Sunday, July 17, 2012

The perps beat me up with their weapon pretty good last night. I think they just move into the motel room directly above mine and shoot directly down on me. But I blame myself a little too--I've been going off my diet, eating a bit too much sugar, which ends up making me tired so that I fall to sleep without setting up any steel or other defenses. So I'm trying to get "back on the wagon," so-to-speak, with my diet again (avoiding the sweets). It's hard, of course, because the perpetrators create a lot of stress for me, both literally (on my body) and figuratively.

My sister is coming out to see me soon and so I am excited about that. I am finding fun places that we can go with her family. And I am busy working on the jazzbaron.com website. (By the way, the book is just plain great, so if you're into jazz or enjoy a "witty" read, do yourself a favor and buy the book when it becomes available. You'll enjoy it. Sorry for the shameless plug but it really IS a good book--I'm not just saying it is).

I will try to post more video of the effects of being attacked. They attack me every single day, and always when I sleep. I know that to some extent, they do what they do for experimentation purposes. But as to WHY they would want to experiment on me (or anyone else for that matter) with this very high-tech weapon, I suspect that their motives are less than honorable (as in "gangster" or "mafia" type motives rather than "America's national security," which seems to me to be more of a convenient cover).


Saturday, July 16, 2012

The Helicopter in the Video is a Police Helicopter

Yesterday I went to the Auburn Municipal Airport and showed them the video mentioned in my previous entry (see below). They confirmed it was a police helicopter. Then I went to the Auburn P.D., and they confirmed it was one of their police helicopters. However, the Auburn P.D. disavowed (or disbelieved) that said helicopter was attacking me with directed energy. However, I know what I felt, and the "direction" I felt it coming from, and it was only upon (a) feeling attacked by directed energy and (b) sensing the direction as coming from the back side of the van, that I flung open the van's back doors and saw the police helicopter just hovering there in the sky--hovering in a point that between it and my van creates a vector very much inline with the direction I sensed the attack coming from. It hurts me to think that I may be attacked by my own police, by my own government and its entities.

For their part, the Auburn P.D. were very accommodating and professional--they never took a "mocking" tone as many police have with me--and they pointed out to me that the Auburn police copter is out there every night looking for criminals, for trouble, or looking for suspects, etc. For my part, I pointed out that I have nothing to hide, and that I really love the City of Auburn and want very much to be on good terms with its police department. I gave them three of my business cards and my phone number and told them to call me if they ever needed anything or had any questions for me.

Attacks continue--of course

The attacks continue, perhaps a little less intense and frequently, but still they very much continue. As mentioned previously, I have a motel room until Monday, and rested and slept there last night--and was attacked there as well. I have some footage of the attacks and will try to post it soon.

It is my will and intention to record on video every attack the perpetrators do to me, every day, but do understand that it is a laborious task for me, and that great patience and time is required not for the recording, but for actually editing (for time) and uploading that video to YouTube. Much of it looks just like so many other recordings of the abuse that I've made, but I want there to be a record of this evil and abuse for when the times comes that they've finally murdered me with all this high-tech violence.

I would say my morale is low and I feel quite depressed these days but as always I try to keep a stiff upper lip and am doing the best I can. :-) My sister is coming to visit me on the 29th and I am looking forward to that, and hope not to be in too depressed a state when I finally get to see her husband and daughters for the first time in a year.

Wednesday, July 13, 2012

Probable attack by Helicopter

On July 6, 2011, at 11:12pm, I was trying to sleep in my van, which was parked at the Park and Ride parking lot that sits smack dab next to the Auburn, Washington airport; I could look out and see the airport landing mere yards away. If helicopters were to attack me, they could not hover directly above me because they would be in the way of the landing/takeoff runway. Moreover, the sky above has to be relatively clear (no big towers, etc.) in order for planes to have clearance. So when I went to lie down and started feeling vicious attacks, I immediately got up and looked out the back window: Sure enough, lit up like a super bright light bulb in the sky, there was a helicopter just hovering and sitting there in direct line with where I "felt" the directed energy coming from. I opened the back doors and started filming and then the pilot took off--but I did get video, and from that video I got the following stills. I should have the whole video up soon on my YouTube account (http://www.youtube.com/mikematloff).

Happy Birthday Sis, Hotel Room Antics

Today is my sister Susan's birthday — Happy Birthday Suz!

Last night in my hotel room I could hear whoever was in the room above me moving "as I moved." That is, if I repositioned my head or moved somewhere, footstep sounds would "follow" directly above me. That, and the concomitant attacks on my eyes and nose (suffocation). It's very cowardly, what these animals do.

Tuesday, July 12, 2012

Sorry it's been so long since my last full blog post. They've done a pretty brutal job of hurting me constantly. The only reason I have time to write this is because I've taken a hotel room for a week, which I cannot truly afford, but there you go. So I apologize.

Of course, precisely as I write this, they are "beaming" the left side of my head. It is the "screw" type torture, a dull headache which feels like someone is turning a big screw into the side of your head with concomitant literal heating of the left side of my head. This is different from the "brain-damaging" DEW attack on the left side of my head (left brain) while I was still attending the University of Oregon. In that attack--done just as I was waking up in the morning--a thousand "popping sounds" could be heard while they basically eviscerated a layer of brain cells. I think in the literature this "cell destruction" by directed energy is called "electroporation" but I"m not sure. Concomitant with that attack was also intense heating of the affected side and also some sensation of "hairs being pulled" on that side of my head--like someone trying to pull the hairs out of my head.

I have made my Will and left everything to my brother and sister, but want it publically known that I expect them not to interfere with my websites at all, and that it is my intention that my websites (already paid for) continue on after my death.

No amount of torture or maiming will get me to take down the truth again. Ever. Not gonna happen.

They torture and torture and torture and do everything they can to wreck my life, but I persevere. These mafia animals will not silence the truth this time. I recently remembered another reason why I think it's mafia: Joey Reynolds, who used to be a famous talk-radio host, once came on the air and said very seriously that the mafia was running America. He later recanted and said it was a joke, but that's a very strange thing to joke about, and he didn't say it like a joke, and I don't believe it was a joke.

These mafia animals have some powerful, high-tech weapons but they do not own me and never will.


Some possibly helpful defenses

I think I had some luck decreasing their ability to "visualize" me by hiding behind a cold refrigerator filled with cold water. One of those small, cube-shaped dorm-type refrigerators. Filled with refrigerator bottled water (just a bunch of bottled waters).

The other think that helps when using steel is to sleep with my head on an incline--on a sloping plane. When my head is flat on a completely horizontal piece of steel, it's too easy for them to still hurt me. I think they have to adjust the weapon to the precise "height" or "depth" so perhaps being on an inclined piece of steel makes this harder.

I do think this PEP DEW weapon diffracts or "bounces" and that they are able to shoot from above but make it bounce (almost like a grenade) to attack from a vector slightly below me. With the PEP weapon, first they create a plasma channel and THEN shoot a laser at it; I think depending on the angle they shoot the laser from, and the intensity of that laser, they can control to a certain extent where the resulting EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) goes. I think it actually moves out in a circle or sinusoidally. These are just guesses based on what I am experiencing.

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