Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Hell of a Year

Some of you who actually read my blog may wonder where the hell I've been for six months. Sure, I've continued to post on my Twitter account, but that's not really a full blog entry. (It is like a "mini" blog, and I use it as such.) The truth is between moving up North, and being attacked constantly, and working on the book (more on that in a moment), I've been very busy. And don't forget the perpetrators constantly try to suffocate (oxygen deprive) and sleep deprive me, so I am usually pretty tired. Right now is no exception.

The book has taken an incredible amount of my time. I am Assistant Editor and Webmaster for the book Harlem Jazz Adventures. It's been an extreme honor and privilege to be a part of the creation of this book, and I will tell you (because I have read it from cover to cover, as it were, several times now) that it really is a wonderful book that you're going to enjoy. OK, enough with the shameless plug; I just wanted to describe what I've been doing much of the time. Go to JazzBaron.com for the latest news about the book and all kinds of goodies, including photos of jazz greats, music, book excerpts, and more. It's coming out January 2012.

It really has been a hell of a year. I moved up to Washington state in late April/early May of this year. It's mostly been a good move. For those who understand that I am tortured as part of a government experimentation program (oh yes, the US has a long history of doing this, and has not stopped), please know that overall it is a bit safer for victims like me to be in colder, rainier climates. But then there's been a lot of acclimating to do--mostly to the cold. And it does indeed get cold up here.

There is some great evil (yes, a conspiracy) going on here in the United States. I know because I continue to see the "telltale scar" on the foreheads of young men and women; I just saw it on one young lady yesterday. It's the same forehead scar inflicted on me when the perpetrators knocked me unconscious in a Denver youth hostel many years ago (around 1993 or so). It makes me sad to see this scar on others but I feel there is little I can do other than to continue to tell the truth here on my blog.

Why the scar? Why do they continue to do this? I can only speculate, but it looks like the mafia has secretly taken over the American government and is trying to establish some kind of new world order. Definitely, they cut off the prefrontal tip of the brain, because I saw that on my own MRI; and I have read that this area is supposed to be the location of one's "will" or "self" (= erase people's will to resist?) Furthermore, I believe that when they knocked me unconscious, they took measurements to calibrate their DEW weapon so they'd know how to suffocate me maximally in accordance with what they saw on their infrared display. (I know--this is all complicated; see other blog entries or my Activism page.) Basically, they "see through" walls with a camera that sees people's heat signature; everyone's is different. With me knocked unconscious, they could calibrate what they saw on this IR camera with the proper angle to attack me from, etc.

Why are they doing this? The general purpose is open to speculation: Mafia domination, crazy ultra paranoid government, who knows. But I can tell you this: What they do to ME is and must always have been for purposes of EXPERIMENTATION. Otherwise, it would be a total waste of their money (which is in reality taxpayer money, and taxpayer resources.) They are interested in perfecting this weapon of theirs, at every expense to me and my life. In pursuit of this, they have fabricated many lies about me and done everything they can to distract from what they are really doing, which is experimenting on an innocent United States citizen.

The United States government--the people in it--have gone crazy. If you don't think so, consider the new bill before Congress (called NDAA for National Defense something or other) that, if passed, will allow the government to arbitrarily (that is, without charge and without trial) imprison indefinitely any U.S. citizen anywhere in the world. How's that for democracy? How's that for justice and freedom?

There is no doubt whatsoever that it is military technology that is being used to experiment on me. And no doubt it must be classified. But to say that I cannot PROTEST over its use on ME is ridiculous! They are using it on ME, an American citizen, who has been never charged with anything, given no trial, no due process, no justice. I consider it not only my RIGHT but also my DUTY to blog about the evil that they are doing to me with this classified weapon. Classified weapons are for wars--not for experimenting on your own people with!!!

When I was younger, I had some bouts of mental illness, and my mother suffered from mental illness her whole life. This makes me an extremely good candidate for being experimented on, because the government can claim, "Oh, he's just mentally ill." In fact, the U.S. government has a long history of experimenting on the mentally ill. (Do the research.) It's called "plausible deniability." But there is no excuse under the sun for what they've done to me.

I don't want sit here and complain. I have had some success at mitigating what they do recently; see my latest YouTube video about some modifications I have made to my glasses to prevent some of what they do. It has been very helpful to me. And see my "Defenses.pdf" file on the home page. These things will only be of benefit to those who are being experimented on (read: TORTURED) like me, and for those of you who are, I am sure you know it.

It's been another shitty year in terms of being tortured, a good year in terms of being able to work on a very special book, and overall a somewhat mixed and sad year for me. I am very tired and getting older and sadder as my days wane on. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate, and most of all I wish you Peace with a capital "P".

For those who try to write to me or call me regarding the torture, unless you're from the media (a newspaper, magazine, etc. WITH credentials), please understand that I cannot help or talk to you. You have no idea how many crank calls, how much harassment, I get all the time. Same deal via e-mail. I do read and appreciate all your well wishes. If you want to help me, be an activist. Talk to your representatives. Be skeptical to everything I say but at least be open to its possibility, and take good care to protect yourself from others who may have evil motives. Stand up for what's right even when it's not convenient or expedient.

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