Saturday, August 8, 2009

More about how the directed-energy weapon works

It's very obvious now that the directed-energy weapon with which the perpetrators attack me (and presumably others) emits directed energy that is tuned in such a way as to couple with the human nervous system. It actually excites nerves, causing muscles connected to the affected nerves to contract extremely. This is in fact what happens with the suffocation: When they target the large muscle that orbits (circles) each eyeball (called orbicularis if memory serves me), it contracts in such a way that it pulls surrounding muscles (including the nasalis, the small flat muscle across the top of the nose) and causes the nasal passageways to be constricted. They do this in time with inspiration (breathing in), which they can see by visualizing the heat signature of the target (no hot air out of the nose = breathing new air in), to cut off breathing. Of course this is a cruel and wicked thing to do, but this is how they exploit this weapon.

One defense I have used in the past is simply to use my hand like a visor, holding it palm down like a shade across my forehead. (See my List of Defenses page under the TI Blog elsewhere on this site). When I do this while driving, my hand will automatically be forced downward against my forehead every few seconds. This is because they are targeting a very particular point in the orbiclularis muscle, but actually hitting the muscles in my hand, causing my hand to contract and move. On other occasions, they have shot me in the balls of my feet and caused foot spasms. It is very clear that this weapon's energy (unbelievably, I know) moves through the void of space and, upon hitting human tissue, couples to the nervous system, causing excitation of neurons and muscle contractions of connected muscle tissue.

In particular, there is a part of each orbicularis muscle (left and right) that they appear to target, which is the little "stub" part that is closest to the nose and that in fact leads downward to the nasalis musicle. It is possible to block this and prevent suffocation by covering this area with sturdy steel; I have had decent results by using the ends of a Leatherman multitool, inserted carefully into the orbit (socket) of each eye and just barely touching the targeted area. And I have slept like this, with the tool in just the right position. But inserting anything into one's eye socket is not a great idea; it has significant drawbacks including the potential for eye damage because the energy beam may cause dislodging of tiny particles/specs of the multitool's steel and their subsequent lodging into the eye itself. But if you have to sleep and have nothing on you but a Leatherman tool (or some similar multitool) and are forced to choose between eye damage or suffocation (and the health dangers that continuous suffocation leads to), at least you can do this in an emergency. If you do use an "in-orbit" defense, make sure to apply "artificial tears" (sort of like Visine, but it's not for clearing the red up, it's for lubricating like natural tears) liberally throughout the night and in the morning when you get up. Bottles of artificial tears can be purchased at any supermarket or drug store.

I will tell you from experience that the perpetrators' visualization abilities are so accurate, and their targeting system so capable, that you must either insert something into the eye socket (e.g., the ends of a steel multitool) OR have a steel roof above your head while you sleep (preferable). With neither steel in the eye orbit nor steel above your head, you will not stand a chance. You must have at least one or the other, and preferably a (safe!) thick, large steel roof above. The roof not being directly inside the eye orbit, it does not have the drawbacks that the inserted multitool does. The main drawback is that you must secure a steel roof very well and be sure of its safety, lest it fall on your head and crush your skull.

No one ever said defending against these vicious attacks would be easy.

August 1, 2009

More about the hate crime

In my last blog entry (in July) I described a real attack on my van that occurred while I was actually in the van. While sleeping, I was wakened by the sound of someone tearing off (and tearing up) the "MikeMatloff.com" sign on the back of my van. The hate-monger tore it off, tore it up and then walked around to the front of my van and stuffed the remains under my right-front windshield wiper. Here are some pictures I took after short after the event, which occurred around 5:50 am on the morning of July 24, 2009. Click on each picture to get a closer look.

The pictures were taken at the scene of the crime. I didn't have batteries for my video camera at that point, so I was unable to take video footage until I drove to the local Walgreen's later in the day. Here is video footage I took of the damage later the same day. I am no longer in the parking lot where the crime occurred, but am at this point in Walgreen's parking lot. Nevertheless, I had not yet moved or touched the torn-up sign from where it had been shoved under my wiper when I began shooting this video. Make sure to right click and save this video before viewing it.

Again, if anyone saw anything, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you, as I am in the process of bringing charges against the responsible party or parties. If you have any info regarding this crime, please contact ASAP at (949) 331-8335. Thanks.

Good times at Norm's

The following is a video I took at Norm's last year. To my friends Joseph Sparks, Giuseppe Tinarello, and Tierney, I apologize for not hosting this sooner. Norm's is a wonderful all-night diner with several locations in Orange County, California; this particular Norm's is the one on Harbor Boulevard. Anyway, here is the video. Right click and Save it, and then watch it on your computer.

If I am a domestic enemy, why won't the U.S. government arrest me?

I still cannot tell you with certainty exactly "who" the perpetrators are and why they do what they do, but there certainly has been the strong insinuation that they are mafia or gangster types. But I have thought lately that this may all be a cover; in fact they may well just be extremists within the U.S. government military and defense communities. The whole "mafia" thing may just be a convenient ruse to attain "plausible deniability", something certain members of the defense community are very big on. In other words, people in my own government decide that I am a "domestic enemy," but instead of just arresting me, they attack me with directed energy weapons and try to convince me and everyone else that it is gangsters who are responsible. Why not just arrest me? Perhaps because to arrest me would be to give credibility to the information that I've been blogging about here for so long, and they don't want to do that. So instead, they just torture me and conveniently attribute the torture to mafia and underworld types. Anyway, that is a theory that has crossed my mind.

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