Please send email to:

That's just my last name + first name (with no spaces in between) at yahoo.com. I currently live in the Seattle-Tacoma area of the United States.

Please note that I have removed my address and especially my phone number. The idea behind making my phone number public was so that those who are tortured, like me, could reach me, or so that members of the press could contact me.

Instead, I have received, it seems, almost exclusively one type of caller--saboteur. These are people who are not really interested in the truth--who in fact have already made up their minds and decided, either on their own or based on false or falsified information, that I am some sort of criminal--and who are interested in "wringing" the "truth" out of me, in twisting my words, and so forth. The callers pretend to be other TI's (Targeted Individuals) or interested third parties, but when I tell them that because of saboteurs I require their names and phone numbers (after all, they have all of my personal info), they ignore that and keep right on pressing for information, because my feelings and requests don't matter to them, and they're on a mission to "get to the truth," because everything I've posted on my website--every word I've sacrificed and suffered for--is just a lie in their minds.

I really and truly am sorry to have to take my phone number down, because I know there are others out there who are tortured like me. My e-mail is still available, but I know it's not the same because it is not "immediate", and there is concern that the powerful people who harm me and others could "interfere" with e-mail and prevent a person they're torturing from sending me the e-mail (or rather, prevent the e-mail from actually getting to me). But in all the time my phone number was posted, almost no calls appeared to be "genuine."

I'm not changing my phone number, but I will no longer be taking any calls from any phone number that I do not recognize. I apologize in advance to any friends calling me while on vacation somewhere, but I hope they understand considering the circumstances.

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