Sunday, January 24, 2010, 2:57pm

Well, it's been a little while since I've last written (20 days, actually); I apologize for that. Had a lot going on--left my old job, just starting a new one, and all the regular craziness that I blog about here. I think life right now, with the economy being what it is, is crazy for almost everyone. Seems like everyday there's another piece of bad news. All that any of us can do in this situation is our best, which is what I try to do everyday.

It's probably the Mafia

I've just been thinking more lately about who the perpetrators actually "are" and all that, and I'm thinking more and more these days that they're probably the modern-day American Mafia, or at least consider themselves such. All the evidence for this is at best circumstantial, but there's been so much of it that I'm starting to believe. For example:

  1. A famous talk-show host, Joey Reynolds, said that the Mafia was running the United States. (He later recanted, saying he was joking, but the way he said it the first time was no joke, and it seems and unlikely thing to joke about.)
  2. A Mafia takeover may be the purpose behind the assassination of JFK
  3. As I woke up one early morning, asleep with my head down on the table at Denny's, I heard a Spanish speaking guy (sitting with other guys) at a table near mine mutter "Mafia--horrible". Again, this may have been said for my benefit.
  4. Have seen various people make the supposed "Mafia hit sign" (finger on the nose) at me probably thousands of times.

Could it all still be a ruse? Sure, it could be part of some military "plausible deniability" scheme, but it would have to be a very lenghty and elaborate one. Without proof, the jury is always out, of course, but my basic feeling now is that it probably is Mafia. How would you prove it, anyway? Ask one of the perps to produce his Mafia ID card? The fact is, in any totalitarian hierarchy, in any hierarchy of terror where there is no questioning those in authority, only those at the very tip top of the hierarchy's pyramid know what's really going on and what are the real motivations.

Get this website while you still can

The perpetrators continue to do lots and lots of violence to me, including ionizing (plasma-inducing) radiation, so I just want to encourage everyone--especially all targeted individuals--to make a copy of this website for your own records. After the bad guys "do me in," I won't be able to ensure that this website stays up; and it certainly seems to be a main goal of the perpetrators to have this website *not* be published. So a word to the wise: Make sure to get a copy of the info you need here while you still can. I will keep it going as long as I am physically able.

Target Individuals: Your credit is very important

Money is important and it often makes the difference between being able to defend yourself or not, or being able to live comfortably or not. Spend your money judiciously and be wary of scams. It may be the case that the perpetrators are actually intercepting all my communications and only allowing to get through what they want to get through. And thus, that may be part of my difficulty in a finding a job after leaving the old one. Of course I know we are in a terrible recession/depression, but something weird happened lately to make me think they might be interfering. I won't go into details at this point. But I think one "prong" of the perpetrators attacks is to keep TI's poor, very poor, unable to have money to buy stuff to defend themselves or to be able to stay healthy enough to blog, etc.

Along with money, and maybe even more important, is credit. Without good credit, a TI is extremely limited. You can't get a loan, and even more importantly, it's difficult to get a decent apartment or decent place to live. I really blew it when I tried to run from the perpetrators by moving to China. In the end, they made sure I got tortured there anyway, and to get there I had to max out my credit cards with no way to pay them back now, so my credit is shot. This is a huge problem; don't let it happen to you. No matter what the perpetrators do to you, take care to keep your credit and credit rating in good health.

A new diet that's working

I just finally gave up sweets (sweet foods) altogether and it's really made a difference: The energy boost is very noticeable! I had tried in the past to simply give up "this" or "that" particular sweet food, but such diets always failed. It's much easier to give up sweets entirely than to, say, give up only chocolate (which I used to eat much, much to much of). Here are reasons why giving up sweets seems to be such a good thing:

  1. When I don't eat sweets (even though I might eat other carb-containing foods), I have a very noticeable increase in energy and stamina.
  2. I've realized that I don't seem to need to drink as much water. Perhaps consuming lots of sugar makes one need a lot of water to digest it with. At any rate, I've noticed that for me, at least, I feel the need for less water.

  3. My appetite has also gone down. Perhaps eating sweet foods makes one want to just plain old eat more food (or more sweet foods).

So if you're a TI you might try this diet. I wish I had started it sooner. I don't really miss the sweets that much, believe it or not. I still eat bread, cheese, nuts (but for nuts I try to eat them in moderation), rice cakes, oats, and of course meat (in sandwiches, soups, salads, etc.).

The future of civilization (or lack thereof)

I've also read some books about the Mafia lately and much of what happens to me, and those who seem involved, remind me of a lot of the same "kind" or "intentions" of stuff that used to go on with the Mafia in the past. I think most average people go along with the perpetrators do so because they've been "fortunate" enough to have been given a "carrot or stick" choice and fear choosing the stick. They don't understand that there are many of us who from the very first encounter with the perps (and in many subsequent encounters) get only the stick, which is, of course, something any totalitarian authority can do to its heart's content. When average people give the perps what they want, they support an authority that can torture people arbitrarily.

Maybe the perpetrators are a bunch of murderers and thugs, and it maybe it's either their way or death, but I would prefer an honorable death than to make them more powerful. There are really only two future paths for America and the world:

(1) A true democracy, where everyone is treated equal, where if you follow the rules and commit no crimes you are left alone. No secret societies to join, no "very important people," no being tortured simply becaus a VIP wants you to be.

(2)A lawless world where only those with power make the rules, and the rules protect only the powerful and are used by the powerful to harm those without power. A world run by thugs who deep down have no real commitment to honor, flag or country, but rather only to themselves and their power.

Either we're gonna have true freedom and democracy, or the world will be nothing but one big brutal dictatorship, one "bullyocracy." If it's the perps way or the highway, it seems better to have all good people make a stand and be murdered, than to go on having good people enslaved in a brutal totalitarian regime. If it can only be a bullyocracy, then it's better that only bullies should be in it; let them enjoy a world with only their own kind in it, a world in which their are no innocent and civilized people for them to lord over.

For me, the decision to make a stand is obvious.

Live every day as if it might be your last

This is an idea that I'm clinging to very tightly these days. The fact is, every day might really be my last, so I really am trying to live every day that way. So if you are a TI, and one of the perps is harassing you, why let him/her get your goat? Are you really going to let them spoil your last day on earth? I think taking this perspective really helps things.

Monday, January 4, 2010, 2:46pm

Happy New Year everyone.

Here are a couple more things I wanted to jot down that targeted individuals can do to protect themselves:

  1. Live in a rainy place. Much of the attacks seem to come from above, and from a satellite at that; and I have concomitantly noticed that when it rains, the attacks are much less intense. Therefore it may be beneficial for targeted individuals (TIs) to live in as rainy a climate as possible (e.g., in Seattle or a tropical rainforest).
  2. Live on a very low point on the earth. It appears that much of the attacking comes from above (e.g., from a satellite), and the power of the radiation beam when it hits you is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between you and the source, so the farther you are from the source, the better. Thus if you could live as close to sea level as possible--or even below sea level or underground, etc.--the distance will be greater and the power on impact will be less.

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