Monday, February 13, 2012

Lots to catch up on

For those of you new to my blog and/or website, welcome. For those not, again I apologize for how long this entry has been in coming. Those of you who are attacked/tortured like I am on a daily basis will understand why this is. For those of us who are experimental guinea pigs to the mafia secretly running the U.S. government, much of every day is spent defending ourselves, and trying to do basic things like sleep and breathe, which the criminals try their best to interfere with. Beyond that, I have had a lot going on, as you'll see.

I just yesterday arrived in Houston, Texas, to stay. I moved here to live nearer to my sister, who just moved here after a 1-1/2 year stay in China. I don't have much family left in this world--just my sister and brother (who's in China)--so I really wanted to live closer to her. That said, I am sorry to leave behind the beautiful city of Auburn, Washington, and all my friends there. I did say my goodbyes to most of you, and to those who I was unable to reach, I thank you for everything and wish you the best. You know how to get in touch with me.

So I just completed a 5-1/4 day exhausting journey across the western United States to get here. Also, as some of you know, I've been very fortunate to be able to help bring a wonderful book to fruition. The book is called Harlem Jazz Adventures, and the website is JazzBaron.com. Check it out and buy the book if you like what you see. It really is a wonderful book.

So as usual, the only thing constant is change. Every day is filled with trying to sleep while being attacked with directed energy weapons; learning from what the criminals do to me, and finding ways to prevent it; working on this website and the book's website; and then so many other day-to-day mundane chores that nevertheless have to be done.

Latest Discoveries

This will be of interest to those who are experimental guinea pigs like me. My very latest ways for defending youself can always be found in my "Defenses.pdf" file, which you can download from the home page. This file is basically a very terse summary of discoveries that I jot down, so it's very helpful but not detailed in its explanations. I will try to detail some of the latest discoveries here. You should also check out my Twitter feed, which often has spur-of-the-moment discoveries as well. However, I am using Twitter less and less these days because they seem to have caved and become much less respectful of people's rights everywhere to freedom of expression; search the web for recent censorship-related articles about Twitter. They have said they will let governments censor their citizens' tweets at will. Already when I try to view my tweets from my mobile phone, they are very often inexplicably unavailable. I may still tweet from time to time, but my focus will be on this blog and on my videos on YouTube (see homepage for link).

Sleep in tall hotels. As I said many times before, defending yourself from the weapon that they use on me-- this PEP (Pulsed Energy Projectile) weapon--involves getting something dense between you and the beam that they focus on your nose to suffocate you. I've often used steel in the past for this purpose, but the kind of steel you need to really be safe is thich, heavy, sharp and dangerous. I've discovered a much better way: Using the density of the walls in a tall building. The criminals have a way to "see" your breathing through your nose. They will shoot at the side of your nose that you're currently breathing from. (Didn't know that you switch nostrils throughout the day and night while breathing? It's called Cascadian Rhythm, and it's something you should research on the Web now if you don't know about it.) Anyway, you "press" the pertinent side of your nose (along with the eye on that side because your nose and eyes are very close) against the wall, while sleeping on the lowest possible floor of a tall building. In order for them to hurt you the usual way (firing straight down from these aircraft/satellites/UAVs in the sky), they'd have to penetrate the wall at every level of the building. That's a lot of density, and for a tall building it's too much for them to penetrate. If they try to fire at a diagonal angle, they risk hitting others in the building, and will have a harder time "seeing" your heat signature.

This is a BIG breakthrough in my opinion! Why? Because it's a way to sleep without using tons of steel. I have been injured so many times by the steel. Steel is much denser than wood and sheetrock and other wall materials, but the amount you need to defend yourself is so great that it's very dangerous. It's much better to not need steel at all! You can add to your safety in a hotel by using an insulating foil like Reflectrix, available at most Lowes and Home Depot stores and online. Use it like you would steel. The difference is it's lightweight and won't crush you or break your bones. (Note: If necessary, you could still lay thick steel underneath you because it's not going to fall on you.)

Unfortunately, you REALLY have to get your eye and nose TIGHT against the wall. These criminals have a very PRECISE weapon and very precise targeting. Even being a millimeter or two away from the wall means they may be able to suffocate you. You need your skin right up against that wall. It will be uncomfortable at first, but it's worth it when it stops or lessens the frequency and intensity of being suffocated. I am still working on better ways, but there's this for now. At least putting your face against a wall won't cause you to get crushed or cut by a dislodged (falling) heavy, dangerous piece of steel. Do make sure to clean the wall first.

More safety when you're awake! They are able to "see" or visualize your body's heat signature--that's how they target you. They "see" the hot air that you exhale from one nostril or the other. (You unconsciously switch nostrils throughout the day and night-- look up breathing and cascadian rhythm. Actually here's an interesting video that's related to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCK1jBfRVsE). When you exhale, hot air goes through one nasal passage and out the nostril that ends that passage. The criminals can "see" the hot air as it goes down the nasal passage and out your nostril; that's how they know which side of your nose to shoot at. Actually, it's how they can target your sinus cavity with pinpoint precision to really "blast" it with directed energy and cause it to fill with fluid and suffocate you.

Now here's the interesting thing I've discovered: The coherence ("togetherness") of the air you exhale makes it easier for them to "see" it. Any disturbance in this airflow makes it harder for them to visualize and "see" where to shoot you. One very important thing I've recommended in the past is to "redirect" your airflow so that you breathe out of your mouth instead of out of your nose. This is helpful, as it moves the attack away from your sinuses, so they won't be able to suffocate you well at all. On the other hand, they still get a relatively "undisturbed" and easy-to-see airflow coming out of your mouth, and they'll attack it, with the result being mouth spasms. I have videos of this that you should see at my YouTube page. So, there is a downside in that they can still hurt you (though not as badly), and also that you must do this consciously. When you are unconscious (for example, when you're sleeping), your body will automatically breathe from your nose.

I know of no easy way to have your unconscious self switch to mouth breathing, so the following technique won't work when you're sleeping. However, when awake, we can disturb the airflow! In fact, by experimentation you will find that both talking and singing interfere with their ability to see the airflow! Why? Well, when you are talking or singing, you are using your vocal chords (also called vocal folds). The air passes through your vocal chords on its way out your throat, and the vocal chords VIBRATE that air! ANYTHING that vibrates the air you exhale DISTORTS the criminals' ability to "see" that air you just exhaled and attack you. So sing to yourself or talk to yourself, if you want to get some relief from their constant barrage of attacks while you're awake. DON'T HUM. Humming is not as helpful because when you hum, much of the air comes out of your nose instead of your mouth, and there's not as much disturbance in it because although the air is vibrated, it is nevertheless "funneled together" out of your relatively small nostril. Thus, when you hum the criminals can still "see" your exhaled air relatively well.

I believe this is one reason why I always talk to myself so much--it's been a way to get some relief from their constant attacks! Talking to oneself can get laborious, though, so I suggest singing soft and slow so you'll be able to do it for a longer period of time. Take your breaths (inhale) at PAUSES between singing/talking. If at any time you exhale a "normal" breath, they'll "see" it and be able to attack you. By experimentation I have found what you might have guessed anyway: LOUDER and HIGHER PITCHED singing offers more relief because it disturbs your airflow more. This makes sense: The louder the singing, the more you are disturbing the airflow (you're vibrating the air more; in a physics sense I think the wave's "amplitude" is greater). The higher pitch, on the other hand, creates more vibrations per second. In both cases, you are creating a greater "disturbance" of the air molecules.

Note that in a very technical sense, it's not actually the air molecules themselves that the criminals are "seeing" (I think), but rather the hot water molecules (water vapor) that you exhale along with the air. The water vapor is caught up amongst the air molecules and more or less follows the exhalation path that the air molecules follow. That is why we say that people exhale "hot moist air." Put your hand below your nose and you will see that the air you exhale is warmer than the air you inhale.

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