Monday, February 9, 2009

The Chinese Government up to its Old Tricks

Well, the Olympics are over, and the new era of human-rights-respecting China was supposed to have begun... but it has clearly not. Witness the case of Gao Zhisheng, human rights activist, tortured by the Chinese government and now suspiciously missing. See the following article by Amnesty International:


In China I myself was accused of being a spy, harassed over and over by police, and attacked viciously with directed-energy weapons... all because I maintain this blog you are reading right now. I guess now that the Olympics are over it's business as usual for the Chinese government. What a shame.

China's Government: Release Gao Zhisheng right now. He is a prisoner of conscience. Let him go. Do not torture him. Do not torture anyone. RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Do it now or do not expect intelligent people in the rest of the world to respect you. You made a promise to respect human rights as part and parcel of hosting the Olympics and now you have not kept that promise. KEEP YOUR PROMISES.

It's very funny: Whenever I and others write something about China that is negative, the Chinese government says that we are "interfering" in their governance. Yet, if I or others write something positive about China, the Chinese government never seems to complain that the positive words are "interference" in their self-governing. It seems to be that if we were truly interfering, both positive and negative articles would be deemed "interference."

I've been to China. Went there for a year. If the Chinese government didn't want me there, they shouldn't have let me in in the first place. They had no right to physically hurt me--EVER. The Chinese government interfered with MY right to live in peace and free from violence.

So much for the Olympic spirit. So much for human rights in China.

Gao, you are a hero who has the courage to speak out against abuse, and you have my respect.

Leave Gao Zhisheng alone. Let him go.

A Music Video for the Patient

You can download a music video I made while at the University of Oregon from here.

But be forewarned: It's 1.6 GB. Also, the frames are not synced correctly, at least not under Windows. If you bring it into Final Cut it should be synced properly. Someday I plan on making a properly-synced, small-size Quicktime version, but for now this is all I have. If you're interested, it's there.

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