Thursday, December 31, 2009, 8:00pm

Predator alert!

My life is unbelievable. Today I met an individual--an apparently well-connected one--who I think is some sort of predator. His name is Don Cribb, and apparently he used to actually be on the City of Santa Ana's Planning Commission and is now supposedly the head of its art council. I think they may wish to reconsider.

Note I do not take speaking ill of someone lightly; so I only blog this because what this individual did--an individual, mind you, whom I never met before today--was very disturbing. I went looking for office space to rent in Orange today, and it happened that the building I was looking at had an office already being rented by another gentleman (whom I will not name) who was meeting with Mr. Cribb. I actually came into the diner in the bottom of the building, where a worker there introduced me to the pair. I went upstairs looking for which office was the one for rent, and they both came up and met me upstairs. I explained my situation to them and gave Mr. Cribb my business card. He told me that he could help me find an appropriate office to rent (the one for rent there was unacceptable to me) and that he knew of some places in Santa Ana.

Now, mind you, Mr. Cribb introduced himself only as Don and did not tell me what he did for a living. I assumed he was a property manager. He called me later after I had left the building and was elsewhere in Orange, and told me he wanted to show me a place in Santa Ana near Mainplace Mall. He asked to meet me at the Coffee Bean coffee house that is in CityPlace, very near to MainPlace. We made an appointment to meet at 12:30pm. I got there at 12:00pm and either I called him or he called me first, and I let him know I was there; he started talking about showing me the area, which confused me a bit. As he arrived, he called me and told me not to go into the Coffee Bean and that he was driving a silver Audi and would meet me outside; he was very pushy and assertive. I don't think he ever mentioned it specifically, but when he showed up he told me to get into his car. This should have sent off warning signs, but I am pretty trusting.

As I got in, he showed some concern that I had brought my duffel bag with me (I bring it everywhere with me). Then he proceeded to tell me that we were going to go on a tour of Santa Ana. I told him, politely, that I just wanted to see the properties for sale. He then told me that if that was all I wanted I could "get the fuck out" (he used the F-word) of his car and starting cursing at me (I had been polite to him the whole time). I told him I wanted to get out and he said he would take me back to the mall but actually starting getting in the left lane leading away from where we just left. I insisted that he let me out and then he pulled to the other side of the street and I got out. Before I got out, he cursed some more and told me something like "I don't want you in Santa Ana" and that I belong in "small town" Orange. Mind you, I had been polite this whole time and I had just met him that morning. He was basically a stranger to me, and here he was insisting I get in his car and go on a tour of Santa Ana with him, and then cursing me out when I had no interest in that.

I am concerned because to me his behavior is consistent with that of a predator. It may or may not be true that he is some sort of bigwig in the city of Santa Ana; but I am concerned that he may have been up to something rotten and that he may have hurt others in the past or may hurt them in the future. I called the Santa Ana Police Department to tip them off but they said no crime had been committed and would not take a report.

Thursday, December 31, 2009, very early morning hours

If birds could scream

Yesterday morning I was trying to sleep and they were shooting me intensely. Of note is that there seemed to be birds on the roof of the building right next to me; and apparently their attack vector for shooting me involved shooting through this flock of birds, for whenever I felt the perpetrators shooting me I simultaneous heard this flock of birds "screaming"--making this very intense chirping that is hard to describe as anything other than "bird screaming."

Right now it is 4:24 am and I am in Kinko's blogging, and they are shooting me with ionizing radiation. I know because first I am hit with a "spasm-inducing" microwave burst (this is to clear what is called "blooming") and then a fraction of a second later there's this "smell"---the smell of plasma induced by ionizing radiation. This ionizing radiation, mind you, is very focused; it's not aimed at my whole body, but rather at the very same location as the microwave burst--the orbicularis/nasalis, or that is, right where I am breathing in, the idea probably being that they hope I inhale the plasma while others around me are not too affected. However, there also not too many people around me right now; I am here in Kinko's by myself.

It's important for Targeted Individuals to blog

I want to stress that I feel it's important for me and other TI's to blog, because if we don't blog, I feel the perpetrators are more likely to attack us rather than less likely; after all, they have less to fear. And they attacked me extremely violently while I was simply a student at the University of Oregon and not bothering them in the slightest. I had a website, but nothing on it about the perpetrators and what they were already doing to me on a daily and nightly basis. Trying to appease them only makes them feel they can get away with anything.

More ways to protect yourself

I am still sleeping in the van so far, but of course that may change. So far, here is what helps:

Keep your head down

Keep your head facing downwards, with your face parallel to the ground or even sloping inward, so that your chin is firmly tucked against your chest.

Use a steel or lead "V"

With your face pointed downwards, have your head inside a steel "V": two sheets/plate of steel or lead (as thick as you can afford) propped up at sloping angles (forming a "V", with the vertex at the bottom), with of course one sheet on the left side of your head and one sheet on the right. These have to be propped up with something strong, as your head rests in between these sheets, face downward. Also, put another sheet/plate in front of the top of your head, because I believe that is another incident vector (another direction from which they will try to shoot you.

The idea with this "V" is to put your downward-facing head far enough down into the V that the sides of your orbital plates (where your frontal bone or eye cavity ridge meets the extreme leftmost/rightmost of your head) is protected, because when you put your head face downwards, this is where they will try to make entry with the radiation.

Wear lead-protective clothing over your head

In addition to the two ideas above, you can also, simultaneously, wear lead-protective clothing over your head. I often wear what's called a "thyroid guard" worn over my head like a sort of visor. The trouble with this is, it leaves a lot uncovered on the top of the head. It helps, but you might be better off with a small lead-protective blanket, or perhaps use a combination of a throid shielding and other lead-protective clothing to ensure that the whole top of the head is covered.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Status update

Well, I did sleep in the van last night, and it was OK. Things seem to be better when I am lying with my body very close to a steel wall of the van, and last night I was on the steel floor. Also, they may have taken it "easier" on me last night as well.

Of late I've been sleeping in an actual bed that I bought and put into the cargo bay of my cargo van, specifically for comfort. But there is little comfort when you are being tormented by directed energy, and sadly it appears I am better off sleeping directly or almost directly on the steel floor. I suspect that if I could suitably raise the bed so that, when lying on my back, my face is close to the steel ceiling, that also might afford greater safety, but that would require purchasing some additional box springs--a purchase I'm not so sure I can afford right now.

Things may still get worse and I may yet be forced to sleep in public establishments. Time will tell.

"Lobotomy" update

As regards the "frontal-tip" lobotomy that the perpetrators seem to be doing to quite a few people these days (it was done to me as well--see previous blog entries), it may well be that the reason for this is that it may allow clear, direct access from above (e.g., from a helicopter or satellite) to the orbicularis occuli muscles, with no "brain matter" getting in the way of the directed energy pulse. That seems the probable reason to me at this point. I am not certain, though, as to to the exact reason: whether removing the tip of the brain in this manner makes visualing the orbicularis (acquiring the target) easier, or if the tip of the brain provides some level of "shielding" for the orbicularis, or if shooting this brain tip creates some undesirable effects in the targeted individual, or some combination of the above. My guess is that the lobotomy at the very least makes it much easier to see the orbi muscles when looking down (from a high position) at the top of someone's head: that is, that it makes it easier to acquire the target.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ionizing radiation

Well, the perpetrators must be pretty angry at me because now they're using ionizing radiation. I do have a radiation badge and hope to get some measurements, but I have to talk to the badge company. It would be great to prove something if I could; unfortunately, I stupidly left my badge in my pants and washed them, so now it may be useless. I have a secondary badge for baselining that might still be usable; so I will try to contact the radiation badge company on Monday.

Basically, ionizing radiation makes a plasma--a gas--that you can smell; it ionizes the air. I know it by the funny smell. The same thing was done to me in China; as for whether it was the U.S. government or the Chinese government or the two in cohoots, that is unknown for sure. I have written about this before; at least this much is certain: The Chinese government had to know what was going on. Whether they simply allowed it or actively participated I cannot know for sure. The Chinese government may well have been duped by the perpetrators (certain of whom occupy positions of power in America's government/military) into believing that I had come there to disturb the Beijing Olympics, which of course is complete nonsense. And in fact, I was accused of being a spy while there (see previous blog entries).

The ionizing is a problem for me because it does create a poisonous gas (a plasma) that is not healthy to breathe, and I am inside my van. The problem is that if I open the van's windows I must fight the cold; if I keep them closed I end up suffocating on the plasma *in addition to the suffocation they do directly by targeting my orbicularis occuli muscles. So my advice is this: I would not recommend sleeping in a van to other targeted individuals (TIs), not unless you have some money to provide some sort of heating system to keep it all heated inside with the windows open. Even so, they can use the radiation weapon or a sonic weapon--or even people on the ground--to literally "rock" the van. What this does is, once I've "set up" my defenese (my hands and some lead-protective clothing in a certain configuration on my bed), and fall asleep, they can rock the van and make my "setup" come loose so that I am no longer protected while asleep. Again, it may be possible to overcome some of thse difficulties if you have money, but probably for most TIs you would be better off in a tradiational shelter of some kind (a house, an apartment, etc.) where you can setup as powerful a lead/steel setup as you can afford, and then just forget about it, with nobody to rock it loose. (They can't rock it loose because their guys can't come into your home, and sonic doesn't penetrate walls. They could conceivably do some moving of steel/lead by firing a coherent radiation weapon at a thick portion of the metal, but if it is thick and heavy enough they won't be able to budge it much.

There is little doubt now that they are indeed firing just under the frontal bone, and I mean just under, and pretty much at any position along the orbital plates just under the bone. They do this because this angle of incidence is quite difficult to block. It's that, and moreover, they just "muscle" their way in with very high intensity (very very powerful) radiation bursts. Still, it can be stopped with enough lead or steel. But there again for me, there is the problem with them rocking the van. So probably I won't be sleeping too much in the van at this point, and will probably have to resort to sleeping in all-night diners or other all-night retail establishments. So I just wanted to give a heads up to other TIs about these difficulties.

More on ionizing radiation

Another interesting thing about ionizing radition that I read last night is that it can create red marks (also called "erythrea") on the skin, such as the ones you see in this photos on this website. However, I also think that intense microwave (non-ionizing) radiation can do this as well.

The ionizing radiation also has an effect on the brain; consider of course that they are shooting right at my eyes and nose and right around where I inhale. They cut off oxygen intake and replace the oxygen with ionized gas. As a result, I have experienced some lightheadedness and confusion. Perhaps their goal is to cause brain damage; and I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone, that should I become mentally impaired, it will no doubt be do to what they are doing now. I think perhaps they would like to cause brain damage so as to give the world the impression that everything I discuss is the result of mental illness. It is more of that "plausible deniability" that is often referred to in military circles.

The good news is that my morale remains high and I am ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice (by being harmed by the perpetrators, not by hurting anyone else) to help put an end to this evil.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More about the angle of attack

Last night I was able to stop a lot of it by interposing my fingers right under, and I mean right under or right on the edge of, the bony ridge above the eyes, also called the "frontal bone" or "pons frontalis" with each side being called a "frontal plate". If you look at this diagram, you'll see that just underneath this ridge (the diagram calls it the "orbital plate of the frontal bone") is the good old orbicularis muscle. The angle of incidence is just under the frontal bone, pushing deep into the orbi muscle (a very very powerful muscle) and causing the orbi to contract severely, affecting eye, nasal and facial muscles, and restricting the nasal passages for the duration of the pulse.

Read more about the orbicularis occuli muscle here. In particular, pay attention to where it says:

When the entire muscle is brought into action, 
the skin of the forehead, temple, 
and cheek is drawn toward the medial 
angle of the orbit, and the eyelids are 
firmly closed, as in photophobia.

It is a powerful muscle. There is another muscle that is also just under the frontal bone called the "corrugator cilii muscle" that may also be involved, though I would guess to a much lesser extent.

Bottom line: Protect yourself by guarding that frontal bone (bony ridge) starting from where it meets the bridge of your nose, and all the way down to the outer corner of the eye. If you can't block all of it, favor the top middle part and the part near the nose; at least I seemed to have best luck doing this. You may be able to "isolate" or "pin" the orbi muscle here so that even if the perpetrators are able to stimulate the orbi elsewhere, it won't be able to pull your nasal passageways shut because you've "pinned" that part of the orbi. See this diagram to get an idea of where the orbi meets the nasalis muscle (where it meets the "nose part" of your face).

Friday, Christmas Day

DEW Attack Vector

It's a shame I have to discuss this on Christmas Day, but those who could choose peace continue to choose the way of violence. Let me do what I can to help those others who are also being tortured to attain some degree of peace for themselves.

I had wondered why it was that by putting fingers in the crooks right where the eyes meet the nose I could often prevent the perpetrators from suffocating me, and that also I could often do the same thing by putting my fingers in the grooves at the extreme outer edges of the eyes. Why should both work? Again, the data upon which I base my conclusions is subjective and experiential, but it makes sense that perhaps what they are doing is simply pushing the orbicularis muscle downwards, forcing it to take with it the nasalis muscle to which it is attached.

It does appear that at least quite frequently they are attacking from above, probably from satellite; and I have seen evidence of this in the sky (see previous blog entries). So they are pushing downwards on the orbi muscles; and it would also make sense that pushing down on more of the muscle would have a greater effect; and thus a probable attack vector is one that enters where the eye meets the nose, say the left eye, which is the start of left orbi muscle, and that exits where the orbi muscle ends, at the edge of the eye.

In the diagram below, imagine the attack beam (pulse) coming from above the head, heading downward diagonally, entering the person's right orbicularis muscle where it says "enter here" with one star (*), and exiting where it says "exit here" with two stars (**).


                     enter here 
         -----------*            -----------            
        /           \            /           \          
       /    |---|    \          /    |---|    \ 
      /     |   |     \        /     |   |     \ 
    **\     |---|     /        \     |---|     / 
 exit  \             /          \             /  
        \-----------/            \-----------/    

Likewise, here is what seems to be the preferred vector for a unlucky target's left orbicularis muscle. Again, imagine a downward, diagonal trajectory.


                        enter here 
         -----------             *-----------            
        /           \            /           \          
       /    |---|    \          /    |---|    \ 
      /     |   |     \        /     |   |     \ 
      \     |---|     /        \     |---|     /**exit here 
       \             /          \             /  
        \-----------/            \-----------/    

Of course, I have not drawn the eyelids or the orbicularis muscles themselves; you must imagine these muscles a bit higher than and underneath the eyelids themselves.

I have mentioned that the perpetrators perform labotomies on unsuspecting individuals, and it seems that this lobotomy (truncating the tip of the brain) may enhance their ability to direct the energy through the above-described vectors, although it may not be totally necessary. And other vectors may also serve to pull down the orbi and nasalis, suffocating the person, but the most effective vector seems to be the one described above, probably because it's the one that allows two separate areas of a single orbicularis muscle to be pulled down at the same time.

To know if you have been lobotomized in the fashion described above, get an MRI. In my own MRI, the very tip of my brain appears to have been simply cut off. Lately certain members of the medical community have said that this is a symptom of schizophrenia, but I believe that this is simply an attempt by certain perpetrators in positions of power to slur or cast asperions on those who have truly been harmed. Though there are indeed cases of true schizophrenia, such a "clean cut" through the tip of the brain seems an *extremely unlikely* natural occurence.

If you feel you have been lobotomized in the above manner, you may wish to block/obscure the area around the top of your head. In addition, it may be helpful to block/obscure, by interposing your fingers, the areas where the eyes meet the bridge of the nose, along with trying to block/obscure the length of the upper orbicularis muscles themselves.

I wish all those who are suffering at the hands of these perpetrators--whoever the perpetrators may be and whatever their goals may be--I wish all those suffering at their hands peace and happiness at what should be a holy and peaceful time of year.

God bless everyone and God bless those especially who know what it is to be tortured daily, nightly, with little they can do to prove it or to stop it. God bless you. You are not alone.

--Mike Matloff

Thursday, Christmas Eve 2009

More DEW attack info

Well, after what I experienced last night, I think that yesterday I may have extrapolated too far. I'm still not 100% sure of the possible incident vectors (directions from which they can attack) and the full mechanism by which the perpetrators make the suffocation happen.

One thing seems to be clear: That DEW attacks targeted at one or the other orbicularis muscle cause that muscle to contract and pull the nasalis muscle taut, closing the nasal airways for the duration of the constriction. As for what direction they can attack from, I'm not sure. I did test blocking the "middle" portion of my eyes and it was not very successful. What seems to offer the best protection is to block the outermost corner edges of each eye. That makes sense anyway if I was right that they're trying to get the orbi muscle to contract as much as possible; "pulling" or "pushing" at the corner while causing the orbi muscle itself to contract (which are presumably the two things the weapon does) causes the nasalis muscle to become maximally taut. But whether or not they have to shoot in the direction "away" from the nasalis, or whether they can shoot perpendicular to it or in other acute or obtuse angles, I do not know. I need to learn more about how the orbi's actually work to close the eyelids; it has something to do with interaction with this.

As always, I wish all targeted individuals--those who suffer unfairly, unjustly, and "extra judicially"--peace at this solemn time, a time which is supposed to be about goodwill to all men, not torture by directed-energy weapon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Directed-Energy-Weapon (DEW) Abuse Update

In the near future I will create some diagrams, but for now try to envision what I am saying. It appears that what the perpetrators do with the weapon, to suffocate me and apparently others, is to attack the orbicularis in such as way as to cause it to pull on the attached nasalis muscle, thus cutting off the nasal passageways and causing suffocation when timed with normal inhalation patterns.

Everyone has two orbicularis muscles: one for each eye. These are thick, powerful muscles capable of closing the eyelids. The "inner" ends of each orbi muscle are attached to the nasalis, a flap that covers the nasal passageways. The other (outer) ends of the orbi muscles attach at the outer corners of the eye (to exactly what I forget now). But what appears to be happening is this: By shooting the directed energy at the *correct* part of *either* orbicularis muscle, *and in the correct direction*, they can "push" on the orbi muscle to cause the nasalis to go "taut" and cut off air intake. They shoot crosswise, starting from the opposite side of the orbi muscle in question, to "push" that muscle in the correct direction and make the nasalis go taut. The best targeted area of the orbi muscle is always the outermost part, to let the whole orbi muscle contract and pull on the nasalis, making it completely taut.

EXAMPLE 1: They can shoot the left outermost edge of *your* left eye's orbicularis muscle. They shoot *crosswise*, starting from *your right side*, going across your face and "pushing" (a better word escapes me at this time) the leftmost edge of your left orbicularis muscle *further to the left*, pulling on the nasalis as it does so, making it go taut.

EXAMPLE 2: They can shoot the right outer edge of your right eye's orbicularis muscle, pushing it further to the right, again pulling the nasalis taut, only this time from the opposite side. This would mean they would be shooting across your face from your left side to get to that rightmost edge, again "pushing" the rightmost edge of your right orbi muscle further to the right.

Note that they can target other areas of the orbi muscle, starting with the middle of the muscle and heading all the way to the outermost edge. But if the attack point is the middle, less of the orbi muscle will be involved and the nasalis will not be made fully taut, allowing some breathing to continue. Closer to the nasalis than the middle and the effect is very small; and, as mentioned, at the far outer edge the effect is greatest.

Knowing this information, you who are targeted may be better able to defend yourself from these suffocation attacks by directed-energy weapon. If you can block or obscure the middle-to-end portion of your orbi muscles, or especially the middle, obscuring the pathway to the end at the same time, that may greatly help.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chiming In

Don't have a lot of time now; just wanted to blog quickly to let everyone who reads my blog to know that I haven't forgotten about it. Very busy and I've got a lot to post; I'll try to catch up later today.

Basic physical stuff: The perpetrators seem to be using either very very pentrating focused microwaves or very very tightly targeted ionizing stuff, with result that I've been waking up dehydrated with elevated pulse. Advice to others: Make sure to have enough ventiliation, *drink plenty of water* and don't eat too soon before bedtime. "Stay liquid," if you will: favor a diet of vegetables and bread with a little meat. Go sparingly on salty, fatty or greasy foods. And as always, whenever possible, sleep face downward, as it does appear that most attacks are from above, from some sort of satellite. This does explain what I saw in the night sky in China, and how they were able to attack me while I was in China.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The violence continues unabated

I am sorry to report that my attackers continue their violence against me, unabated, and with increasing intensity, especially at night while trying to sleep. The way I look at it now is that I suffer from a disease called "idiotosis": I am attacked by idiots all of the time. (Hey, you have to keep a sense of humor.) Some people suffer with cancer; some with diabetes. I have a disease called idiotosis. Maybe it will be fatal one day. The bottom line is, others with diseases can be brave, and I can be brave too. I try to always keep a positive outlook and value very much the personal relationships I maintain with the nice, rational people of the world, of which there are many.

No matter what these ignorant people do, I always try to wake up and get up without anger, and with a smile on my face and a positive attitude in my heart if I can help it at all.

As regards motive, it seems more and more to me everyday like experimentation; otherwise, it wouldn't be worth the time and money they spend on me. It seems likely to me that no mafia would spend so much time and money trying to hurt someone. It seems more likely that my perpetrators are conducting experiements and gathering data; and to that end, maybe I am an excellent (non-voluntary) subject, as my mother had a history of mental illness, and as I am a nice person and not inclinded to violence. I don't attack my attackers or harm anyone in response to the violence done to me. I guess what I am trying to say is, perhaps they picked me for non-voluntary experimentation because I was an extremely good match for what they were looking for, including having what the military terms "plausible deniability."

As regards defense, I don't spend a lot of time or money trying to defend myself, mostly because I don't have much of either. Steel plates seem to work if put into the right configuration. Most attacks seem to come from above, either from low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites or from aircraft or both; and if I put my head face downward between two steel plates propped up in a "V" formation, it very much mitigates the attacks. However, such a "head-down" position is not very comfortable while sleeping, and it is much more natural to want to lay one's head on its side. For this position, there is not much defense except to have layer upon layer of steel/lead directly above and around head and eyes area, and this presents itself with much difficulty, as I do not own much lead (other than lead-protective clothing and some lead shot for BB guns) and the steel is heavy and dangerous.

The best I have come up with so far is to simply stack a bunch of small steel plates and arrange them very near (but not harming) the eyes. It is apparent that by shooting directed energy at any part of the upper orbicularis muscles, they can suffocate a person. This is the muscle they are always targeting, and their attack vector lately is to shoot at the very outside corners of the eyes, the little valley were the rightmost part of one's right eye ends and the right cheekbone begins, and likewise where the left eye ends and the left cheekbone begins, right in those grooves.

I just do the best I can every day and every night and take life one day at a time. Just when I think I am at the bottom of the barrel, I meet some very nice people and am encouraged. The good and sane people of this world renew my faith in it.

Happy Holidays

Christmastime and the late holiday season are my favorite times of of the year and I am glad they have arrived again. For some of us, peace and goodwill are in are hearts, even while others seem to have their minds permanently tilted towards violent behavior and ignorant thinking. At this time of year I try to focus on the positive and am encouraged by friends and by happy memories of Christmases past.

New writing

It may not be good, but I hope to have a little more poetry to post to the Poetry section soon. Also if time every permits, I want to add to the English section for those trying to learn or teach English to those for whom English is not a mother tongue.

I work for a major retailer and fix computers for a living, so I also want to start a "Computer Corner" column to help those struggling with computer frustration on a daily basis. I hope to begin work on this soon.

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