Monday, April 2, 2012 (9:04am)

Important Discovery for Targeted Individuals Like Me

I am both happy and sad at the same time, because anyone with more of a physics background than I--especially someone with a background in lasers or optics--could have steered me on the right track years ago, but nobody ever did--or if they did, their emails/calls were intercepted and I never got them.

The proper way to obfuscate the attackers' ability to see you is with mirrors.

It's good that I finally discovered this, but that it's only taken me 23 years. For sure, I spent many years feeling sorry for myself, or hoping they'd leave me alone, or trying to appease them by deciding not to talk about them, but that was all time wasted. At any rate, here is the physics behind why the mirrors work so that you understand why they work and why they should be used to obfuscate. If you are a "targeted individual" like me (that is, someone tortured by criminals/gangsters with powerful cameras and directed-energy weapons), you need to read this to avoid much of the pain and suffering I've had to go through trying techniques that aren't as useful and are in fact more dangerous. I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible but there are fundamental things you need to understand.

Every living thing gives off heat. Heat is just a by-product of the natural metabolic processes of all living things. There are three (3) kinds of heat, and the body gives off all three, but the most important one to understand is radiant heat. Your body "radiates" infrared heat from your skin outwards in all directions; in fact it radiants infrared waves, which are a type of electromagnetic (EM) wave. EM waves like infrared pass through all but the densest materials; they go through walls, windows, plastic, most metals, and on and on. They travel in very straight lines. ANYONE with an infrared camera "tuned" to the right frequency of your body's infrared heat waves can SEE a fairly detailed "heat map" of your body. It is not like looking at a photograph, but nevertheless they can, for instance, distinguish your EYES and other "hot" parts of your body. Once the criminals can "see" you through the wall, they can attack you with another weapon that goes through walls. Such weapons are called Directed Energy Weapons, or DEW weapons for short. They include high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons which can penetrate most materials except metals, and ionizing lasers and PEP (Pulsed Energy Projectile) weapons which can go through about damn near anything.

Now onto why mirrors of all things work to obfuscate (hide) your heat signature so they can't "see" you through walls. The infrared waves your body gives off will penetrate all but the densest metals. So I had naturally assumed that steel would be a good thing to have around me, since steel is relatively dense among metals, and doesn't have the health-related side effects of denser metals like lead or the exorbitant costs of metals like gold. It's true that steel is dense, but not dense enough. Also, steel is heavy and sharp and it's easy to get hurt. So why use mirrors? Everyone knows that mirrors are just glass after all, right, and glass is not dense. Right?

Not quite. Look up what a mirror is. The glass portion is just a "scaffolding" for a metal substrate that is applied to one side of the glass. The "smoothness" or evenness of the glass allows metal (like aluminum or silver) to be applied so densely that is "reflects" back light nearly perfectly, letting us look at an image of ourselves. In fact, the reflective surface of a mirror is far denser than the surface of steel. The actual reflective (metal) surface of the mirror is on the back side of the mirror and is covered by paint or cardboard behind it, and the transparent glass thickness in front of it. So even the thickness of the metal in a mirror is far less than the thickness of a typical piece of sheet steel, it is denser, meaning it has less imperfections (= holes) that the infrared waves can "slip through". THAT is what's important.

Infrared waves are just like light waves with one very important difference: Our eyes cannot "see" or "perceive" them. They are invisible to the human eye. But they are there, just like light waves that we can see (like the color red, or blue, etc.) and they are reflected by mirrors in the same way. What you need is something shiny, because shinyness is what tells you that something is dense on its surface. The surface is all that really matters to us; what good does a high average density do if there are enough "holes" for the infrared (IR) waves to go through and be detected by those criminals trying to hurt us?

By putting overlapping mirrors around your head or body, you literally "reflect" the IR waves in another direction. Even if the criminals' cameras then detect those waves, they'll be shooting in the wrong direction because the wave has already been reflected one or more times. They can no longer "shoot right back in the direction opposite to the which IR wave came in" because that was not the original direction. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

In addition to mirrors, you may still wish to use steel and other materials to diminish (however little) the power of their actual weapon they fire at you, for even if they can't get a fix on your eyes or head, unless your whole body is covered by the mirrors, they can still get close and still hurt you in some ways. I think I would recommend using lots of foil over using lots of steel because steel is heavy and sharp and very dangerous.

Since I've discovered the mirrors, they've now begun to literally ionize the air in my motel room (no doubt this is being done by neighbors in rooms next to me) making it hazardous to breathe the air in my room. Still, this discovery about mirrors is very important to innocent targeted American citizens like me. If only it hadn't taken me 23 years.

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