Wednesday, January 28, 2008

The worthless monkeys who harm me are still harming me. Still the same old brutality, and there's been a lot of it since I last posted. I've been busy--since the last post I've lost my job and very soon I will have no place to live as well. The economy of course is making it very difficult for me to find a job as well, though I have tried very hard. So that's the bad news.

The good news is that I think we have a very excellent President of the United States who has been keeping promises and doing great things since he got into office, including moving against torture and setting in motion the necessary steps to close Guantanamo and other places where it happens. Maybe someday he and or his cabinet can do something to make the people involved with hurting me finally stop.

Some other good news is that I have made some progress in the shielding area. I finally realize that what you need to stop a line-of-sight weapon like these direction-energy weapons is curvature, especially to stop their suffocation attacks. They can visualize and "shoot under" flat pieces of steel. Ideal would be have some custom stainless steel, about 2-3" thick, cast in shape that matches the curvature of one's face. But that can be an expensive proposition. As a substitute, I have taped together several smaller strips of steel in curved fashion and had good luck with this. If you are attacked as I am, you may wish to try this.

The reason for the stainless steel is that it shields better than other types of steels. What we need is density, and stainless has a higher density than other types of steel such as cold roll and hot roll. Of course, in industry lead is used to shield radiation, but from everything I have studied I highly recommend against using lead to shield yourself, as lead is a deadly neurotoxin. It's true that physicists use lead to stop the energy of linear accelerators, but they do not stand behind the lead during the process.

I still do not know who exactly is using these directed energy weapons against me, or why. All signs point to some variant of the mafia, but that could all be a ruse. For certain this group is involved with the U.S. government, and for certain these are military weapons. It could be the mafia has secretly taken over the United States and runs it as a shadow government; or perhaps I am attacked for reasons of experimentation by some secret extremist, right-wing group inside our government. I really don't know. Wrong is wrong no matter who is behind it, so I work to stop it so that I and other innocent people like myself can live some day in peace and freedom.

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