My name is Mike Matloff. I am concerned about the use of directed energy weapons (DEW) on American citizens by certain members of the American government and military. As unbelievable as it sounds, I feel that I have had such weapons used on me for the past 20 years. I can only guess as to the reasons why: perhaps for experimentation purposes (the U.S. unforunately has a bad history of doing on this on unsuspecting citizens) or perhaps to control dissent/activism or to cover-up corruption. I have committed no crime. Perhaps it is also related to a relatively recent event in 1998 when I believe I actually met (by accident) and talked with one of the 911 hijackers in a JFK airport terminal (I called the FBI and reported my suspicions about him immediately after chatting with him, even though he never explicitly mentioned hurting anyone).

I believe I am being targeted with some kind of directed-energy radiation weapon that has at times left red burn marks around my nose (click here for more photos). I believe they use some sort of "through the wall camera" to see me and target me through walls (while I'm at home, even while I'm sleeping). I have difficulties breathing throughout the day and night and fear the possibility of a stroke or heart attack, but I try my best to ignore the unprovoked violence against me and continue on with my life. Other symptoms I have inclued dizziness and impaired hearing and vision. My hope is that something can be done to stop this unwarranted and unnecessary abuse. Other sources lead me to believe that other American citizens are also being subject to such DEW-weapon-related abuse.

I love my country, but the U.S.'s record on human rights need improvement. A case in point is the use of renditions and torture, the withholding of due process, and other violations of the Geneva Convention on suspected terrorists in the war on terror. (In fact, at least some of these suspects have turned out to be completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and they were kidnapped, flown to foreign countries, imprisoned and tortured for months without their families knowing what happened to them.) Waterboarding, one technique used, is clearly torture and should be banned. Similarly, we need a specific law against using DEW weapons against American citizens under any circumstances.

Below is a video of me just sitting at home on June 1, 2008, and being shot in the nose with directed energy, as usual. Note that in this particular instance the perpetrators had attacked me the night before and I had not done anything to block it; and perhaps because of this they were taking it rather easy on me. So these are actually light attacks compared with what I normally endure every minute, every hour, of every day. Please note that these are not "seizures" nor do I have any history of seizures or epilepsy; I had a brain scan in 1995 or 1996 and there were no problems, and this has been going on since 1987. Please download and watch the entire 60-second video; at first I am sitting erect, and then I slouch back so the viewer can get a better look at my body reacting to the attacks. Imagine trying to sleep while someone does this to you.

A video of very light attacks on my nose with directed energy. (higher quality, 22.7MB, 57 seconds, right click and save). The YouTube version is here.

Streaming Flash version (lower quality; right click image and choose Play if movie has stopped playing):

A short video of very, very light attacks while I'm sleeping. (2.5MB, 33 seconds, Windows Media (WMV) format, right click, save and unzip). This video is actually two 12-13 second segments spliced together from a longer three-minute video; I think you can hear the ambient sound stop and then start again where the two clips are joined.

The following video shows damage to my left eye (make sure to Right click and choose Save) done as a result of the perpetrators attacking my left eye for 36 hours leading up to the afternoon of December 15, 2008, when this video was taken. I did my best to "block" what they were doing but they were very intent on damaging my eye and I was unable to stop them. The video attempts to show the difference between what my left eye (which they attacked the previous 36 hours) and my right eye (which they didn't attack during that interval) looks like. The lower-quality YouTube version is here.

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