried to intimidate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for that very reason. I do not consider Dr. King to be a traitor. And I do not consider the actions of the FBI at that time in American history to right.

My country, right or wrong? Let's save the mindless dogma for the fascisms and totalitarian regimes of the world. In America, we not only admit our mistakes, we address them, fix them, learn from them and grow from them. And we become a better country for it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The murderers shot me in the heart, brain, and nose last night, all significantly, but mostly they targeted my nose to suffocate me. They also started using ionizing radiation on me, which is dangerous in any form. For those who don't know, ionizing radiation is when the radiating beam is so intense it "ionizes" the air (it frees ions from the hydrogen molecules), creating a gas-like plasma. I always know when this is done because you can smell the resulting "gas" (plasma).

Yesterday in the supermarket one of the murderers was just standing near the exit doors, waiting for me to exit with my groceries and starting at me while wearing a shirt with "USA" on it. What a joke! These murderers are the anti-patriots, the truest traitors to America that ever lived. Next to this murderer was another one holding his finger against his nose and looking at me. I am supposed to be intimidated by a stare and a finger. I am not.

We don't need directed-energy weapons.

Note to Congress: Please ban directed-energy weapons. They are not necessary and are rife with the potential for abuse, as is being done against me and many others.

Why we don't need directed-energy weapons

1. Supposedly they are being developed because of their "less-than-lethal" abilities. This is pure nonsense on the battlefield, however: If US soldiers are armed with less-than-lethal DEW (Directed-Energy Weapons) and the enemy has lethal guns and bullets, will our soldiers feel safe? Of course not! On the battlefield you need a weapon that stops the enemy immediately with deadly force. You don't want to use DEW where the enemy can keep on fighting, and where the enemy can kill you but you cannot kill the enemy.

2. Regarding use on crowds: The other argument made in favor of these weapons is their use for crowd dispersal. My answer to this is, there are other non-lethal weapons (not DEW) that can be used for this purpose: rubber bullets, tasers/taser bullets, bean bags, smoke grenades, and on and on. DEW are not necessary to disperse crowds. And there's a big difference between DEW and other non-lethal weapons: DEW leaves no trace of usage, while the others leave evidence. This makes DEW ripe for abuse on completely innocent individuals and groups.

3. The bottom line is the potential for abuse of DEW is unlike the potential for abuse with any other previous technology. Victims can only say "I felt this" but cannot show any beanbags, bullet casings, or other convential evidence. The "plausible deniability" factor, as the military puts it, is high. We must realize that although we have some honorable and outstanding people in our military and government, we also have some corrupt ones, even at the highest levels. The corrupt members will not hesitate--and are not hesitating to use these weapons as tools for personal power grabbing, revenge, and intimidation, not for goals that are in the best interests of America and its people.

Please ban these weapons.


Mike Matloff
July 4, 2008

One last thing

Happy Independence Day. May America continue to grow and prosper and mature as a nation despite the very great evil being done by some horrible murderers within its highest ranks. May America arrest them, punish them, and preserve and uphold the rights of its citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as promised in the Declaration of Independence and encoded in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of our great nation.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The murderers continue to shoot my heart, nose and brain. I have been experiencing chest pains recently as a result of the murderers shooting me directly in the heart and from starving my body of oxygen over and over and over again. Last night I was in my room just reading quietly to myself and they started shooting me in the left brain again. May God brings these murderers to justice one day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The criminals continue to attack my nose and heart. I don't have much else to post right now as I am quite busy with work, but I plan on posting more entries soon. Also, for anyone interested, I will soon post two older poems on the Poetry page that I think I've never posted before.

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