Hi, my name is Mike Matloff. I have a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Computer and Information Science from the University of Oregon, from which I graduated with high honors. (An unofficial copy of my academic transcript (in MS Word format) is available for download here). Shockingly, and difficult for many of my fellow American citizens to believe, I am a victim of government/military power abuse and experimentation. Essentially, I am tortured nightly with what are called DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). My body is heated, sleep deprived and driven into painful, externally caused seizures and spasms -- for what I can only guess is to neutralize my political views or try to extract confessions to crimes I have never committed, with a presumption of guilt and no arrest, charges, or trial whatsoever (just as many of the Guantanamo prisoners of 20+ years have never been charged with a crime). What these powerful people in our government are doing, in our name and with taxpayer dollars, is as un-American as can be. I also believe they are doing this for experimentation and training purposes. Please see my Activism page for more info.

My Latest Last Will and Testament (6/28/20): I hereby leave everything, all my worldly possessions both material and immaterial, physical and online, to the human rights organization Reprieve (reprieve.org.uk). They are one of the few organizations still fighting for the rights of human beings (they're from the Middle East and imprisoned in Guantanamo, but they're still human beings) who have been drugged, tortured to the brink of death, and imprisoned for 20+ years without ever even being charged with a crime. 

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I've been tortured on-and-off (and currently "on" and brutally) for 33 years now: since I was 19 years old. My family has a long history of working for the military-industrial complex (specifically for Lockheed Martin) and kept a lot of secrets from me, I believe. More importantly, I believe I was initially attacked because those in power thought I knew something about their covert/intelligence/DEW (directed-energy-weapon) related activities that I simply did not know. The first seven years of torture -- from age 19 to about age 26 -- were the absolute worst, because I knew neither who was attacking me, how they were attacking me (I knew nothing about DEW at that point), or why they were attacking me. It was beyond cruel (and still is to this day).

I could talk your ear off with all the details, but the really only important point I want to wake my fellow citizens up to is that we have people in very powerful positions in our government and military who believe the ends justify the means. While wearing American flag pins and saluting the flag, they are engaging in some of the most un-American and despicable behavior known to man. The sad truth is that this is already known and proven: Just Google the Guantanamo "detainees" or go to Reprieve.org.uk. Thanks to the courage of Diane Feinstein and some good people in our government, we know that our U.S. government kidnapped, drugged, tortured and imprisoned without end human beings never even charged with a crime, let alone given a trial.

Let that sink in a little: Imagine someone in government decides you, your spouse, your son or daughter, or mother or father is a traitor, spy, or whatever bad thing they think of, and then without charge or trial, tortures them and locks them up in a far away prison, forever. The fact that the Guantanamo prisoners are not American citizens shouldn't make any difference here: They are still human beings and it has been proven that at least some of them are completely innocent of any even supposed or imagined crimes. But they cannot prove their innocence because they are simply harmed, not charged or tried.

Every red-blooded American should be protesting and screaming from the hilltops every single day because of this, but alas, people just don't care if the victims are few or far away, and that is even when the crime of harm-without-trial has been exposed. In my case, the torture being done to me daily/nightly is still kept secret, under layers of state secrecy, but I am harmed without charge or trial just the same. I hope that you, who are reading this, may take an interest in this unfairness, but I am not a dreamer, and realize that if 99.99% of the American citizens don't care what's happening in Guantanamo (and those ongoing crimes by our government are exposed), then the popular is even less likely to care about me and perhaps other American citizens who are similarly harmed without charge or trial in a secret way. It is my sincere hope that this one day will change. Maybe in a hundred years or more; it seems unlikely that anyone will ever care within my own lifetime.

Consider one last thing: That when protests over Black Lives Matter started, President Trump recently threatened the use of "ominous weapons" against protestors. Consider that the microwave/energy weapons (which often leave temporary burn marks on my face) that they use and perfect on me may one day be used on any protestors they don't like, from targeted leaders to the masses. 

I have become very disillusioned that my ow torture and maiming will ever end with anything other than my death, but I pray that those who read this, and the American citizenry as a whole, will one day wake up to this great injustice, and put an end to it.

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