Sunday, August 31, 2008, 5:54am

Physical Update

Well, I did sleep for a few hours, but this night, like every other, the murderers are shooting me with directed energy weapons, and now I am unable to sleep. I am overheated and my heart is beating fast even though we have good air conditioning and the room temperature is only 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Forehead Scar

I have said in previous entries that I believe the perpetratrors, whoever they are, appear to be shooting many average American citizens in the head, leaving behind a forehead scar. The whole story behind this is a long one and is described in a previous entry; the short version is, the perpetrators did it to me one weekend by attacking me while I was sleeping in a group environment in a Youth Hostel, knocking me unconscious and leaving me with a forehead scar when I awoke.

I continue to see so many citizens with this same small (about 1 cm) roundish scar on either the center of the forehead or to the left or right. I see this scar on the foreheads of young girls no more than 20 years old or so--strangers that I just meet working at a supermarket, at small shops, at the bank everywhere.

I have noticed this scar even on moviestars. I do not wish to embarrass any celebrities, and they should have nothing to be embarrassed about, because having this scar is not their fault. So I apologize ahead of time for any embarrassment, and I mean no disrespect.

Edited 9-14-08: List of actors names removed to avoid any possible embarrassment. I have decided not to mention any actors explicitly by name to avoid any possible embarrassment to them, even though they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be embarrassed about. If you, the reader, want to see evidence that forehead scars seem to be too prevalent for mere chance, you simply just need to pay careful attention to the foreheads of actors in the movies you watch. After having watched many, many movies, this scar seems too prevalent, and on too high a percentage of actors, to be mere chance. If you yourself have such a scar, and are brave enough to come forward, I ask that you blog about it on your own website or send me an email letting me know I can blog about it. Some of you may look and find that you have a scar that you never realized you had.

I realize that there are many reasons for forehead scars, and not everyone's scar was caused by some conspiracy. I understand completely that scars can be caused by many things, not just by the actions of some conspiracy. The problem is, the prevalence of this particular type of forehead scar is just too overwhelming to ignore. Plus, I know how my own scar was caused, and the conspiratorial circumstances under which it was caused (see my earlier postings).

It is a very scary time we are living in. I believe the perpetrators make the scar as part of knocking the person unconscious with a point-blank shot from a directed-energy weapon, but why they want to knock everybody unconscious, I don't know, and I can merely speculate. Exactly what they did to me during the 14 hours that I was unconscious, I don't know and may never know. Implants? Measurements? Or was it just to damage the frontal lobe of my brain? I don't know what they are up to, but it is evil.

Having this scar is not a sign of dishonor, but is rather a sign of our tragic era and some great evil that is going on. Next time you meet someone new, glance at their forehead and see if you notice this forehead scar. I know it sounds crazy, but I notice it all the time and it is just to prevalent to be mere coincidence. Moreover, I think this is not just a problem in America but also internationally; I have seen this scar on citizens of other countries that I visited (though what percentage of them have the scar, I don't know).

Sunday, August 31, 2008, 12:46am

The hideous crimes committed in the name of the drug trade are a never-ending parade of depravity against the innocent that must come to an end.

150,000 protest about drug-related murders and kidnappings in Mexico (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080831/wl_nm/mexico_crime_dc)

It's not just in Mexico, it's everywhere. There is a thriving underground drug trade in every nation, in every corner of the world, enforced by depraved violence and cruelty against any innocent person who happens to get in the way. There is an answer:


It's time. Let's take the crime out of drugs. People will always use drugs, but at least by de-criminalizing drug use, innocent people won't be kidnapped, murdered, tortured, etc. The effects of drugs are tragic, but people must be responsible for their own actions, and drug treatment should always be available. By legalizing drugs, we can reduce or eliminate the murder and torture of innocent people who don't take drugs and have nothing to do with it except being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The difference with legalizing drugs is that innocent people who are involved will not be murdered and tortured.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 8:02pm

Like many other Targeted Individuals (TIs), I subscribe to a Yahoo Groups group called Mind Control Forums: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mcforums/ . This online forum and list server was recommended to me by the manager of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (http://freedomfchs.com). I do not believe in mind control, but electronic harassment (EH) via directed-energy weapons is also discussed. I thought I would share some of my recent postings on this list. For reasons of privacy, I cannot post the writings of other list participants, so I will just describe the topic for each message.

The torture of others to get their cooperation

One list participant mentioned that he felt like one of his landlords had been coerced into cooperating with the perpetrators/murderers. I replied with the following:

I, too, felt like one of my landlords/apartment managers had been tortured into "cooperating". It was just a hunch. She made some tenant-related decision that I was not happy with (don't remember what it was right now), and that I thought was uncharacteristic of her (I had always liked her and she had always been fair with me prior to that). Her face seemed to see she didn't really want to do it, and I noticed her eyes were bloodshot as if she had had no sleep the night before. *Maybe* (I emphasize maybe here strongly) she had been tortured into cooperating.

A possible drug connection with the perpetrators/murderers who harm me

Some other list participants had written that they thought the perpetrators were involved in the drug trade. I responded with the following:

I am also starting to agree with (name 1) and (name 2) in that maybe it's all about drugs. I had a really interesting experience lately. I went back to Orange Coast College, here in Costa Mesa, California, where I grew up. I've been away from California for many years but returned to be close to my family in December 2007. Anyway, Orange Coast College is where they first started attacking me; in fact, I went back to the exact place on campus where the perps harassed me some 20 years ago now. It was absolutely freaky to be standing there, in the same spot. Memories came flooding through my mind; for a moment I was standing there, taking my books out of my locker while two thugs came up to me with fists clenched, teeth gnarled, and countenances that said we're gonna kill you. This scenario repeated many times, over many days, before I finally dropped out of school.

Well, the lockers there are gone now, but I am starting to think that maybe these thugs were using the lockers for "drug drop offs" and they thought that I somehow got in their way. This is just a guess, but it's possible. It's interesting that at least twice, to my recollection, they intimidated me there, right in front of the locker where I kept my books. The lockers are gone now; there's just a big empty, hollow space where all the lockers used to be. Otherwise, it looks the same.

On two other occasions, suspicious characters made drug references to me. Once, when I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a coworker I barely knew said to me coyly, out of the blue, "I was with (xyz celebrity) when he did his first mushroom." (I will spare the celebrity the embarrassment because he never did anything to me and there's no reason to name him.) This coworker acted suspiciously on several occasions.

On a different occasion, when I was living in Boulder, Colorado, another coworker asked me to watch the film "Air America," which, if I remember correctly, is about the U.S. government running drugs.

I have come firmly to the conclusion that all drugs should be legalized, simply to take the crime out of it. I wish we could change things.

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