Monday, February 7, 2011

"People zapper" document

So much has happened lately it's hard to know where to start. I'll begin with this. Recently I was contacted by a lady who says she is suffering the same symptoms as I am. This same lady is very concerned because she has obtained a document that she feels shows what is being done to us, and now it cannot be found on the Internet. According to her, this "people zapper" document was release under FOIA and provided by the The Sunshine Project, which is now defunct, and also available by defensetech.org, which also does not seem to offer it anymore. In fact, I have searched on the Internet and have found this document nowhere else. I have no reason to disbelieve this lady who has written to me; but I also have no way to verify her identity or the authenticity of the document in question. I have looked at the document, and it is indeed highly redacted, as a FOIA-released document might be. So because of her testimony that it is FOIA, and insomuch as it is already redacted, I am releasing it here: peoplezapping.pdf.

Now the bad news: After looking over the document, I cannot find anything that is earth-shattering. It does talk about the use of directed energy as a pain weapon, that DE travels in line-of-sight, and that for certain DE weapons there can be taser-like motor effects. But all this is nothing new, at least not to me. I have already read such information in other sources. What we really need is documentation that shows that these weapons are being used, without consent, on innocent American men and women, while they sleep, while they eat, while they drive, ad infinitum. We need evidence that the military or organized crime or whoever is using this stuff, as I and she believe, on innocent peoplem, without their consent, and in a fashion that is tantamount to torture. If anyone possesses such documentation, I ask that they step forward with this documentation to help put an end to this horrible tragedy happening right within the United States to its citizens.

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